Heavy Metal Album Release Calendar

Release Calendar LogoHere’s a rundown of heavy metal and hard rock album release dates. They are supplied by record companies and subject to change. If you’d like to submit information for an album not listed, send us an email.

October 30, 2020
Acts Of Tragedy – Acts Of Tragedy (Volcano)
Angel Rising – Angel Rising (Music)
Asphyxiator – Trapped Between Two Worlds (Vic)
Atheos – Words Of Eroding Worlds (Niflhel)
Audn – Vokudraumsins Fangi (Season Of Mist)
Austin Taft – Skeletons (Self)
Autopsy – Live In Chicago (Peaceville)
Azaghal – Perkeleen Luoma/Kyy Re-Release (Moribund)
Ba’al – Ellipsism (Clobber)
Bad Omens – FGBGFM Unplugged EP (Sumerian)
Begräbnis – Izanaena (Weird Truth)
Black Foxxes – Black Foxxes (Search And Destroy)
Black Stone Cherry – The Human Condition (Mascot)
Bleeding Out – Lifelong Death Fantasy (Profound Lore)
Botanist – Photosynthesis (The Flenser)
Bring Me The Horizon – Post Human: Survival Horror EP (Columbia)
Carcass – Despicable EP (Nuclear Blast)
Celestial Season – The Merciful Re-Release (Vic)
Convulse – Deathstar (Transcending)
Corners Of Sanctuary – Heroes Never Die (RFL)
Curimus – Garden Of Eden (Inverse)
Cursed Blood – Taker Of Life (War Anthem)
Cynabare Urne – Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls (Helter Skelter)
D.E.A. – Crush The Machine EP (Southern Lord)
Dead End America – Crush The Machine EP (Southern Lord)
Dead Girls Academy – Doves In Glass Houses (Mission Two)
Dead Head – Kill Division Re-Release (Petrichor)
Disgusting Perversion – Eternity Of Death (Black Sunset)
Disrupted – Pure Death (Memento Mori)
Draconian – Under A Godless Veil (Napalm)
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – May Our Chambers Be Full (Sacred Bones)
Engst – Schone Neue Welt (Arising Empire)
Evildead – United $tate$ Of Anarchy (SPV/Steamhammer)
Evocatus – Path To Tartarus (Self)
Fearsore – Wetworks (Dead Sage)
Fenisia – The Spectator (Eclipse)
The Flower Kings – Islands (InsideOut)
Forlorn World – Umbra (Self)
Funeral Harvest – Funeral Harvest EP (Signal Rex)
Glacier – The Passing Of Time (No Remorse)
GWAR – Scumdogs Of The Universe 30th Anniversary Edition (Pit)
Haxon – Wrath Of An Era (Machine Man)
Hell Is Here – Hell Is Here (Seeing Red)
Hydrogyn – The Boiling Point (RFL)
Icare – Kaos (Division)
Ice Nine Kills – I Heard They KILL Live! (Fearless)
Imperium – Heaven Or Hell (AOR Heaven)
Insidious Disease – After Death (Nuclear Blast)
I Prevail – Post Traumatic (Fearless)
Iva Toric – The Devil’s Mark (Self)
Junior Bruce – Pray For Death (Sludgelord)
Kallias – The Fourth Phase EP (Self)
King Bull – What Happened Here? EP (Riot)
King Diamond – The Dark Sides Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Kiova – Empty Fields And Smoke-Filled Skies EP (Off/Maniyax)
Kratzer – Alles Liegt In Scherben (7 Degrees)
The Kryptik – Behold Fortress Inferno EP (Purity Through Fire)
Loss Of Infection – Dark Dimension (Sliptrick)
Malicious – Deranged Hexes (Invictus)
Mors Subita – Extinction Era (Out Of Line)
Motorhead – Ace Of Spades 40th Anniversary Edition (BMG)
Mr. Bungle – The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo (Ipecac)
Nahemia – AR-CAOSAJI (Misanthropic Assault)
Neon Coven – Future Postponed (New Ocean Media)
Night Cobra – In Praise Of The Shadow EP (NCR)
No Life On Earth – Nothing Is Real EP (Blood Blast)
Nothing – The Great Dismal (Relapse)
Noxis – Expanse Of Hellish Black Mire EP (Pulverised)
Nuclear Power Trio – A Clear And Present Rager EP (Metal Blade)
Occult Burial – Burning Eerie Lore (Invictus)
Omen OKC – Petals EP (1126)
Pantera – Reinventing The Steel Re-Release (Rhino)
Poison Wind – Virus! (Eleventh Key)
Possessor – Damn The Light (APF)
Puscifer – Existential Reckoning (Alchemy/Puscifer)
Return Of The Soul – Echoes Of Thunder EP (Self)
Reverend – A Gathering Of Demons Re-Release (Vic)
Rising Insane – Porcelain Acoustic EP (Long Branch)
Romasa – Insufferable Cave Of Rotting Aspiration EP (Hand Of Death)
Ruff Majik – The Devil’s Cattle (Mongrel)
Sacramentum – Finis Malorum Re-Release (Vic)
Sarcator – Sarcator (Redefining Darkness)
Satan’s Host – Archidoxes Of Evil (Moribund)
Scardust – Strangers (M-Theory)
Seraphic – Chrysalis (Self)
Serpents – The Brimstone Clergy (War Anthem)
Sick Society – URN01 (Self)
Slagmark – Radical Malice (Purity Through Fire)
Stalker – Black Majik Terror (Napalm)
Sulphur Sun – Placodermic Heraldry EP (Self)
Svabhavat – Black Mirror Reflection (Eisenwald)
Svarta – Befreiung (Crawling Chaos)
Svartsyn – Requiem (Carnal)
Them – Return To Hemmersmoor (SPV/Steamhammer)
Throw The Goat – Capitol Hell (Self)
True Strength – The Mighty Hand Of Yahweh (Roxx)
Undertakers – Dictatorial Democracy (Time To Kill)
Uriah Heep – Fifty Years In Rock Box Set (BMG)
Various Artists – Best Of Black Sabbath (Magnetic Eye)
Various Artists – Vol 4 [Redux] (Magnetic Eye)
Violent Life Violent Death – The Color Of Bone (Innerstrength)
Visions Of Atlantis – A Symphonic Journey To Remember DVD/CD (Napalm)
Vulgarian – Human Scum (Self)
Vyrion – Nil (Self)
War On Women – Wonderful Hell (Bridge Nine)
Watashi Dake – Feral (Inferna Profundus)
Wildness – Ultimate Demise (AOR Heaven)
Wildways – Anna (Warner Russia)
Witchtrap – Evil Strikes Again (Hells Headbangers)
Wombripper – Macabre Melodies (Memento Mori)
Wytch Hazel – III: Pentecost (Bad Omen)
Yaotl Mictlan – Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar (American Line)
Yawning Man – Live At Giant Rock (Heavy Psych Sounds)

November 6, 2020
After The Fall – Welcome To The New S.A. EP (RFL)
Albinobeach – The Ladder (Self)
Alter Bridge – Walk The Sky 2.0 EP (Napalm)
Anachitis – The Sorcerer’s Sorrow (Avantgarde)
Ancient Thrones – The Veil (Self)
Angelica – All I Am (Frontiers)
Apochryphal Revelation – Primeval Devilish Wisdom (Nuclear War Now!)
Arcana – Letters From A Lost Soul Act I: The World One Forms (Self)
Arcing Wires – Prime (Art As Catharsis)
Avoid – The Burner EP (Revival)
Barfbag – Let’s Stop A War (Stay Gold)
Beltez – A Grey Chill And A Whisper (Avantgarde)
Belphegor – Necrodaemon Terrorsathan Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Bloodsoaked Necrovoid – Expelled Into The Unknown Depths Of The Unfathomable (Iron Bonehead)
Boreal – The Battle Of Vosad Re-Release (Nebulae Artifacta)
Chainbreaker – Relentless Night (Metal On Metal)
Clouds Taste Satanic – The Satanic Singles Series – Vol. 1 (Kinda Like)
Countless Skies – Glow (Willowtip)
Cult Burial – Cult Burial (Self)
Darkenhold – Arcanes & Sortileges (LADLO)
Dark Quarterer – Pompei (Cruz Del Sur)
Deluge – Aego Templo (Metal Blade)
Diamond Chazer – Chasing Diamonds (Fighter)
Eclipse – Viva La Victouria CD/DVD (Frontiers)
Eleanora – Mere (Consouling Sounds)
Eleine – Dancing In Hell (Black Lodge)
Elitefitrea – Lethe (Sliptrick)
Essence Of Blasphemers – Calyx Of Black Metal Blood (Purity Through Fire)
Eternal Idol – Renaissance (Frontiers)
Fates Warning – Long Day Good Night (Metal Blade)
Final Dawn – Minä Olen Pimeys (Self)
Garmarna – Forbundet (Season Of Mist)
Gelkhammar – The Sword Of Gelfiser (Xenoglossy)
Greybeard – Oracle Re-Release (Wormholedeath)
Hanging Fortress – Darkness Devours (Redefining Darkness)
Helfir – The Journey (My Kingdom)
Hell:on – Scythian Stamm (Hell Serpent)
Hellspike – Lords Of War (Metal On Metal)
High As Hell – Razorblade Dream (Dinner For Wolves)
Ignitor – The Golden Age Of Black Magick (Metal On Metal)
Jeff Scott Soto – Wide Awake (In My Dreamland) (Frontiers)
Kimono Drag Queens – Songs Of Worship (Copper Feast)
Lazer Beam – Lazer Beam (Coffin & Bolt)
Legionem – Sator Omnia Noctem (Metal On Metal)
Lords Of Black – Alchemy Of Souls (Frontiers)
L’uomo Nero – Andiamo Nel Deserto EP ( Desert)
Malfested – Shallow Graves EP (Self)
Mavorim/Ad Mortem – Ludicium Ultimatum (Purity Through Fire)
Mountain Caller – Chronicle I: The Truthseeker (New Heavy Sounds)
Mortal Device – Chapter Two EP (Self)
MRTVI – Omniscient Hallucinatory Delusion (Transcending Obscurity)
Neptune – Northern Steel (Melodic Passion)
Nitesoil – Abusement Park EP (Self)
October Falls – Syys (Purity Through Fire)
Odiosior – Syvyyksistä (Purity Through Fire)
Okrutnik – Legion Antichrysta (Ossuary)
Orcrypt – Balrog & Roll (Death To Music)
Orianthi – O (Frontiers)
Pulchra Morte – Ex Rosa Ceremonia (Transcending)
Pulse – Adjusting The Space (NRT)
Rage Of Devils/Karnstein/Everson Poe/Wyeth – A Plague Upon Four Houses Split (The Forest At Night)
Reb Beach – A View From The Inside (Frontiers)
Rockin’ Engine – The Wretch And The Damned (Self)
Sabrewulf – Mala Suerte (Petrichor)
Sad – Misty Breath Of Ancient Forests (Purity Through Fire)
Scard – Rusted Lock (Scry)
Science Man – Science Man II (Big Neck)
Second Sun – Kampen Gar Vidare (Gaphals)
Serpents Of Secrecy – Ave Vindicta (Moving The Earth)
Sepulchre By The Sea – Conquerer Worm (Self)
Shackles – Hatred’s Reservoir (Resist)
Shaidar Logoth – Chapter III: The Void God (Sentient Ruin)
Shattered Hope – Vespers (Solitude)
Shrykull/Temple Steps – Split (Trepnation)
Solstafir – Endless Twilight Of Codependent Love (Season Of Mist)
Speed Stroke – Scene Of The Crime (Street Symphonies)
Surma – The Light Within (Metal Blade)
Tarja – From Spirits And Ghosts: Score For A Dark Christmas Re-Release (earMusic)
Tesseract – Altered State Re-Release (Century Media)
Trip 6 – Spit (Dark Star)
Uncut – Blue (Klonosphere)
Underground Fire – Ashes Of Life (Critical Mass)
Utilitarian – Stay Angry EP (Self)
Vandalheart – Low (Duckphone)
Various Artists – Brown Acid: The Eleventh Trip (Permanent/RidingEasy)
Viviankrist – Alabaster White (Ritual)
Void Paradigm – Ultime Pulsation | Demain Brule (Avantgarde)
Vomit Division – Hell In A Bottle (Metal On Metal)

