Heavy Music Headquarters

Heavy Music Headquarters was founded in 2016 by veteran heavy metal writer Chad Bowar and includes a staff of metal scribes from around the world.


Record labels, promoters and bands, if you would like to submit music for review consideration or send press releases, send them to info@heavymusichq.com When submitting music, please do so well prior to the release date. We schedule reviews several weeks in advance, and material submitted after the release date is unlikely to be considered for inclusion. Preferred format is a link to MP3 files that can be either streamed or downloaded.


We are always looking for contributors to the site to write album reviews, lists, interviews and other content. If you’re interested in writing for Heavy Music Headquarters, send an email to info@heavymusichq.com Experienced or not, if you have passion for metal and writing, we want to hear from you!


Chad Bowar

Chad has been a music writer for more than 20 years. In addition to being About.com’s heavy metal editor for more than a decade, he has written for numerous publications and sites over the years including Outburn, Loudwire, Noisecreep, Metal Injection, New Noise, Hails & Horns, Amp and many others. He is a longtime radio broadcaster as well and resides in Charlotte, N.C. Follow him on Twitter: @chadbowarmetal

Michael Aronovitz

Michael Aronovitz is a horror author and rock reviewer. His latest book is the most frightening novel of the decade, titled Alice Walks, published by Cemetery Dance Publications in E-Book form. It’s available at this location.

Nick Balazs

Nick Balazs spawned from Northeast Ohio and once he saw KISS in concert on the Farewell Tour in 2000 as an 11-year-old, his fandom for rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal began. Holding a journalism degree from Bowling Green State University, Nick has been writing about the greatness of metal for over five years, with most of his work found on BraveWords. Follow him on Twitter: @MrNickBW

Tom Campagna

Tom Campagna is a high school math teacher from northern New Jersey with an affinity for major sports, video games, humor and of course, metal. He has been actively writing for over half a decade and currently also contributes to Invisible Oranges and Brutalitopia. You can follow him on Instagram: @snags_metal

Darren Cowan

Darren Cowan spent most of the new millennium writing and photographing bands for such heavy music outlets as Bravewords, Metal Underground, The Gauntlet and Blistering.com. He is a former English teacher and graduate of Western Michigan University. He designs and sells calendars consisting of his own concert and nature photography. He listens to a wide variety of hard music. You can find find Cowan banging his head and pumping his fist in the Live Music Capital of the World: Austin, Texas.

Dan Drago

Dan’s life was forever changed in early 1982 when hearing Ozzy Osbourne’s Diary Of A Madman for the first time. It was an experience that opened his musical horizons and led him down a deeper, darker path of discovery. The following years found Dan unearthing bands like Metallica, Slayer, Sodom, Death, Tiamat, Moonspell and Entombed as his tastes grew more diverse and extreme. Dan has played in the metal scene for the past 20 years and has toured the Southwest portion of the United States. Dan is married and a father to two beautiful children and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Follow him on Twitter: @DanielDragoAZ

Kane Gagen-Parry

Although he didn’t have the opportunity to experience them, Kane considers himself a child of the ’80s. Be it movies or music, to him, cheesier is always better (except regarding food, strangely enough). So, it’s understandable that his discovery of power metal changed his life forever, for he would never again be oppressed by the likes of Rihanna or Bieber, but driven by the blood-boiling energy of relentless synths and soaring vocals. Since then, his taste has expanded to include prog and folk metal, as well as the classics. When he’s not busy headbanging, slaying beasts, or pumping iron, he enjoys embarking upon quests with his noble canine companion, Thorin.

Mike Huck

Mike has been listening to heavy music since 1977. He is old and picky, with preferences leaning towards prog, old school metal, and anything else well-played that pushes boundaries. As a former producer, he has a keen ear for how music sounds and is arranged. Follow Mike on Twitter: @huck_n_roll

Arash Khosronejad

According to Arash, his life mostly revolves around five things: metal, horror, sci-fi, pasta and rugby. With years of writing experience focused on rock and metal, you can often find him stumbling upon bands’ pages on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and other music sites, trying to have fun and discovering new music, new boundaries. Also, he often responses to the nickname “Big Cat”! Follow him on Twitter: @arashk, on Instagram: @arashkhosronejad and check out his blog

Dan Marsicano

Dan Marsicano is a music critic from New Jersey who has spent over a decade writing about every metal genre imaginable. He has written for Noisey, Metal Underground.com and About.com Heavy Metal, just to name a few. He prefers Ride the Lightning over Master of Puppets. You can find him tweeting about nonsense daily at @DanMarsicano

Adam McAuley

Adam McAuley is a music reviewer that has been involved with a number of websites including a long stint with Ultimate Metal. Presently he writes for Metal Bite and Heavy Music HQ. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Toronto as well as a diploma in Business Accounting from Cambrian College. He prefers the opinionated nature of writing reviews over other types of articles like interviews and news. He lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Evan Mugford

The Evan sealed his last great semblance of humanity roughly 16 years ago when he surrendered to the irresistible siren song of metal. Graduating from alternative and nu-metal was no easy task, but patience and a willingness to embrace the whole of the underground hastened his transformation—sharp blue eyes became useless and pale, his healthy skin thinned to a translucent and phantasmal white, once short-cropped grew long, shaggy, and rife with insect, and, most importantly, his ears steadily fine-tuned to all the hard and heavy things that, inevitably, should not be. Never to be fed by hand, the Evan has a strong affinity towards robust rhythm sections, psychedelic accents, and no shortage of chugs, slams, and growls.