November 13, 2020
Accuser – Accuser (Metal Blade)
AC/DC – Power Up (Columbia)
Beaten To Death – Laat maar, deel een: ik verhuis naar Mastbos (Self)
Betrayal – Offerings (Divebomb)
Bliss Of Flesh – Tyrant (Listenable)
Blood From The Soul – DSM-5 (Deathwish)
Booby Trap/Pitch Black/Buried Alive – Bastards United Split (Firecum)
Boris – Absolutego Re-Release (Third Man)
Boris – Amplifier Worship Re-Release (Third Man)
Boundaries – Your Receding Warmth (Unbeaten)
Brokenrail – Beautiful Chaos (Cleopatra)
The Bronx Casket Co. – The Complete Collection Box Set (Deko)
Cerebellion – Beyond Our Failures (Self)
Chris Manning – Destination (No Life Til Metal)
Cidesphere – Dawn Of A New Epoch (Testimony)
Code Noir – Jack Of All Spades EP (Leviaphonic)
Cognizant – Cognizant Re-Releases (Selfmadegod)
Dark Buddha Rising – Mathreyata (Svart)
Death Dealer – Conquered Lands (Steel Cartel)
Deathless Dogs – Five Across The Eyes EP (Self)
Deathroll – Into The Vortex EP (Self)
Decembre Noir – The Renaissance Of Hope (Lifeforce)
Dirty Rats – End In Tears (Sliptrick)
Dismal – Quinta Essentia (Self)
Doro – Magic Diamonds: Best Of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures (Rare Diamonds)
Dune Sea – Moons Of Uranus (All Good Clean)
Ecclesia – De Ecclesiae Universalis (Aural)
Enigma Experience – Question Mark (Fuzzorama)
Garagedays – Something Black (El Puerto)
Ghostkid – Ghostkid (Century Media)
Go Go Berlin – Lyfe EP (Rodeostar/Napalm)
Groovenom – Mitten Ins Herz (Out Of Line)
Harlott – Detritus Of The Final Age (Metal Blade)
Hautajaisyö – On Vain Pimeys (Inverse)
Helsott – Woven Re-Release (M-Theory)
Houkago Grind Time – Bakyunsified (Moe To The Gore) (Outrageous Weeb Power)
Humanity Is Cancer – Humanity Is Cancer EP (Redefining Darkness)
In Malice’s Wake – The Blindness Of Faith (Self)
Intervals – Circadian (Self)
Isolert – World In Ruins (Nihilistische KlangKunst)
Katla – Allt þetta helvítis myrkur (Prophecy)
Katatonia – Dead Air (Peaceville)
Keizer – Where The Light Ends (Give Praise)
L.A. Guns – Renegades (Golden Robot)
Lazarus Dream – Alive (Pride & Joy)
Lie Still – Severing The Hands Of Manipulation And Hate (HPGD)
Lizzy Borden – Best Of Lizzy Borden, Vol. 2 (Metal Blade)
Luna13 – God.Dis (COP)
Lunatic Soul – Through Shaded Woods (Kscope)
Macabre – Carnival Of Killers (Nuclear Blast)
Megaton Sword – Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire (Dying Victims)
Mustard Gas And Roses – We Are One EP (Pax Aeternum)
Newmeds – Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind EP (Man Demolish)
Novarupta – Marine Snow (Suicide)
Nuclear – Murder Of Crows (Black Lodge)
Of Feather And Bone – Sulfuric Disintegration (Profound Lore)
Omegavortex – Black Abomination Spawn (Invictus)
Overcharge – Metalpunx (Planet K)
Periphery – Live In London (3Dot)
Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons – We’re The Bastards (Nuclear Blast)
Polyphozia – Suitcase Of Voices (Nefarious)
Post Truth – Responses To Trauma (Resist)
Precaria/Oros Kau – Theosulphuros (I, Voidhanger)
Puteraeon – The Cthulhian Pulse: Call From The Dead City (Emanzipation)
Pyramaze – Epitaph (AFM)
Ramchat – Znelo Lesom (Slovak Metal Army)
Red Fiction – Visions Of The Void (Tzadik)
Scalp – Domestic Extremity (Creator-Destructor)
Scream At The Sky – Scream At The Sky EP (Self)
Seismic – Seismic EP (Self)
Sepulcre – Ascent Through Morbid Transcendence (Invictus)
Shadow Tribe – Reality Unveiled (Pride & Joy)
Silence Equals Death – Revolution Rising EP (Upstate)
Small Town Titans – The Ride (AntiFragile)
SnakeSkin God – Snakeskin God (Sleazy Rider)
Soulburn – Noa’s D’ark (Century Media)
Soul Dissolution – Winter Contemplations EP (Viridian Flame)
Soulskinner – Seven Bowls Of Wrath (Xtreem)
Strydegor – Isolacracy (MDD)
Sunyata – The Great Beyond (Self)
Swans – Children Of God Re-Release (Young God/Mute)
Time Rift – Eternal Rock (Dying Victims)
Uthullun – Dirges For The Void (Wolves Of Hades)
Volur – Death Cult (Prophecy)
Warfect – Spectre Of Devastation (Napalm)
Warrior Soul – Cocaine And Other Good Stuff (Livewire/Cargo)
Witchrider – Electrical Storm (Fuzzorama)
Ymir – Ymir (Werewolf)
Ysgaroth – Storm Over A Black Sea (Self)

November 20, 2020
Aeolian – The Negationist (Black Lion)
Aeternitis – Haunted Minds (Wormholedeath)
Aqvilea – Beyond The Elysian Fields (Saturnia)
Ashen Reach – Homecoming (Self)
Avandra – Skylighting (Layered Reality)
Aviations – Retrospect EP (Self)
Beast Within The Sound – Resistance (Slovak Metal Army)
Chaos E.T. Sexual – Only Human Crust (Chien Noir)
Communic – Hiding From The World (AFM)
Concede – Indoctrinate (Petrichor)
Contrarian – Only Time Will Tell (Willowtip)
Crawling Chaos – XLIX (Time To Kill)
Dark Psychosis – The Edge Of Nowhere (Moribund)
Dark Tranquillity – Moment (Century Media)
Darzamat – A Philosopher At The End Of The Universe (Szataniec)
Devil’s Desire – The Soul Remains Alive (Self)
Diamond Head – Lightning To The Nations 2020 (Silver Lining)
Empyreal Sorrow – Praey (Self)
Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron (No Remorse)
Farer – Monad (Tartarus/Aesthetic Death)
Frost* – 13 Winters Box Set (InsideOut)
Fuck The Facts – Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation)
Goatcraft – Mephistophelian Exordium (Hessian Firm)
Greenwitch – CosmoSteelBlood Trinity EP (HPGD)
Hegeroth – Perfidia (Self)
Helvik – Welcome To Hel (Nuclear Blast)
Horncrowned – Rex Exterminii (The Hand Of The Opposer) (Ketzer)
Il Rovescio della Medaglia – Contaminazione 2.0 (Jolly Roger)
Ilsa – Preyer (Relapse)
Iron Maiden – Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City (BMG)
Jinjer – Alive In Melbourne (Napalm)
Kharma – Most Dangerous Game EP (Flatspot)
Killer Be Killed – Reluctant Hero (Nuclear Blast)
King Ov Wyrms – King Ov Thornes (Self)
Lie In Ruins – Floating In Timeless Streams (Dark Descent)
Light Field Reverie – Another World (Avantgarde)
Liminal Shroud – Through The False Narrows (Hypnotic Dirge)
Lord Fist – Wilderness Of Hearts (High Roller)
Merzbow – Screaming Dove (No Funeral)
Nader Sadek – The Serapeum EP (Self)
Odem – Timeless Past Above (Moribund)
Omnivortex – Diagrams Of Consciousness (Concorde)
Onsegen Ensemble – Fear (Svart)
Pain Of Salvation – The Perfect Element: Pt. 1 Re-Release (Inside Out)
PG.Lost – Oscillate (Pelagic)
Refused – The Malignant Fire EP (Spinefarm)
Revenge – Attack.Blood.Revenge Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Schaffer/Barlow – Winter Nights EP (Self)
Shepherd – First Hand EP (Destruent)
Skelethal – Unveiling The Threshold (Hells Headbangers)
Sole Syndicate – Last Days Of Eden (Scarlet)
Sonic Circus – Everything (Self)
Spectrale – Arcanes (LADLO)
Stan Bush – Dare To Dream (Cargo)
Stormkeep – Galdrum EP (Van)
Subterraen – Rotten Human Kingdom (Transcending Obscurity)
Suidakra – Lupine Essence Re-Release (MDD)
Symbtomy – Demo #1 (Immortal Souls)
Thrudvanger – Vegvisir (Trollzorn)
Tombs – Under Sullen Skies (Season Of Mist)
!T.O.O.H.! – Free Speech (Lavadome)
Toxaemia – Where Paths Divide (Emanzipation)
White Magician – Dealers Of Divinity (Cruz Del Sur)
Witchwood – Before The Winter (Jolly Roger)
Without Mercy – Seismic (Self)

November 27, 2020
Amahiru – Amahiru (earMusic)
Amederia – Sometimes We Have Wings Re-Release (BadMoonMan)
Arrayan Path – The Marble Gates To Apeiron (Pitch Black)
Avlivad – Avlivad (Invictus)
Azarath – Saint Desecration (Agonia)
Bisonte – Ancestral Punishment (Xtreem)
BruceXCampbell – South To No Life (Give Praise)
BruteAllies – Ash & Nails (Wormholedeath)
Cadaver – Edder & Bile (Nuclear Blast)
Carnage Alpha – From There To Oblivion (Wormholedeath)
Cell Press – Cell Press EP (Ancient Temple/No Funeral)
Ceremonial Castings – Salem 1692 (MMXX) (Eisenwald)
The Corona Lantern – Certa Omnibus Hora (Metalgate)
Corrupt Moral Altar – Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things EP (APF)
Cryptic Shift/Replicant/Inoculation/Astral Tomb – Chasm Of Aeons Split EP (Blood Harvest)
The Cult Of Destiny – The Cult Of Destiny (Self)
DarkFlow – 6 (Self)
Dream Theater – Distant Memories – Live In London DVD/CD (InsideOut)
East Temple Avenue – Both Sides Of Midnight (AOR Heaven)
Electric Hydra – Electric Hydra (Majestic Mountain/Tee Pee)
Eleine – Dancing In Hell (Black Lodge)
E.N.D. – A Grave Deceit EP (Geenger)
Exarsis – Sentenced To Life (MDD)
Falkenbach – The Nine Worlds Of Falkenbach (Manifestatations 1995-2013) (Prophecy)
Glorious Depravity – Ageless Violence (Translation Loss)
Godsend – As The Shadows Fall (Petrichor)
Gryftigæn – Graven til Måneåpenbaringer (Inferna Profundus)
Hatebreed – Weight Of The False Self (Nuclear Blast)
Heavy Pettin – Best Of (Burnt Out Wreckords/Cherry Red)
I Am Pariah – Charm Before The Storm EP (Self)
Ingrina – Siste Lys (Medication Time)
Intolerant – Primal Future (Time To Kill)
Jack Longo – I Will Ruin Myself EP (Self)
Kramp – Gods Of Death (Rafchild)
Krosis – Solem Vatem Redux (Unique Leader)
Leaders And Lunatics – No Fear Of Repercussion EP (Self)
Leviathan – Words Waging War (Stonefellowship)
Marathon – Mark Kelly’s Marathon (earMusic)
Moeror – The Ghosts Of Amour Propre (Self)
Mongrel’s Cross – Arcana, Scrying and Revelation (Hells Headbangers)
Mork Gryning – Return Fire Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Mork Gryning – Tusen år har gått… Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret EP (Nuclear Blast)
Obscurae – To Walk The Path Of Sorrows (American Dreams)
Ocean Hills – Santa Monica (AFM)
Oes Galliath – Sous l’œil fermé des paradis (Nebular Carcoma)
Oreamnos – Into The Night (Bloody Mountain)
Our Oceans – While Time Disappears (Long Branch)
Plini – Impulse Voices (Self)
Psycroptic – The Watcher Of All EP (Prosthetic/Agonia)
Revolting – The Shadow At The World’s End (Transcending Obscurity)
Sainte Marie des Loups – Funerailles de Feu (Amor Fati/Extraconscious)
The Schytehawke – Streets Of Rage EP (Self)
Sealand Airlines – Sealand Airlines (The Sign)
Shaark – Deathonation (Slovak Metal Army)
Shores Of Null – Beyond The Shores (Spikerot)
Slaughterday – Ancient Death Triumph (FDA)
Sodom – Genesis XIX (eOne)
Sorceress Of Sin – Mirrored Revenge (Self)
Stormwind – Resurrection Re-Release (Black Lodge)
Synastry – Civilization’s Coma EP (Self)
Temple – Funeral Planet (Ozium)
Trial By Combat – Consumed By The Darkness (Self)
Twisted Mist – Orbios (Music)
Ultimatium – Virtuality (Rockshots)
Urfaust – Teufelsgeist (Van)
Varde – Fedraminne (Nordvis)
Voivod – Lost Machine – Live (Century Media)
Volbeat – Rewind, Replay, Rebound: Live In Deutschland (Republic)
Whipstriker/Terrorhammer/Vulcan Tyrant/Speedwhore – Split (HPGD)
Within The Ruins – Black Heart (eOne/Good Fight)
Wreck-Defy – Powers That Be (Punishment 18)

December 4, 2020
Ad Infinitum – Chapter I Revisited (Napalm)
Becoming The Lion – Unearthly Creature (Self)
Cazador – Acceptance/Isolation (Suspended Soul)
City Of Industry – False Flowers (Amerikan Aesthetics)
Cryptodira – Angel Of History (Good Fight)
Deafheaven – 10 Years Gone (Sargent House)
Death Of A Dryad – Hameln (Self)
Depravity – Grand Malevolence (Transcending Obscurity)
Descend To Acheron – The Transience Of Flesh (Petrichor)
The Deviant – Rotting Dreams Of Carrion (Soulseller)
Dropdead – Dropdead Re-Release (Armageddon)
Dropdead – Dropdead 1998 Re-Release (Armageddon)
Ett Dodens Maskineri – Det Svenska Hatet (Suicide)
Eyes Of Tomorrow – Settle For More (Swell Creek)
Foreign – The Symphony Of The Wandering Jew Part II (Pride & Joy)
Gama Bomb – Sea Savage (Prosthetic)
Genus Ordinis – Glare Of Deliverance (Eclipse)
Ghost Brigade – MMV – MMXX Box Set (Season Of Mist)
Ghost:Hello/Night Goat – Split (Interstellar Smoke)
GISM – Detestation Re-Release (Relapse)
Gravfraktal – Unhallowed Death Triumph EP (Iron Bonehead)
Hollywood Undead \- New Empire: Volume 2 (BMG/Dove & Grenade)
Hypervolume – Conceive (Self)
Hyrgal – Fin de Regne (LADLO)
Idle Ruin – Idle Ruin EP (Self)
March In Arms – Pulse Of The Daring (Self)
Mollo Rilla – Viva El Camino (Seeing Red)
Moskowa – The Man Of The Three Islands (Music)
Neal Morse – Live At Morsefest 2018 (Frontiers)
Nexul – Scythed Wings Of Poisonous Decay EP (Iron Bonehead)
Nominon – Yesterdeath (Emanzipation)
Opium Warlords – Nembutal (Svart)
Paradise Lost – Draconian Times Re-Release (Music For Nations)
Pneuma Hagion – Voidgazer (Nuclear War Now!)
Possessed Steel – Aedris (Temple Of Mystery)
Pothamus – Raya (Consouling Sounds)
Rave The Reqviem – Stigmata Itch (Out Of Line)
Sainted Sinners – Unlocked & Reloaded (El Puerto)
Sarvekas – Of Atavistic Fury & Visions EP (Soulseller)
Sculptor – Untold Secrets (Frontiers)
Sens Dep – Lush Desolation (Self)
Serpents Oath – Nihil (Soulseller)
Slowly Building Weapons – Echos (Bird’s Robe)
Soilwork – A Whisp Of The Atlantic EP (Nuclear Blast)
Squealer – Insanity (Pride & Joy)
TDW – The Days The Clock Stopped (Layered Reality)
Undergang – Aldrig i livet (Dark Descent/Me Saco Un Ojo)
Valravn – Prey (Primitive Reaction)
Vilify – Clarity EP (Self)
VRSTY – Cloud City EP (Spinefarm)

December 11, 2020
Airborn – Lizard Secrets Part Two: Age Of Wonder (Fighter)
The Apocalypse Blues Revival – The Apocalypse Blues Revival (ABR)
Between The Buried And Me – Colors Vinyl Re-Release (Craft)
Blind Guardian – Imaginations From The Other Side 25th Anniversary Edition (Nuclear Blast)
Boris with Merzbow – 2R0I2P0 (Relapse)
Bron – Pred Dverima Noci (Nordvis)
Chalice – Trembling Crown (High Roller)
Cyrax – Experiences (Wormholedeath)
Deeds Of Flesh – Nucleus (Unique Leader)
Daniel Tompkins – Ruins (Kscope)
Demoniac – So It Goes (Edged Circle)
Demonstealer – And This Too Shall Pass EP (Self)
Domkraft – Day Of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye)
Engulfed – Vengeance Of The Fallen EP (Me Saco Un Ojo/Dark Descent)
The Fallen Prophets – No End In Sight EP (MMD)
Focal Dystonia – Descending (In)Human Flesh (Comatose)
Folterkammer – Die Lederpredict (Gilead)
Foxy Shazam – Burn (Self)
The Grand Sbam – Furvent (Dur et Doux)
Heads For The Dead – Into The Red (Transcending Obscurity)
Heretical Sect – Rapturous Flesh Consumed (Gilead)
Horna – Kuoleman Kirjo (W.T.C.)
Imha Tarikat – Sternenberster (Lupus Lounge)
Incursion – The Hunter EP (No Remorse)
The Inferno Doll – Sacrifice EP (Self)
Leo Viridi – The World Keeps Turning EP (Self)
Locean – Top Ten Zen Meditations (Artificial Head)
The Magick Way – Il Rinato (My Kingdom)
Mork Gryning – Maelstrom Chaos Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Mork Gryning – Pieces Of Primal Expressionism Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Perdition Sect – End Times (Seeing Red)
Riverside – Lost’n’Found:Live In Tilburg (InsideOut)
Satan’s Fall – Final Day (High Roller)
Shattered Hourglass – Timekeeper (Self)
Six Foot Six – End Of All (Scarlet)
Speedkiller – Midnight Vampire (Edged Circle)
Yashira – Fail To Be (Good Fight)

December 18, 2020
Alcest – Écailles de Lune Re-Release (Prophecy)
DeathOrchestra – Symphony Of Death (Self)
Dormanth – Complete Downfall (Xtreem)
Gjoad – Samanon (Antiq)
Grayceon – Mothers Weavers Vultures (Translation Loss)
Iced Earth – Iced Earth Re-Release (Century Media)
Infernal Torment – Man’s True Nature Re-Release (Emanzipation)
Kult Of The Wizard – Gold (Interstellar Smoke)
Mike Tramp – Trampthology (Target)
Nasum – Blasting Shit To Bits – The Final Show DVD (Selfmadegod)
No Return – Live XXX (Mighty)
Pillory – Scourge On Humanity (Unique Leader)
Wombbath – Tales Of Madness (Transcending Obscurity)
Worlds Beyond – Symphony Of Dawn (Self)

January 1, 2021
Transilvania – Of Sleep And Death (Invictus)

January 8, 2021
Frozen Soul – Crypt Of Ice (Century Media)
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Turning To Ashes (Eclipse)
Magnum – Dance Of The Black Tattoo (SPV/Steamhammer)
Malakhim – Theion (Iron Bonehead)
Michael Schenker Group – Immortal (Nuclear Blast)
Nicarus – Coal People Coal Puppets (Self)
Stellar Death – Fragments Of Light (Self)

January 15, 2021
Accept – Too Mean To Die (Nuclear Blast)
Bloody Hammers – Songs Of Unspeakable Terror (Napalm)
Coldun – Grand Sun Ritual (Self)
Dale Crover – Rat-A-Tat-Tat! (Joyful Noise)
Gravehuffer – NecroEclosion (Black Doomba)
Need – Norchestrion: A Song For The End (Ikaros)
Saor – Guardians Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Stass – Songs Of Flesh And Decay (Emanzipation)
Vajra – Irkalla (Thunder Cult)
Tantivy – Eyes In The Night EP (Self)
Wall – Wall EP (APF)
Wedge – Like No Tomorrow (Heavy Psych Sounds)

January 22, 2021
Asphyx – Necroceros (Century Media)
Grabunhold – Heldentod (Iron Bonehead)
Here Lies Man – Ritual Divination (RidingEasy)
Kickin Valentina – The Revenge Of Rock (Mighty)
Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos (Napalm)
Wardruna – Kvitravn (Norse)

January 29, 2021
The Body – I’ve Seen All I Need To See (Thrill Jockey)
Escarion – Pillars Of The Faith (Self)
Harakiri For The Sky – Maere (AOP)
Portrayal Of Guilt – We Are Always Alone (Closed Casket)
Pounder – Breaking The World (Shadow Kingdom)
Soen – Imperial (Silver Lining)
Steven Wilson – The Future Bites (Arts & Crafts)

February 5, 2021
3 Dreams Never Dreamt – Another Vivid Detail (My Kingdom)
Komatsu – Rose Of Jericho (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Korpiklaani – Jylhä (Nuclear Blast)
Sea Sleeper – Nostophobia (Metal Assault)

February 12, 2021
Abiotic – Ikigai (The Artisan Era)
Alltar – Live At Ceremony Of Sludge (Self)
Caedes Cruenta – Of Ritual Necrophagia And Mysterious Ghoul Cults (Helter Skelter)
Dayglo Mourning – Dead Star (Black Doomba)
Toledo Steel – Heading For The Fire (Dissonance)

February 19, 2021
Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard And Fast (Nuclear Blast)

February 26, 2021
Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist (Epitaph)
Epica – Omega (Nuclear Blast)
Everture – Emerge (Inverse)
Inhuman – Inhuman (Self)
Love Machine – Dusseldorf – Tokyo (Unique)
Skindred – Roots Rock Riot Re-Release (Hassle)

March 19, 2021
Agent Steel – No Other Godz Before Me (Dissonance)

March 26, 2021
Lazer Beam – Lazer Beam (Golden Robot)

April 16, 2021
While She Sleeps – Sleeps Society (Spinefarm)

May 28, 2021
Sharone – Morbid Illusion (Devil Inside)

2019 and 2020 Albums Already Released

November 1, 2019
Aeons Abyss – Impenitent (Self)
American Grim – Ultra Black (eOne)
And Now The Owls Are Smiling – The Comforting Grip Of Misery (Clobber)
Angel Witch – Angel Of Light (Metal Blade)
Apotheus – The Far Star (Black Lion)
Articulus – I (Etymology)
Arvas – Equanimity (Satanic Art)
Atomic Cretins – Spiritual Cancer EP (Suicide Bong)
Blackhearth – Blackhearth (Sliptrick)
Black Stone Cherry – Black To Blues Volume 2 EP (Mascot)
Blackwood – Of Flies (Subsound)
Bleach Everything/Integrity – RFTCC x SDK Split (Dark Operative)
Byzanthian Neckbeard – Minaton (Self)
Call Of Charon – Plaguebearer (Massacre)
Carcinoid – Metastatic Declination (Blood Harvest)
Chthonic Deity – Reassembled In Pain EP (Carbonized)
Cinema Cinema – CCXMD (Nefarious)
Clavicvla – Sepulchral Blessing (Sentient Ruin)
Clouds Taste Satanic – Second Sight (Kinda Like Music)
Cradle Of Filth – Cruelty And The Beast Re-Release (Music For Nations)
Dawn Of Disease – Procession Of Ghosts (Napalm)
Dayshell – Mr. Pain (Self)
Deaf Rat – Ban The Light (AFM)
Deform/Mortuous – Lamenting Reflections Split EP (Carbonized)
Die Kunst Der Finsternis – Revenant Of A Phantom World (Queen Of Owls Addendum) (Lamech/Amor Fati)
Ditchwater – Never Say Never (Self)
Dolore – Fantasmi (HPGD)
Ectoplasma – White-Eyed Trance (Memento Mori)
Eigenstate Zero – Sensory Deception (Self)
Eluveitie – Live At Masters Of Rock (Nuclear Blast)
Elysian Divide – Beast EP (Self)
Epta Astera – Feste Burg (Mourning Light)
Eskimo Callboy – Rehab (Red)
Fire From The Gods – American Sun (Eleven Seven/Rise)
Frail Body – A Brief Memoriam (Deathwish)
Goddess Of Fate – The Orchard Gardener (Self)
Golden Core – Fimbultýr (Fysisk Format)
Gridfailure – Psychological Badlands: Henchpersons Instrumentals (Self)
Grond/Graceless – Endless Spiral of Terror Split (Raw Skull)
Hell Riders – First Race (Volcano)
I Built The Sky – The Zenith Rise (Self)
Imber Luminis – Same Old Silences (Naturmacht)
Imipolex – Order of the Epimethean Flame (Self)
Kaamos Warriors – Shadows Of Northern Chaos (Inverse)
King Hiss – Earthquaker (Self)
Kosmokrator – Through Ruin…Behold (Van)
The Kryptik – When The Shadows Rise (Purity Through Fire)
Late Night Venture – Subcosmos (Czar Of Crickets)
Legendry – The Wizard And The Tower Keep (High Roller)
Les Chants Du Hasard – Livre Second (I, Voidhanger)
Locean – Chav Anglais (Artificial Head)
LvxCaelis – Maher Shalal Hash Baz (Lamech)
Mamiffer – The Brilliant Tabernacle (Sige)
Meth Fetish – Meth Fetish EP (Dry Cough)
Midnight Odyssey – Biolume Part 1: In Tartarean Chains (I, Voidhanger)
Minenwerfer – Alpenpasse (Purity Through Fire)
Mystagos – Azoth (BlackSeed)
Nachtig – Nachtig (Purity Through Fire)
Nemesis – The Beginning Of The End EP (Necromance)
Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites (Nuclear Blast)
Nocturnal – The Great Emptiness (Seance)
Nothing Is Real – Only The Wicked Are Pure (Self)
Novembers Doom – Nephilim Grove (Prophecy)
Oniricous – La Maldición (BlackSeed)
Ornatorpet – Vid Himinsenda (Nordvis)
Orthodoxy – Novus Lux Dominus (The Sinister Flame)
Paganizer – The Tower Of The Morbid (Transcending Obscurity)
PH – Osiris Hayden (Svart)
Project Renegade – Order Of The Minus (Self)
Psychomancer – Shards of the Hourglass (Orchestrated Misery)
Purulent Necrosis – Cadaverized Humanity (Comatose)
Red – The Evening Hate EP (The Fuel)
Renegade Cartel – Dear World (Self)
Rising Insane – Porcelain (Long Branch)
Runes Order – Fase XIV (Terror From Hell)
Sarke – Gastwerso (Indie)
Screamking – Thee Indomitable Spirit (Self)
Serpent Warning – Pagan Fire (Topillo)
Shaped In Dreams – Echoes of Eldren Deeds (Vmbrella)
Silvertomb – Edge Of Existence (Long Branch)
Splattered – Carnivortex (Amputated Vein)
Station – Stained Glass (Self)
Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – At The Gates (Dissonance)
Ulfarr – Hate & Terror: The Rise Of Pure Evil (Purity Through Fire)
Undead – Existential Horror (Godz Ov War)
Une Misere – Sermon (Nuclear Blast)
Valosta Varjoon – Oberpfälzer Wald (Purity Through Fire)
Vanhelga – LPT Re-Release (War Against Yourself)
Various Artists – Brown Acid: The Ninth Trip (Permanent/RidingEasy)
Vaultwraith – Light The Candle In Honour Of Devils (Hells Headbangers)
Violation Wound – Dying to Live, Living to Die (Peaceville)
Volur/Amber Asylum – Breaker Of Rings/Blood Witch Split (Prophecy)
Voyager – Colours Of The Sun (Season Of Mist)
Vultur – Drowned In Gangrenous Blood (Memento Mori)
Wilderun – Veil Of Imagination (Self)
Woodhawk – Violent Nature (Self)
Wounded Touch – Day 0 Forward EP (Smartpunk)
Xeno Ooze – Parasligm Shift (Last World)
Year Of The Cobra – Ash And Dust (Prophecy)

November 8, 2019
Ade – Rise Of The Empire (Extreme Metal/Rockshots)
Agnostic Front – Get Loud! (Nuclear Blast)
Bask – III (Season Of Mist)
Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect Vinyl Re-Release (Craft)
Black Beast – Nocturnal Bloodlust (Primitive Reaction)
Blame Zeus – Seethe (Rockshots)
Blind Guardian – Legacy Of The Dark Lands (Nuclear Blast)
Blood Of The Wolf – III: Blood Legend EP (HPGD)
Brother Hawk – Big Trouble Sessions EP (Self)
Charlene Beretah – Rams (Division)
Chrome Waves – The Cold Light Of Despair (Disorder)
Criminal Instinct – Terrible Things (Closed Casket)
The Dark Element – Songs The Night Sings (Frontiers)
Devil To Pay – Forever, Now or Whenever (Ripple)
Dimhav – The Boreal Flame (Self)
The Drowning – The Radiant Dark (Transcending Obscurity)
Dymbur – The Legend Of Thraat (Self)
Edge Of Paradise – Universe (Frontiers)
Esoteric – A Pyrrhic Existence (Season Of Mist)
Evangelion – Sacro Macello EP (Auric)
Event Relentless – Circle (Wormholedeath)
Fallbrawl – Darkness (BDWH)
The Flower Kings – Waiting For Miracles (InsideOut)
Fox Medicine – Procedures Mystiques (Self)
Galaxy – Lost From The Start EP (Dying Victims)
God Alone – God Alone EP (Cosmonaut)
Godless Agenda – Death Awaits You All (Self)
Hate Propaganda – World War 666 (War Arts)
Immanifest – Macrobial (The Artisan Era)
Imperial Jade – On The Rise (Listenable)
Infirmity – Descendants Of Sodom (Lost Apparition)
Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls Re-Release (BMG)
Iron Maiden – Dance Of Death Re-Release (BMG)
Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Re-Release (BMG)
Iron Maiden – A Matter Of Life And Death (BMG)
Ironthorn – Legends Of The Ancient Rock (Sliptrick)
King Voodoo – 4 (Dr. John Surgery)
Laura Cox – Burning Bright (earMusic)
Live Skull – Saturday Night Massacre (Bronson)
Lunar – Eidolon (Divebomb)
Mammoth Mammoth – Kreuzung (Napalm)
Megaton Sword – Niralet EP (Dying Victims)
Meliah Rage – Death Valley Dream Re-Release (Divebomb)
Meliah Rage – The Deep And Dreamless Sleep (Divebomb)
Midnight Prey – Uncertain Times (Dying Victims)
Mortuary – The Autophagous Reign (Xenokirp)
Nocturnalia – Ill Winter (The Sign)
Obscure – Darkness Must Prevail (Xtreem)
Otherwise – Defy (Mascot)
Pist – Hailz (APF)
Pray For Sound – Waves (A Thousand Arms)
Pretty Maids – Undress Your Madness (Frontiers)
Quade LaHue – Love Out Of Darkness (K/Adult Fantasy)
Quiet Riot – Hollywood Cowboys (Frontiers)
Rosk – Remnants (Pagan)
Royal Coda – Compassion (Blue Swan)
Salem UK – Win Lose Or Draw (Dissonance)
Schammasch – Hearts Of No Light (Prosthetic)
Second To Sun – Legacy (Self)
Slayer – The Repentless Killogy DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
Slow – VI: Dantalion (Aural)
Spitefuel – Flame To The Night (Black Sunset/MDD)
State Of Mind – Mass Persecution Re-Release (Divebomb)
To The Grave – Global Warning (Self)
Tuskar – The Monolith Sessions EP (Riff Rock)
Tyketto – Strength In Numbers (Frontiers)
Valar Morghulis – Fields Of Ashes (Volcano)
Vampiric – The Magic Of The Night (Self)
Various Artists – A Tribute To W.A.S.P. (Grand Sounds)
Wells Valley – Reconcile The Antinomy (Black Lion)
Wolfbrigade – The Enemy: Reality (Southern Lord)
Wolf Jaw – The Heart Won’t Listen (Listenable)
Work Of Art – Exhibits (Frontiers)

November 15, 2019
Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond The Dark (Blood)
Acid Reign – Anthology 1987-2017 (Dissonance)
Adrian Benegas – The Revenant (Pride & Joy)
Anacrusis – Manic Impressions Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Anacrusis – Screams and Whispers Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Arises – System (Wormholedeath)
Bad Men – Bong Weasley EP (Trepnation)
Beastlurker – Sanguine Elixir of Psychotropic Divination (Godz Ov War)
Blackened Halo – Slaves Of Salvation (Self)
Bolzer – Lese Majesty EP (Lightning & Sons)
Cage – Science Of Annihilation Re-Annihilated (Steel Cartel)
Casket Huffer – Filth Ouroboros (Hibernation Release)
Chamber Of Torture – Necrodomain (Eclectic)
Civil Villains – Snake Oil EP (Self)
Crusade Of Bards – Tales Of Bards & Beasts (Pride & Joy)
Cyhra – No Halos In Hell (Nuclear Blast)
Dead|Love – The Hunger Builds (Sliptrick)
The Deathtrip – Demon Solar Totem (Svart/Profound Lore)
Deaf Radio – Modern Panic (ihaveadrum)
Denner’s Inferno – In Amber (Mighty)
Desert Suns – Curry On (Electric Valley)
Despised Icon – Purgatory (Nuclear Blast)
Diabolic Night – Beyond The Realm (High Roller)
Dolch – Feuer (Van/Totenmusik)
Drev – Hollow Loss (Labile)
Drift Into Black – Anthems From The Darkest Winter (Self)
Earth And Pillars – Earth II (Avantgarde)
El Drugstore – The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas (Nefarious)
Fake Figures – We Are The Dead EP (War Against)
Fecality – It’s Only Smellz (Eclectic)
Formless Master – First Strike EP (HPGD)
Fuil Na Seanchoille – The Crossing (Me Saco Ojo Ojo)
Guru Of Darkness – Ararat (Volcano)
Hanging Garden – Into That Good Night (Lifeforce)
Havohej – Table Of Uncreation (Hells Headbangers)
The Hydden – Vagabond Songs (Metalville)
Iapetus – The Body Cosmic (Self)
Ignivomous – Hieroglossia (Nuclear War Now!)
Infidel Reich – Reichenstein (Helter Skelter)
Jacklust – Hippopotomonstresquippedaliophobia (Self)
Krater – Venenare (Eisenwald)
Leah – Ancient Winter (Ex Cathedra)
Loathfinder/Druj – Split (Godz Ov War)
Meshiaak – Misery (Mascot)
Necropanther – The Doomed City (Self)
Nibiru Ordeal – Solar Eclipse (Inverse)
The Night Watch – An Embarrassment Of Riches (Self)
Nox Irae – Here The Dead Live (Transcending Obscurity)
Opposition Party – Tales To Horrify EP (Pulverised)
Opulence – Black Magic (Blacklight)
The Pineapple Thief – Hold Our Fire (Kscope)
Ragnarok – Non Debellicata (Agonia)
Raised Fist – Anthems (Epitaph)
Raw Hex – Always High, Always Low (Closed Casket)
Repenter – Chapter 1 EP (Self)
R.U.S.T.X. – Center Of The Universe (Pitch Black)
Sarr – Avitun (Satanic Art)
Serpens Luminis – Bright Euphoria (Goathorned)
Sons Of Texas – Resurgence EP (Self)
Spoil Engine – Renaissance Noir (Arising Empire)
Suidakra – Echoes Of Yore (MDD)
Syr Daria – Tears Of A Clown (Sliptrick)
Tan Kozh – Lignages Oublies (Antiq)
Terminus – A Single Point Of Light (Cruz Del Sur)
The Three Tremors – The Three Tremors: The Solo Versions (Steel Cartel)
Tribulation – Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern DVD/CD (Metal Blade)
Tulus – Evil 1999 Re-Release (Soulseller)
Uncut – From Blue (Klonosphere)
Vatican – Sole Impulse (1126)
Verdun – Astral Sabbath (Throatruiner)
Warsenal – Feast Your Eyes (Svart)
Witch Trail – The Sun Has Left The Hill (Consouling Sounds)

November 22, 2019
Aggressive Perfector – Havoc At The Midnight Hour (Dying Victims)
Asphyx – Crush The Ceneotaph Re-Release (Vic)
Avatarium – The Fire I Long For (Nuclear Blast)
Battlesword – And Death Cometh Upon Us (Black Sunset/MDD)
Bearblood – The Dormant Truth Of The All-Mother (Self)
Bellevue Days – It Can’s Possibly Go Wrong Ever (Self)
Blackqueen – The Destructive Cycle (Super Sargasso)
Black River Sons – Poison Stuff (Music)
Blood Eagle – To Ride In Blood & Bathe In Greed III EP (Nuclear Blast)
Blood Incantation – Hidden History Of The Human Race (Dark Descent)
Brkn Love – Brkn Love (Spinefarm)
Canyon Of The Skull – Sins Of The Past (Self)
Chaos Echoes – Remains (Utech)
Charm City Devils – 1904 EP (Broken World)
Child Bite – Blow Off The Omens (Housecore)
Chris Poland – Return To Metalopolis Re-Release (Combat)
Comecon – Megatrends In Brutality (Vic)
Cryptic Brood – Outcome Of Obnoxious Science (War Anthem)
Crystal Viper – Tales Of Fire And Ice (AFM)
Decoherence – Ekpyrosis (Sentient Ruin)
Den – Iron Desert (Corpse Flower)
Diploid – Glorify (Art As Catharsis)
Dizastra – Elder Sun (Self)
The Drift – Seer (Self)
Dvm Spiro – MMXIX: In Frigidvm Lectvm (My Kingdom)
Eleine – All Shall Burn EP (Sound Pollution)
Hazemaze – Hymns Of The Damned (Ripple)
Her Despair – Exorcisms Of Eroticism (Self)
Hexekration Rites – Desekration Manifesto (Atavism)
Hissing – Burning Door (Utech)
A Horse Called War – Good For Glue (And Nothing Else) (APF)
Hypno5e – A Distant (Dark) Source (Pelagic)
Infernal Majesty – Demon God Re-Release (Vic)
Infringement – Alienism (Crime)
JC Autobody – Turbo (Seeing Red)
The Juliet Massacre – The Vile Requiem (Self)
Junkyard – Old Habits Die Hard (Acetate)
King – Coldest Of Cold (EVP/Indie)
Lord Mantis – Universal Death Church (Profound Lore)
Luggage – Shift (Corpse Flower)
Magic Kingdom – MetAlmighty (AFM)
Marras – Where Light Comes To Die (Spread Evil)
Matterhorn – Crass Cleansing (Dying Victims)
Metal De Facto – Imperium Romanum (Rockshots)
Mind’s Cove – Drift (Revalve)
Necrophagia – Here Lies Necrophagia: 35 Years Of Death Metal (Season Of Mist)
The New Regime – Mind EP (Elitist)
Noisepoetnobody – Concrete Vitalist (Scry)
No Man – Love You To Bits (Caroline)
Obsequiae – The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings (20 Buck Spin)
Raptvre – Monuments Of Bitterness (The Crawling Chaos)
Salvation – Year Of The Fly (Forge Again)
Shelter – Spetsnaz (Atypeek Diffusion)
Signum Regis – The Seal Of A New World (Beyond The Storm)
Skull Above The Cannon – Dagos (Milky Bomb)
Skyblood – Skyblood (Napalm)
Sleep Token – Sundowning (Spinefarm)
Somehow Jo – Tusk (Inverse)
Sonus Corona – Time Is Not On Your Side (Inverse)
Soulburn – Demo 1996 (Vic)
Still – Reprieve EP (Trepnation)
Street Sects – Gentrification IV (The Flenser)
Strigoi – Abandon All Faith (Nuclear Blast)
Strike Master – Death Based Illusions EP (Self)
Taraban – How The East Was Lost (Self)
Third Chamber – Harvesting Our Decay EP (Self)
Tragedy In Hope – Smile At Death (Self)
Treasonist/Y-Incision – Mechanical Perdition Split (HPGD)
Tygers Of Pan Tang – Ritual (Mighty)
Unfathomable Ruination –Enraged & Unbound (Willowtip)
Vesperith – Vesperith (Svart)
Vhaldemar – Metal Of The World Re-Release (Fighter)
Void Vator – Stranded (Ripple)
Zero Theorem – The Killing (Part One) EP (Self)

November 29, 2019
Abeyance – Portraits Of Mankind (Sliptrick)
Adversvm – Dysangelion (Moribund)
Agalloch – The Grey EP Re-Release (Eisenwald)
Agalloch – The White EP Re-Release (Eisenwald)
Avalanche – Sent From Hell (Sliptrick)
Avslut – Tyranni (Osmose)
Baldrs Draumar – Magnus (Self)
Bednja – Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas (Transcending Obscurity)
Blooming Carrions – Sisters In Blooming Flesh EP (Iron Bonehead)
Blosse – Nocturne (De Tenebarum Principio)
Bolzer – Lese Majesty EP (Lightning & Sons)
Bull Elephant – Bull Elephant (Eat Lead And Die)
Carl Dixon – Unbroken (AOR Heaven)
Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas (Metal Blade)
Chained To The Dead – A Gruesome Encounter (HPGD)
Coil – Stolen & Contaminated Songs Re-Release (Cold Spring)
Coronatus – The Eminence Of Nature (Massacre)
Crusadist – The Unholy Grail (Self)
Deivos – Casus Belli (Selfmadegod)
Disharmony – Messe de Minuit EP (Iron Bonehead)
Dimaeon – Void (Self)
The End A.D. – Badlands (Fastball)
Facade – The Eternal Dance (Self)
Flamekeeper – We Who Light the Fire EP (Invictus)
Forstenet – Ephemeros Virvar (Self)
Geschlect – New Load Continue (Time To Kill)
Gun – R3l0aded (Silver Lining)
Haeresiarchs Of Dis – Adumbratus (Moribund)
Heartlay – Attack & Agony (An Exile)
Heavy Pettin – Lettin Loose Re-Release (Burnt Out Wreckords)
Horrizon – World Of Pain (Massacre)
Human Agony – Putrescence of Calvary (Invictus)
Into Coffin – Unconquered Abysses (Terror From Hell)
Jaz Coleman + St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra – Manga Invocatio… (Spinefarm)
Kaldvard – Dømt Til Bål Og Brann (Self)
Keen Hue – Heydays (AOR Heaven)
Knasterbart – Perlen vor die Säue (Napalm)
Kursk – Kursk (Wormholedeath)
Lunacy – My Favourite Dreams (Valse Sinistre)
Matterhorn – Crass Cleansing Re-Release (Redefining Darkness)
Meth Assassin – Reptilian Side Of God (Van)
Misery Loves Co. – Zero (Self)
Molly Hatchet – Battleground (SPV/Steamhammer)
Nocturnal Depression – Tides of Despair (Sun & Moon)
Ofdrykkja – Gryningsvisor (AOP)
Osi And The Jupiter – Nordlige Runaskog (Eisenwald)
Öxxö Xööx – Y (Blood)
Ozzy Osbourne – See You On The Other Side Vinyl Box Set (Sony Legacy)
Ploughshare – Tellurian Insurgency (Brilliant Emperor)
Pombajira – Pombajira (Helldprod)
Possession/Spite – Passio Christi Part I Split EP (Invictus)
Possession/Venefixion – Passio Christi Part II Split EP (Invictus)
Prong – Age Of Defiance EP (SPV/Steamhammer)
Red Death – Sickness Divine (Century Media)
Reveal – Scissorgod (Sepulchral Voice)
Riverside – Wasteland DVD/CD Special Edition (InsideOut)
Sartegos – O Sangue Da Noite (Blood Harvest/I, Voidhanger)
Sentient Horror – Morbid Realms (Redefining Darkness)
Seventh Circle – Cycle Of Violence EP (Caligari)
Siculicidium – Utolsó vágta az Univerzumban (Sun & Moon)
Stormwarrior – Norsemen (Massacre)
Sun Of The Dying – The Earth Is Silent (AOP)
Syztem 7 – Evolving (Mighty)
Teeth – The Curse Of Entropy (Translation Loss)
Third Island – Unspeakable (Self)
Toluca – Soras (Tokyo Jupiter)
Tragediens Trone – Tragediens Trone (Osmose)
A Tragedy At Hand – 11:34 (Self)
Trinitas – Trinitas (War Anthem)
Tusmorke – Leker For Barn, Ritualer For Voksne (Karisma)
Vampyromorpha – Herzog (MDD)
Waxen – Blasphemer In Celestial Courts (Moribund)
Wirethrone – Serpent Queen EP (Self)
Zarraza – Rotten Remains (Self)

December 6, 2019
58Shots – French Rock Revolution (Self)
Aera – Schein (The Crawling Chaos)
Artillery – Deadly Relics Re-Release (Mighty)
Artillery – In The Trash (Mighty)
Astaroth Incarnate – Ascendance (Self)
Beast Of Damnation – Dawn Of The Beast (Black Sunset)
Beat City Tubeworks – I Just Cannot Believe Its The Incredible (The Sign)
Blot & Bod – Ormekongens Argelist (Iron Bonehead)
Blitzkrieg – Loud And Proud (Mighty)
Boysetsfire – After The Eulogy Vinyl Re-Release (Craft)
Boysetsfire – Tomorrow Come Today Vinyl Re-Release (Craft)
Caronte – Wolves Of Thelema (Van)
Crest Of Darkness – The God Of Flesh (My Kingdom)
Cro-Mags – From The Grave EP (Victory)
CRS – The Collector Of Truths (Self)
Crystal Eyes – Starbourne Traveler (Massacre)
Cybernetic Witch Cult – Absurdum Ad Nauseam (Self)
Dead Crown – Crucify Me EP (Stay Sick)
Deep Purple – Live In Rome 2013 (earMusic)
Edge Of Forever – Native Soul (Frontiers)
Electric Guitars – <em? 10 Songs 10 Cities (Mighty)
Ezkaton – Sheen And Misery (Ashen Dominion)
Fen – The Dead Light (Prophecy)
Freak Of Nature – Freak Of Nature Re-Release (Mighty)
Ghostreaper – Straight Out Of Hell (Pride & Joy)
Hamelin – Hamelin EP (Wolves Of Hades)
Helleborous – Saprophytic Divinations (Redefining Darkness)
Hellehond – Verslonden (Iron Bonehead)
Hellsodomy – Morbid Cult (Saturnal)
Hi/Jack – Rank And File EP (Self)
House Of Shakira – Radiocarbon (Frontiers)
Human Fortress – Reign Of Gold (AFM)
Hvile I Kaos – Black Morning, Winter Green (Red Nebula)
Iced Earth – Alive In Athens Vinyl Re-Release (Century Media)
Imprecation/Black Blood Invocation – Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague Split (Helter Skelter/Regain)
Iron Curtain – Danger Zone (Dying Victims)
Isenordal – Shores Of Mourning (Prophecy)
Izengard – Angel Heart (Massacre)
Jakub Zytecki – Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost (Self)
Kamchatka – Hoodoo Lightning (Border)
Keelrider – Sun (Self)
Kickin Valentina – Chaos In Copenhagen (Mighty)
Lovekillers – Lovekillers (Frontiers)
Luca Sellitto – The Voice Within (Pride & Joy)
Mental Cavity – Neuro Siege (Brilliant Emperor)
Mortem Atra – A Dark Lament (Pitch Black)
The Murder Of My Sweet – Brave Tin World (Frontiers)
Murder Van – Murder Van (Self)
Nefarious Dusk – The Wanderer Of The Cold North (Purity Through Fire)
Nightwish – Decades: Live In Buenos Aires DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
NorthWind Wolves – Mountains And Darkness (Black Lion)
Nous – Nous II (Our Silent Canvas)
The Old Dead Tree – The End (Season Of Mist)
Pagan Altar – Mythical & Magical Re-Release (Temple Of Mystery)
Pagan Altar – The Time Lord Re-Release (Temple Of Mystery)
Perihelion – Agg (Self)
PIC – Hiding Places EP (Volcano)
Praying Mantis – Keep It Alive DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Pressure Pact – Scared Off The Streets (Wolves Of Hades)
Psykotribe – The Devils Complex (Combat/EMP)
The Quireboys – 35 & Live (Self)
Rattenfanger – Geisslerlieder (Dark Essence)
Revel In Flesh – The Hour Of The Avenger (War Anthem)
Rhodium – Sea Of The Dead (Sliptrick)
Running Wild – Crossing The Blades EP (SPV/Steamhammer)
Ruphus – Let Your Light Shine Re-Release (Karisma)
Saligia – Vesaevus (Van)
Shadowmass – Shadowmass (Soman)
Shadow’s Mortuary – Kuoleman Portit (Purity Through Fire)
Sign X – Like A Fire (Pride & Joy)
Street Lethal – Welcome To The Row (Fighter)
Sun Of The Sleepless/Cavernous Gate – Split (Prophecy)
SxWxP – Trans Am Jams (Self)
Timeworn – Leave The Soul For Now (Loyal Blood)
Trepas – L’héritage du monde (Sepulchral)
Umbra Conscientia – Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness (Terratur)
Witchbones – The Seas Of Draugen (Iron Bonehead)

December 13, 2019
Angeles – Fire It Up (Dark Star)
Arkona – Age Of Capricorn (Debemur Morti)
Bethledeign – Iconography Of Suffering (Self)
Black Dreams – Deep Inside (Inverse)
Calibre – The Storm Inside (Downfall)
Climate Of Fear – Kingdom Of Discontent EP (The Coming Strife)
Comando Praetorio – Ignee Sacertà Ctonie (ATMF)
Conjurer/Palm Reader – Split EP (Holy Roar)
Coven – Half A Century Of Witchcraft Box Set (Prophecy)
Death Wolf – IV: Come The Dark (Blooddawn)
Deep As Ocean – Crossing Parallels (Self)
Dirty Rats – End In Tears (Self)
Eternal Silence – Renegades (Sliptrick)
Headsic – Last Light (Dark Time)
Hellknife – Dusk Of Doom (Wooaaargh)
Hexenbrett – Erste Beschwörung EP (Dying Victims)
Horrified – Sentinel (Testimony)
Huxley – Huxley EP (Self)
In Human Form – III (I, Voidhanger)
In Obscurity Revealed – Glorious Impurity (Blood Harvest)
Insanity – Moneyfest (Bastardized)
Iron Curtain – Danger Zone (Dying Victims)
Israthoum – Arrows From Below (New Era)
Jasta – The Lost Chapters, Volume 2 (Self)
Kein – Kein (Sliptrick)
Lifvsleda – Manifest MMXIX EP (Shadow)
Moonspell – Sin/Pecado and 2econd Skin Re-Release (Napalm)
Mosaic – Secret Ambrosian Fire (Eisenwald)
Mudd Flux – Light The Skies Electric (Sliptrick)
My Funeral – Graveblaster (Self)
Myrholt – For Fanden Paa Havet, For Treet Paa Tunet EP (Self)
Nedxxx – Nedxxx (NoEvDia)
Nightbearer – Tales Of Sorcery And Death (Testimony)
Night Goat – Milk (Self)
Nova – Veniamo Dal Cielo (ATMF)
Oath Of Cruelty – Summary Execution At Dawn (Dark Descent)
Officium Triste – The Death Of Gaia (Transcending Obscurity)
Oni – Alone EP (Blacklight/Metal Blade)
Paladin – Anamnesis EP (Prosthetic)
Resonance – Out Of The Silence (Inverse)
The River – Vessels Into White Tides (Nine)
Sacrifizer – La Mort Triomphante EP Re-Release (Dying Victims)
Satyricon – Rebel Extravaganza Re-Release (Napalm)
September Mourning – Volume III EP (Mortem)
Sharone – Reflection (Self)
Skullcrush – Archaic Towers Of Annihilation (Raw Skullz)
Sterbhaus – Krampusnacht (Killhead)
Stone Sour – Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno (Cooking Vinyl)
Summoning – Lost Tales Vinyl Re-Release (Napalm)
Summoning – Nightshade Forests Vinyl Re-Release (Napalm)
Vandallus – Outbreak (Mercinary)
Wacht – La Mort (Auric)
Xantam – Altered State (Blood Harvest)

December 20, 2019
2nd Sight – Samsara (Kernkraftritter)
AngelBlast – Rotting Paradise EP (Edged Circle)
Apocryfal – Crushing Black Death (Mara)
Ashen Horde – Tintegren EP (Self)
Black Palle – Black Palle (Wormholedeath)
Bloodlet – Viper In Hand EP (Translation Loss)
Daemoniac – Dwellers Of Apocalypse (Xtreem)
Deserts Of Mars – Return From The Void EP (Self)
Dreamlord – Disciples Of War (No Remorse)
Grant The Sun – Sur Jupiter EP (Mas-Kina)
Growing Horns – The Nobility Of Pain (Self)
Hatred Inherit – Hatred Inherit (Self)
Haxandraok – Ki Si Kil Ud Da Kar Ra (Van)
Held Hostage – Epic (Metal Mania)
Human Fortress – Reign Of Gold (AFM)
Inverted Matter – Detach (Lethal Scissor)
Miscreant – Dancing With Fear (Stay Sick)
Myrholt – Solens Soenn og Maanens Datter (Self)
Neurosphere – Anthem Of The Lost Part I: Nightwards (Revalve)
Oak – Lone (Transcending Obscurity)
Oriza – Oriza EP (Astral Noize)
Prophets Of The Apocalypse – Threshold Of War (Sliptrick)
Saber Tiger – The Shade Of Holy Light EP (Sliptrick)
Solarys – Endless Clockworks (Wormholedeath)
The Veer Union – Covers Collection, Vol. 1 (Rock Shop)
Violent Party – Singles Collection (HPGD)

December 27, 2019
The Bastard Within – Better Dead Than Friends (Immortal Souls)
Broken Spirit – Demo Collections 2012-2017 Re-Release (Goatowarex)
Cianide Unhumanized EP (Hells Headbangers)
Cult Of Erinyes – Aestivation (Amor Fati)
Deadly Carnage – Decadenza (Self)
Depressed – Beyond The Putrid Fiction (Black Lion)
Downpresser – The Long Goodbye (Closed Casket)
Goatblood – Apparition Of Doomsday (Dunkelheit)
Irae – The Old Ways EP (Purodium)
Montecharge – Demons Or Someone Else (Wooaaargh)
Nefarious Spirit/Void Prayer – Split (Goatowarex)
A New Tomorrow – Universe (Frontiers)
Nocturnal Convocation – Mors Omnia Solvit (Cursed Monk)
Pyramids On Mars – Edge Of The Black (Self)
Tyler Dory Trio – Unsought Salvation (Self)
Verthebral – Abysmal Decay (Transcending Obscurity)

January 3, 2020
Bolthorn – Wrath Ov A Dead Sun EP (Self)
Cardinal Sin – Lucified (Machine Man)
Diabology – Nobody Believes Me (Self)
Float Here Forever – Stacking Tombstones EP (Self)
Grogaldr/Kommodus – Howling Sanguine Triumph (Goatowarex)
Horrid – As We Forget Our Past (Dunkelheit)
Humans Etcetera – A Normal Temporary Reaction To Life Events (Nefarious)
Perdition Hearse – Mala Fide (Nuclear War Now!)
Sun Below – Volume III EP (Self)
Syryn – Beyond The Depths (Self)
Unbounded Terror – Faith In Chaos (Xtreem)
Wasted Breath – Wasted Breath (Blackhouse)

January 10, 2020
Aiming For Enrike – Music For Working Out (Pekula)
Apocalyptica – Cell-O (Silver Lining)
Arrakis – Technontology Vol. I (Self)
Beach Slang – The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City (Bridge Nine)
Behemoth – I Loved You At Your Darkest Tour Edition (Metal Blade)
Body Stuff – Body Stuff 3 EP (The Chain)
Crowhurst + Gavin Bryars – Incoherent American Narrative (Prophecy)
Cutthroat LA – Reflekt EP (Demons Run Amok)
Empire Of The Moon – ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ (Iron Bonehead)
Erdling – Yggdrasil (Out Of Line)
Ether Coven – Everything Is Temporary Except Suffering (Century Media)
Haunt – Mind Freeze (Shadow Kingdom)
Kassad – London Orbital (Hypnotic Dirge)
Kawir – Adrasteia (Iron Bonehead)
The Krueggers – Hysterical Cold Side and Dark Memories (Eclipse)
Lotus Thief – Oresteia (Prophecy)
M.I.L.F. – Rolling Thunder (Volcano)
Pressure Cracks – This Is Called Survival EP (Self)
Rage – Wings Of Rage (SPV/Steamhammer)
Ryr – Left Fallow (Narshardaa)
Snorlax – II (Brilliant Emperor)
Sylvaine/Unreqvited – Time Without End Split EP (Prophecy)
Traps – The Fighter EP (Halfmeltedbrain)
Unherz – Mainstream (Massacre)
Unreqvited – Mosaic II (Prophecy)
Vaeok – Vaeok EP (W.T.C.)
Waldgefluster – Stimmen Im Wind 2020 (Nordvis)
War Dogs – Die By My Sword (Fighter)
The Way Of Purity – Schwarz Oder Rot (Wormholedeath)

January 17, 2020
Arcana 13 – Black Death EP (Aural)
Blessed Back – Beyond The Crimson Throne (Self)
Blood And Brutality – Fatal (Self)
Bonded – Rest In Violence (Century Media)
British Lion – The Burning (Explorer1)
Darktribe – Voici L’Homme (Scarlet)
Deadspawn – Pestilence Reborn (Self)
Frogg – A Reptilian Dystopia EP (Self)
The Good The Bad And The Zugly – Algorithm & Blues (Fysisk Format)
Horned Almighty – To Fathom The Master’s Grand Design (Scarlet)
Hyperia – Insanitorium (Sliptrick)
Kaoteon – Kaoteon (Self)
L’Homme Absurde – Belong (Self)
Macabre Demise – Awakening (RTM)
Magnum – The Serpent Rings (SPV/Steamhammer)
Mark Morton – Ether EP (Rise/BMG)
Miseria Ultima – Graygarden (Inverse)
Mr. Bison/Spacetrucker – Turned To Stone Chapter 1: Enter Galactic Wasteland (Ripple)
Nobody – Gospel Of The Goat EP (Inverse)
Oberst – Paradise (Indie)
Odious Mortem – Synesthesia (Willowtip)
The Osedax – Meridians (Self)
Porta Nigra – Schöpfungswut (Soulseller)
Rat King – Vicious Inhumanity (Within The Mind)
Ryte – Ryte (HPS)
Skull Koraptor – Chaos Station (Ragnarok)
Sleepwraith – Day Terrors (Self)
Sons Of Apollo – MMXX (InsideOut)
Steve Moore – Bliss (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Relapse)
Svarttjern – Shame Is Just A Word (Soulseller)
Victorius – Space Ninjas From Hell (Napalm)
The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name – Where Flies Will Reign EP (Self)
Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us (Lacerated Enemy)

January 24, 2020
Acid Mammoth – Under Acid Hoof (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Aethyrick – Gnosis (The Sinister Flame)
Agvirre – Silence EP (Trepnation)
Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic (Silver Lining)
Atena – Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled With Water (Indie)
Belore – Journey Through Mountains And Valleys (Northern Silence)
Blasphemer – The Sixth Hour (Candlelight)
Blue Oyster Cult – Cult Classic Re-Release (Frontiers)
Blue Oyster Cult – Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014 (Frontiers)
Breaking Benjamin – Aurora (Hollywood)
Brothers Of Metal – Emblas Saga (AFM)
Caspian – On Circles (Triple Crown)
Colosso – Apocalypse (Transcending Obscurity)
Crowhurst and Gavin Bryars – Incoherent American Narrative (Prophecy)
Davey Suicide – Rock Ain’t Dead (Out Of Line/InGrooves)
Decarlo – Lightning Strikes Twice (Frontiers)
Dead End Finland – Inter Vivos (Inverse)
Dead Friends – High, Wasted Genes (Standby)
Death.Void.Terror – To The Great Monolith II (Repose)
Defiled – Infinite Regress (Season Of Mist)
Dirty Shirley – Dirty Shirley (Frontiers)
Dominia – The Withering Of The Rose (Morning Star Heathens)
Doomraiser – The Dark Side Of Old Europa (Time To Kill)
The Driftwood Sign – Broken Times (Self)
Elden – Nostromo (Fuzzorama)
Elegy Of Madness – Invisible World (Pride & Joy)
Ereley – Diablerie (Massacre)
Etoile Filante – Magnum Opus Caelestis (Northern Silence)
Forlorn Citadel – Ashen Dirge Of Kingslain (Northern Silence)
Frigoris – …in Stille (Hypnotic Dirge)
Grey Skies Fallen – Cold Dead Lands (Self)
Hazzerd – Delirium (M-Theory)
Impiety – Versus All Gods (Evil Dead)
Jordablod – The Cabinet Of Numinous Song (Iron Bonehead)
Jorn – Heavy Rock Radio II: Executing The Classics (Frontiers)
Kings Never Die – Raise A Glass (Upstate)
Kirk Windstein – Dream In Motion (eOne)
Kloct – Years Of Silence (Ultra Mundum Nostri)
Konvent – Puritan Masochism (Napalm)
Marko Hietala – Pyre Of The Black Heart (Nuclear Blast)
Marvel – Marvellous EP (Self)
Michael Thompson Band – High Times: Live In Italy (Frontiers)
Midnight – Rebirth By Blasphemy (Metal Blade)
Mortiis – Spirit Of Rebellion (Omnipresence)
Musket Hawk – Upside Of Sick (HPGD)
Nauthic – Araganu (Auric)
Nero Di Marte – Immoto (Season Of Mist)
Necropsy – Exitus EP (Xtreem)
Nephylim – Severance Of Serenity (Self)
Novelists FR – C’est La Vie (SharpTone)
Orgg – The Great White War (Self)
Passion – Passion (Frontiers)
Profanator – Fallen (FDA)
Quasarborn – A Pill Hard To Swallow (Self)
Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Worlds Within (Self)
Rat King – Vicious Inhumanity (Within The Mind)
Red Cain – Kindred: Act I (Sliptrick)
Reincarnage – Reap (Apostasy)
Revenant Marquis – Youth In Ribbons (Inferna Profundus)
Revolution Saints – Rise (Frontiers)
Second Brain – The Mind Awakes (Self)
Seder – Sunbled (Northern Silence)
Shadow Breaker – Shadow Breaker (Pride & Joy)
Sometimes We Make Music – Trail Of The Fallen (Self)
Surgical Strike – Part Of A Sick World (Metalville)
Temperance – Viridian (Napalm)
Thy Catafalque – Naiv (Season Of Mist)
T.O.M.B. – Thin The Veil (Dark Essence)
Totenheer – Die Schwarze Spinne (Self)
Vananidr – Damnation (Purity Through Fire)
Wolfpakk – Nature Strikes Back (Massacre)
Worm – Gloomlord (Iron Bonehead)
Xenos – Filthgrinder (Club Inferno)
Zifir – Demoniac Ethics (Duplicate)

January 31, 2020
Aerial Ruin/Panopticon – Split (Bindrune)
Aesmah – Walking Off The Horizon (Apostasy)
Amberian Dawn – Looking For You (Napalm)
Another Day Dawns – Stranger EP (Self)
Big Scenic Nowhere – Vision Beyond Horizon (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Black Lilium – Dead Man’s Diary (Self)
Bogwych – On The Wind Is All That Is Left. Only Roots Remain (Trepnation)
Brenner & Molenaar – Uninvited Savior (Nefarious)
Butcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot (Osmose)
Chainsnap – Burn Internal (Sliptrick)
Clint Lowery – God Bless The Renegades (Rise)
Coffin Curse – Ceased To Be (Memento Mori)
Dark Matter – Nebula To Black Hole (My Kingdom)
Dead Kosmonaut – Gravitas (High Roller)
Deathwhite – Grave Image (Season Of Mist)
Don Dokken – Solitary (Deadline)
Easy Action – That Makes One (AOR Heaven)
Enoch – Killing Starts Where Hate Begins (Soundmass)
Fliege – The Invisible Seam (Self)
Folian – Blue Mirror (Anima)
Former Worlds – Iterations Of Time (Init)
Gary Moore – Live From London (Mascot)
Gawthrop – Gawthrop EP (Cursed Monk)
Gnaw – Barking Orders EP (SGG)
Goats Of Doom – Tie On Hanen Omilleen (Purity Through Fire)
Gorilla Riot – Peach (Off Yer Rocka)
Greve – Nordarikets Strid (Purity Through Fire)
Heathen – The Evolution Of Chaos Re-Release (Mascot)
Into Pandemonium – Darkest Rise (Self)
Kaos Krew – From The Ostrobothnian Plain (Inverse)
Kause 4 Konflict – Fornication Under Control Of King (Deadlight)
Kirra – Redefine (Eclipse)
Krvsade – Judgement Day EP (Self)
Krypta Nicestwa – Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw EP (Signal Rex)
Lament Cityscape – The New Wet (Self)
Lamori – Neo Noir (Wormholedeath)
Leeched – To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse (Prosthetic)
A Life Divided – Echoes (AFM)
Lonescar – Lust For The End (Self)
Lordi – Killection (AFM)
Malicious Inc. – Red Flag (Sliptrick)
Malignament – Demo I EP (Purity Through Fire)
Mavorim – Axis Mundi (Purity Through Fire)
Miles To Perdition – 2084 (Self)
Moloken – Unveilance Of Dark Matter (The Sign)
Moon Reverie – Moon Reverie (Rockshots)
Muvitium – Evighetens Cirkel (Purity Through Fire)
Nattverd – Styggdom (Osmose)
Nechochwen/Panopticon – Split (Bindrune)
Obsidian Tongue – III (Bindrune)
Pantheon Of Blood – Voices Rooted In Blood (Signal Rex)
Paul Di’Anno – Hell Over Waltrop – Live Germany (Metalville)
Proscrito – Llagas y Estigmas (Memento Mori)
The Ragged Saints – Sonic Playground Revisited (AOR Heaven)
Ravenword – Transcendence (Rockshots)
Reaper – Unholy Nordic Noise (Iron Bonehead)
Savage Hands – The Truth In Your Eyes (Sharptone)
Schizophrenia – Voices EP (Dying Victims)
SDI – 80s Metal Band (MDD)
Serenity – The Last Knight (Napalm)
Theory Of A Deadman – Say Nothing (Atlantic)
Thematic – Skyrunner (Self)
Voidlurker – Industrial Nightmare EP (APF)
Wind Of The Black Mountains – Summoned By Shadows (Moribund)
Yatra – Blood Of The Night (Static Era)
Zalmoxis – A Nocturnal Emanation (Signal Rex)

February 7, 2020
Ainsoph – Ω – V (Wolves Of Hades)
Argus Roh – Worlds Collide EP (Self)
Assassin – Bestia Immundis (Massacre)
Atavisma/Void Rot – Split (Everlasting Spew)
Avenged Sevenfold – Diamonds In The Rough Re-Release (Warner Brothers)
Bannwald/Uruk-Hai/Druadan Forest – Kingdoms Long Gone (Antiq)
Dark Poetry – Specimen (Deathhammer)
Delain – Apocalypse & Chill (Napalm)
Depraved – Raped Innocence (Music)
Drapsnatt – I Denna Skog (Nordvis)
Drittmaskin – Sosial Prolaps Re-Release (Edged Circle)
Dzo-nga – Thunder In The Mountains (Avantgarde)
Envy – The Fallen Crimson (Pelagic)
Ewigkeit – Land Of Fog 20/20 ReVision (Death To Music)
Giobia – Plasmatic Idol (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Giver – Sculpture Of Violence (Holy Roar)
Goblinsmoker – A Throne In Haze, A World Ablaze (Sludgelord)
God Dethroned – Illuminati (Metal Blade)
Godsticks – Inescapable (Kscope)
Gorevent – Fate (Comatose)
Horresque – Chasms Pt. 1: Avarice And Retribution (Crawling Chaos)
Hostile Rage – On The Rampage (Divebomb)
Ironflame – Blood Red Victory (Divebomb)
Karg – Traktat (AOP)
Kinetic Dissent – Controlled Reaction: The Demo Anthology (Divebomb)
Kings Never Die – Raise A Glass (Upstate)
Krosis – A Memoir Of Free Will (Unique Leader)
Loathe – I Let It In And It Took Everything (SharpTone)
Machinations Of Fate – Machinations Of Fate Re-Release (Redefining Darkness)
Napalm Death – Logic Ravaged By Brute Force EP (Century Media)
Necrochaos – Crawling Through Cadavers EP (Gods Ov War)
Nightfear – Apocalypse (Fighter)
Nuclear Winter – Night Shift (Self)
Our Mirage – Unseen Relations (Arising Empire)
OvO – Miasma (Artoffact)
Radian – Chapters (Self)
Redundant Protoplasm – Adipose Piquerism: A Collection Of Maniacal Bloodlettings (HPGD)
Revoltons – Underwater Bells Pt. 2: October 9th 1963 – Act 1 (Sleaszy Rider)
Richie Kotzen – 50 For 50 (Headroom-Inc.)
Rising Anger – I Am (Bastardized)
Sepultura – Quadra (Nuclear Blast)
Serpent Noir – Death Clan OD (WTC)
Seven Planets – Explorer (Small Stone)
Sleazy Way Out – Here Comes Trouble (Sliptrick)
Sophist – Dissolution (Niflhel)
Soul Dragger – Soul Dragger (Time To Kill)
The Spirit – Cosmic Terror (AOP)
Starving For Death – Starving For Death EP (Cult Of Osiris)
Summon – Helios EP (Godz Ov War)
Svart Crown – Wolves Among The Ashes (Century Media)
Swift – The Worst Of All Things Possible (Divebomb)
Sylosis – Cycle Of Suffering (Nuclear Blast)
Thoren – Gwarth II (Drylands)
Total Annihilation – …On Chains Of Doom (Czar Of Crickets)
Unzucht – Jenseits der Welt (Out Of Line)
Velvet Ocean – Purposes And Promises (Helsinki)
Virgil Donati – Ruination (Self)
VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC – Austrian Dukes of Derangement EP (Xenocorp)
Warped Cross – Rumbling Chapel (Black Sunset)
What We Lost – Pretend To Sleep EP (Self)
Wilczyca – Wilczyca (Gods Ov War)
Ye Banished Privateers – Hostis Humani Generis (Napalm)

February 14, 2020
Angellore – Rien Ne Devait Mourir (Finisterian Dead End)
Anvil – Legal At Last (AFM)
Apokryphon – Subterra (Avantgarde)
Arcane – As Life Decays (Black Sunset/MDD)
Archon Angel – Fallen (Frontiers)
Berserker Legion – Obliterate The Weak (Listenable)
Black Capricorn – Omega Re-Release (Sad Sun)
Black Royal – Firebride (Suicide)
Black Swan – Shake The World (Frontiers)
Blaze Of Perdition – The Harrowing Of Hearts (Metal Blade)
Blissful Stream – When The Wolves Start To Circle (Medusa Crush)
Brian Posehn – Grandpa Metal (Megaforce)
Brkn Love – Brkn Love (Spinefarm)
Catafalque – Corpses (Trepnation)
Diabulus In Musica – Euphoric Entropy (Napalm)
Disastroid – Mortal Fools (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Ensnared – Inimicus Generis Humani (Invictus/Dark Descent)
Faustian Pact – Outojen Tornien Varjoissa (Werewolf)
Frayle – 1692 (Aqualamb)
From Under Concrete Kings – Modus Exodus EP (Self)
Godthrymm – Reflections (Profound Lore)
Grafvitnir – NaHash Re-Release (Clavis Secretorvm)
Great American Ghost – Power Through Terror (eOne)
Hallas – Conundrum (Napalm)
Hallucinator – Another Cruel Dimension (Carbonized)
Hardline – Life Live DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Heavy Pettin’ – 4Play EP (Self)
Hollywood Undead – New Empire, Vol. 1 (BMG)
Holycide – Fist To Face (Xtreem)
Ihsahn – Telemark EP (Candlelight)
Izthmi – The Arrow Of Our Ways (Within The Mind)
Jason Kui – Naka (Prosthetic)
KB & The Idyllwilde – I Just Wanna Love You, I Just Wanna Let You (Self)
Kreator – London Apocalypticon: Live At The Roundhouse (Nuclear Blast)
Kvelertak – Splid (Rise)
Malleus – Storm Of Witchcraft Re-Release (Armageddon)
Mecalimb – Collector Of Souls EP (Wormholedeath)
Murder Castle – The Black Widow (Self)
Necrowretch – The Ones From Hell (Season Of Mist)
No Stone Left Unturned – The Experimental Playground EP (Wolf)
Ossaert – Bedehuis (Argento)
Plague – Portraits Of Mind (Redefining Darkness)
Pornohelmut – Bang Lord (Atypeek)
Psychotic Waltz – The God-Shaped Void (InsideOut)
Psychotribe – The Devil’s Complex (EMP)
Pyogenesis – A Silent Soul Screams Loud (AFM)
Quartzbed – Dark Matter (Sliptrick)
Remission – The Tether’s End (Self)
Sarcator – Visions Of Purgatory (Redefining Darkness)
Serious Black – Suite 226 (AFM)
Seven Spires – Emerald Seas (Frontiers)
Shark Island – Bloodline (Self)
The Silenced – Orator (Out Of Line)
Skumstrike – Execution Void EP (Caligari)
Somaesthesia – Recidivist EP (Self)
Starbenders – Love Potions (Sumerian)
Suicide Silence – Become The Hunter (Nuclear Blast)
Suum – Cryptomass (Seeing Red)
Turia – Degen van Licht (Eisenwald)
Twins – Soon (No Funeral)
Unfold – Aeon Aony (Division)
Vastigr – Aura Aeternitatis (Avantgarde)
Waiting For Monday – Waiting For Monday (Frontiers)
Warrior Within – In Light Act II EP (Self)

February 21, 2020
14 North – What Is The Feeling (Pavement)
Age Of Fire – Shades Of Shadow (Sliptrick)
The Amity Affliction – Everyone Loves You…Once You Leave Them (Pure Noise)
Antipope – Apostle Of Infinite Joy (Fertile Crescent)
Bailout – Road To Redemption (Self)
Beat City Tubeworks – Top Rock (The Sign)
Biff Byford – School Of Hard Knocks (Silver Lining)
Blister Brigade – Slugfest Supreme (Inverse)
Blowtorch – Hangoverdose (Self)
Bornwithhair – Radical Moon (Self)
Collateral – Collateral (Roulette/Cargo)
Crowhurst and Bandit – Bulldozer EP (Self)
Deliverance – Holocaust 26: 1-46 (Deadlight)
Demons & Wizards – III (Century Media)
Deprivation – III: Odor Mortis (Lifeforce)
Discharge – Protest And Survive: The Anthology (BMG)
Don Jamieson – Denim And Laughter (Metal Blade)
Downcast – Tell Me I’m Alive (Three One G)
Eulogy – Memento Mori (One Eyed Toad)
Faidra – Six Voices Inside (Northern Silence)
Framing Hanley – Envy (Thermal)
Funeral Cult – Possession Done EP (Lusitanian)
Gateway To Selfdestruction – Sanctus: Mater: Scortum (Northern Silence)
Great White – Stage Re-Release (Cleopatra)
Hex A.D. – Astro Tongue In The Heavy Garden (Fresh Tea)
Horseneck – Fever Dream (Self)
Ian Parry – In Flagrante Delicto (Metal Mind)
Innards – Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face (Transcending Obscurity)
InTechnicolour – Big Sleeper (Art As Catharsis)
Invocation – Attunement To Death EP (Iron Bonehead)
Isle Of The Cross – Excelsis (Rockshots)
Kaliage – Pure (Revalve)
Lowrider – Refractions (Blues Funeral)
Magg Dylan – Amethyst (Eclipse)
Malamorte – God Needs Evil (Revalve)
Mimorium – Blood Of Qayin (Spread Evil)
Mondo Generator – Fuck It (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Mourir – Animal Bouffe Animal (Throatruiner)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Sinister Whisperz III: The Rykodisc Years (SleazeBox)
Nawaharjan – Lokabrenna (Amor Fati)
Necrobode – Sob o Feitiço do Necrobode (Iron Bonehead)
On Thorns I Lay – Threnos (Lifeforce)
Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man (Epic)
Polaris – The Death Of Me (SharpTone)
Postvorta – Porrima (Sludgelord)
Primeval Mass – Nine Altars (Katoptron IX)
Raspberry Bulbs – Before The Age Of Mirrors (Relapse)
Re-Machined – Wheels Of Time (Pride & Joy)
Ritual King – Ritual King (Ripple)
Runescarred – The Distant Infinite (Self)
Scalpture – Eisenzeit (FDA)
Secret Rule – Against (Pride & Joy)
Sightless Pit – Grave Of A Dog (Thrill Jockey)
Silverthorne – Tear The Sky Wide Open EP (Golden Robot)
Simplefast – Eternal (Sliptrick)
Skyforest – A New Dawn (Northern Silence)
Slaughter Messiah – Cursed To The Pyre (High Roller)
The Spacelords – Spaceflowers (Tonzonen)
Space Of Variations – XXXXX EP (Napalm)
Starmen – Welcome To My World (Black Lodge)
Strale – Bourbon Souls (FDA)
Syteria – Reflection (Self)
Terrifiant – Terrifiant (Gates Of Hell)
Throne Of Iron – Adventure One (No Remorse)
Torpedo – Mechanic Tyrants Re-Release (Gates Of Hell)
Treurwilg – An End To Rumination (Self)
Verikalpa – Tuoppitanssi (Scarlet)
Vinnie Moore – Soul Shifter (Mind’s Eye)
We Sell The Dead – Black Sleep (earMusic)
Wicked Asylum – Out Of The Mist (Volcano)
Witchcrawl – World Without End EP (Katoptron IX)
The Word Alive – Monomania (Fearless)
Wrekmeister Harmonies – We Love To Look At The Carnage (Thrill Jockey)
Xenobiotic – Mordrake (Unique Leader)

February 28, 2020
Abhomine – Proselyte Parasite Plague (Osmose/Hells Headbangers)
Aevangelist – Nightmarecatcher (Hells Headbangers)
Apollo Stands – Minds (Self)
Artach – Chronicles Of A Black Winter (Self)
Asphalt Valentine – Twisted Road (HighVolMusic)
Audrey Horne – Waiting For The Night (Napalm)
Beneath The Massacre – Fearmonger (Century Media)
Blaadpalt – Sliced To Perfection (Inverse)
Blood And Sun – Love & Ashes (Nordvis)
Blood Spore – Fungal Warfare Upon All Life EP (Blood Harvest)
Brain Fog – The Weedzard EP (Self)
CB3 – Aeons (The Sign)
Chronicles Of Hate – The Birth Of Hate (Extreme Metal)
Dark Fortress – Spectres From The Old World (Century Media)
Drown – Subaqueous (Prophecy)
Exhumation – Eleventh Formulae (Pulverised)
Five Finger Death Punch – F8 (Better Noise)
Fluisteraars – Bloem (Eisenwald)
Four Trips Ahead – …And The Fire Within (Dr. Music)
Game Zero – W.A.R. – We Are Right (Art Gates)
Grave Bathers – Feathered Serpent/Death Hand EP (Seeing Red)
Grind – Songs Of Blood And Liberation (Dedication)
Human Impulse – Human Impulse EP (Self)
Infernal Angels – Devourer Of God From The Void (My Kingdom)
Infirmum – Walls Of Sorrow (Inverse)
Inno – The Rain Under (Time To Kill)
Insect Ark – The Vanishing (Profound Lore)
Intronaut – Fluid Existential Inversions (Metal Blade)
Jigoku – Hate:Speech EP (Self)
John Dolmayan – These Grey Men (Self)
Kvaen – The Funeral Pyre (Black Lion)
Loits – Ei Kahetse Midagi Re-Release (Nuclear War Now!)
Loits – Vere Kutse Kohustab Re-Release (Nuclear War Now!)
Mindtaker – Toxic War (Mosher/Firecum)
Mondo Generator – Shooters Bible (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Motorpsycho – Cloudwalkers Freak Valley Festival: May 31, 2014 (Devil’s Child)
Muscipula – Little Chasm Of Horrors (Caligari)
Neaera – Neaera (Metal Blade)
The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic (Nuclear Blast)
Nils Patrik Johansson – The Great Conspiracy (Metalville)
Orphans Of Doom – II (The Company)
Psalm Zero – Sparta (Last Things)
Pyre Of Descent – Peaks Of Eternal Light EP (Terror From Hell)
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – Ascension (Season Of Mist)
Schattenfall – Das Verderben (Redefining Darkness)
Shakra – Mad World (AFM)
Slowburn – Rock’n’Roll Rats (Fighter)
Stallion – Slaves Of Time (High Roller)
StarGazer – Gloat/Borne (Nuclear War Now!)
Stoner Kings – Alpha Male (Sliptrick)
Think Of A New Kind – Ideals Will Remain (Verycords)
Thor – Rising! (Deadline)
Today Is The Day – No Good To Anyone (BMG)
Tombs – Monarchy Of Shadows EP (Season Of Mist)
Tommy Concrete – Unrelaxed 2 (Trepnation)
Toundra – Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (InsideOut)
The True Werwolf – Devil Crisis (Werewolf)
Visceral Disgorge – Ingesting Putridity Re-Release (Agonia)
Voidfire – Ogien Pustki (Self)
Voigression – Perception Blur (HPGD)
White Crone – The Poisoner (Self)
Wishbone Ash – Coat Of Arms (SPV/Steamhammer)
Wormwood – Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth Re-Release (Black Lodge)

March 6, 2020
20 lb Sledge – Divine Battery Re-Release (Roxx)
Ahna – Crimson Dawn (Caligari)
Allen/Olzon – Worlds Apart (Frontiers)
Alpha-O-Maga – Make America Grind Again (HPGD)
Architects Of A Broken Design – Total Collapse (Wreckin’ Joint)
Asarhaddon – Reysa (Geisterasche)
Avenged Sevenfold – Live In The LBC Re-Release (Warner Brothers)
Azure Emote – The Third Perspective (Selfmadegod)
Banisher – Degrees Of Isolation (Selfmadegod)
Beast Of Revelation – The Ancient Ritual Of Death (Iron Bonehead)
Blind Channel – Violent Pop (Out Of Line)
Blue Oyster Cult – 40th Anniversary: Agents Of Fortune – Live 2016 DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Body Count – Carnivore (Century Media)
Burning Witches – Dance With The Devil (Nuclear Blast)
Canis Dirus – Independence To The Beast (Bindrune)
Clouds Taste Satanic – The Glitter Of Infinite Hell Re-Release (Kinda Like Music)
Crematory – Unbroken (Napalm)
Crimson Thunder – Force Of Reason (Volcano)
Critical Assembly – Critical Assembly EP (Self)
Dark Helm – Hymnus de Anththeist (Triton’s Orbit)
Dwaal – Gospel Of The Vile (Dark Essence)
Earth Rot – Black Tides Of Obscurity (Season Of Mist)
Eciton – Suspension Of Disbelief (Wormholedeath)
Eilera – Waves (Inverse)
Elixir – Voyage Of The Eagle (Dissonance)
Elyne – Art Of Being Human (Self)
Empty Friend – Falter EP (Self)
Ghost Toast – Shape Without Form (Inverse)
Graveslave – Devotion EP (Trvasfuk)
Ground Patrol – Geophone (Art As Catharsis)
Hangatyr – kalt (Self)
Harem Scarem – Change The World (Frontiers)
Kannustaa – Kannustaa (Self)
Khymera – Master Of Illusions (Frontiers)
Lurker Of Chalice – Tellurian Slaked Furnace (Nuclear War Now!)
Martin Templum Domini – Martin Templum Domini (Self)
Medium – Medium (Transcending Obscurity)
Monolith – No Saints No Solace (Self)
Mortuous – Among The Lost/Mors Immortalis Re-Release (Carbonized)
My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion (Nuclear Blast)
The Neal Morse Band – The Great Adventour: Live In BRNO 2019 (InsideOut)
The New Regime – Heart Mind Body & Soul (Red)
Novena – Eleventh Hour (Frontiers)
Order Of The Emperor – Faster Into Flames (Self)
Orinoco – What A Relief EP (Self)
Our Hate – Defiled By Evil (Sliptrick)
Psychonaut – Unfold The God Man (Pelagic)
Pure Wrath – The Forlorn Soldier EP (Debemur Morti)
Ron Coolen – Rise (RC)
Rose Tattoo – Outlaws (Cleopatra)
Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire (AFM)
Rough Grind – Pieces Of Resistance (Inverse)
Seas Of Winter – Forest Aflame (Akashic Envoy)
Scarab – Martyrs Of The Storm (Vicisolum)
Semblant – Obscura (Frontiers)
Shockproof – The Will The Reason And The Wire (Time To Kill)
Silvered – Six Hours (Solitude)
Stonus – Aphasia (Electric Valley)
Svengahli – Nightmares Of Our Own Design EP (Self)
The Thomas Thompson Earth Project – Dreamland Lovecraft (Roxx)
To Conceal The Horns – Purist (Purity Through Fire)
Trauma – Ominous Black (Selfmadegod)
Tribe Of Pazuzu – King Of All Demons EP (Vic)
Tulus – Old Old Death (Soulseller)
Untitled With Drums – Hollow (Seeing Red)
Viogression – Expound And Exhort Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Viscera – Obsidian (Unique Leader)
Voodoo Six – Simulation Game (Explorer1)
Vredehammer – Viperous (Indie)
V:XII – Rom, Rune and Ruin The Odium Disciplina (Aesthetic Death)
Wombbath – Choirs Of The Fallen (Soulseller)
Wvrm – Colony Collapse (Prosthetic)
Yaldaboath – That Which Wets The Saccharine Palate (Aesthetic Death)

March 13, 2020
5RVLN5 – The Black Mark (Self)
Afterbirth – Four Dimensional Flesh (Unique Leader)
Alligator Blood – Alligator Blood (Self-Righteous)
Ambush – Infidel (High Roller)
Anubis – Homeless (Self)
Architectural Genocide – Cordyceptic Anthropomorph (Comatose)
Aronious – Perspicacity (The Artisan Era)
Askvader – Askvader (The Sign)
Barnabus – Beginning To Unwind (Rise Above)
Bells And Ravens – In Our Blood (Dr. Music)
Beneath The Surface – Race The Night (Deluxe Edition) (Divebomb)
Benevolent Like Quietus – Kill The Bliss (Self)
Bone Church – Acid Communion (Ripple)
Cenotaphe – Monte Verita (Nuclear War Now!)
Code Orange – Underneath (Roadrunner)
Conny Bloom – Game! Set! Bloom! (Mighty)
Conquest Icon – Empire Of The Worm (Godz Ov War)
Crimson Shadows – The Resurrection EP (Napalm)
Cycle – Cosmic Clouds (Rise Above)
David Reece – Cacophony Of Souls (El Puerto)
DeadRisen – DeadRisen (AFM)
Deathbeds – Sinner (Collision Course)
Deathless Legacy – Saturnalia (Scarlet)
Death The Leveller – II (Cruz Del Sur)
Devin Townsend Project – By A Thread: Live In London 2011 Vinyl Box Set (InsideOut)
Dexter Ward – III (No Remorse)
Dirt Woman – The Glass Cliff (Grimoire)
Disconnected Souls – Warring Elements EP (Self)
DomJord – Sporer (Vidfare/The Ajna Offensive)
Dozer – In The Tail Of A Comet Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Ergodic – Ergodic EP (Self)
Formosa – Danger Zone (Metalville)
Forte – Stranger Than Fiction (Deluxe Edition) (Divebomb)
Fotocrime – South Of Heaven (Profound Lore)
The Goners – Good Mourning (RidingEasy)
Gotthard – #13 (Nuclear Blast)
Habu – Distant Thunder (Self)
H-One – MMLXIX (Self)
Hubris – Metempsychosis EP (Art As Catharsis)
Human Impact – Human Impact (Ipecac)
Huntsmen – Mandala Of Fear (Prosthetic)
In The Fire – The Living Horror Show (HPGD)
Itus – Primordial EP (Self)
Jonathan Hulten – Chants From Another Place (Kscope)
Khost – Buried Steel (Cold Spring)
KillKount – Konflict & Terror (Self)
Kingdom – A Deeper Shade Of Sorrow (Godz Ov War)
Kings Of Dust – Kings Of Dust (Shock)
Lord Of Light – Morningstar (No Remorse)
Lucid Dream – The Great Dance Of The Spirit (Sliptrick)
Lychgate – Also Sprach Futura (Debemur Morti)
MFTJ – MFTJ (Lazy Bones)
Necrophiliac – No Living Man Is Innocent (Xtreem)
Necrostrigis – From Bleak Cavernous Chambers (Nebular Carcinoma)
Oath Of Damnation – Fury And Malovolence (Gore House)
The Oneira – Injection (Rockshots)
Orphan Donor – Old Patterns (Self)
Pathogens – Soiled Cogs Forever (Scry/Black Horizons)
Pestifer – Expanding Oblivion (Xenocorp)
Ptolomea – Maze EP (FinestNoiseReleases)
Puta Volcano – Amma (The Orchard)
Putrid – Antichrist Above (Godz Ov War)
Rotting Kingdom – A Deeper Shade Of Sorrow (Boris)
Ruin Lust – Choir Of Babel (20 Buck Spin)
Satan – Toutes Ces Horreurs (Throatruiner)
Senescere – Alive But Somewhere Else (Self)
Sicarius – God Of Dead Roots (M-Theory)
Smoulder – Dream Quest Ends EP (Cruz Del Sur)
Social Scream – Organic Mindset (Heart Of Steel)
Solitary Sabred – By Fire & Brimstone (No Remorse)
Sorcia – Sorcia (Incineration Ceremony)
Spectral Lore and Mare Cognitum – Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine (I, Voidhanger)
Stitched Up Heart – Darkness (Century Media)
Sutrah – Aletheia EP (The Artisan Era)
Svetlanas – Disco Sucks (Demons Run Amok)
Tomorrow Is Lost – Therapy (Eclipse)
Tonight We Stand – New World Disorder (This Is Core)
Tony Montana – Tombstone Shuffle Re-Release (Deadline)
The Unity – Pride (SPV/Steamhammer)
Vaisseau – Horrors Waiting In Line (Totem Cat)
Verbal Razors – By Thunder And Lightning (Deadlight)
Video Nasties – Dominion (APF)
Vulcano – Eye In Hell (Mighty)
Wishing Well – Do Or Die (Inverse)
ZombieKing – Dead To Life (Pavement)

March 20, 2020
17 Crash – Through Hell And Back (Volcano)
Annie Lo. Projekt – A Time Called Forever (Pride & Joy)
Art Of Shock – Dark Angeles (Century Media)
Bad As – Crucified Society (Sliptrick)
Baxaxaxa – The Old Evil EP (Iron Bonehead)
Beneath My Sins – I Decide (Pride & Joy)
Brain Stem – Symptoms Of Annihilation – Stage 2 EP (Self)
Bulls – Then We Die (Reptilian)
Caskets Open – Concrete Realms Of Pain (Nine)
Christian Muenzner – Path Of The Hero (Shredquarter)
Death On Fire – Ghost Songs (Self)
Def Leppard – The Early Years 79-81 Box Set (UMe/Virgin)
Dio – The Studio Album Collection: 1996-2004 (BMG/Niji)
Dozer – Call It Conspiracy Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Dozer – Madre De Dios Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Ecnephias – Seven – The Pact Of Debauchery (My Kingdom)
Escuela Grind – Indoctrination (Armageddon)
Eye Flys – Tub Of Lard (Thrill Jockey)
Fool’s Ghost – Dark Woven Light (Prosthetic)
Gaylord – Wings Of The Joyful (Blackened Death)
Grift – Budet (Nordvis)
Hammer Of The Sky – Aarni (Inverse)
Heaven Shall Burn – Of Truth And Sacrifice (Century Media)
Helen Money – Atomic (Thrill Jockey)
Helion – The Great Fall (Revalve)
Hemotoxin – Restructure The Molded Mind (Unspeakable Axe)
High Tone Son Of A Bitch – Lifecycles: EPs of HTSOB (Tee Pee)
Hyborian – Volume II (Season Of Mist)
IIVII – Grinding Teeth/Zero Sleep (Consouling Sounds)
Inherently Lost – Our Last Midnight (Entwined)
Interlocutor – Preemptive Institutional Postmortem EP (Self)
Ivanhoe – Blood And Gold (Massacre)
Kavorka – Internal Rituals (Self)
Leiru – Ido (Sun & Moon)
Libethra – Hoe Koud Het Was (Self)
Live Suffer Die – A Voice From Beyond Death (Moribund)
Lost Legacy – In The Name Of Freedom (Pure Steel)
Lucifer – Lucifer III (Century Media)
Malokarpatan – Krupinské ohne (The Fires of Krupina) (Invictus)
Mass Hysteria – Best Of + Live At Hellfest DVD/CD (Out Of Line)
Master Boot Record – Floppy Disk Overdrive (Metal Blade)
The Medea Project – Sisyphus (Self)
Medico Peste – The Black Bile (Season Of Mist)
Mord’A’Stigmata – Songs For The Exiles (Live At Roadburn 2019) (Pagan)
Myrkur – Folkesange (Relapse)
Neck Of The Woods – The Annex Of Ire (Pelagic)
Necrogosto – Ancestral Bestiality EP (Nuclear War Now!)
Needful Things – Deception Re-Release (Give Praise)
Neorhythm – Terrastory (Self)
The Nest – Ad Astra (Inverse)
New Primals – Horse Girl Energy (Learning Curve)
Nite – Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (Creator-Destructor)
Olhava – Ladoga (Self)
O Zorn! – Your Killer (Seeing Red)
Porn – No Monsters In God’s Eyes: Act III (Self)
Posthumanbigbang – Jungle Eyes (Czar Of Crickets)
The Prophecy 23 – Fresh Metal (Massacre)
Pyrior – Fusion (Tonzonen)
Raider – Guardian Of The Fire (Self)
Ravenscroft – See Through (Pavement)
Redwood Hill – Ender (Rakkerpak)
Saltas – Mors Salis: Opus I (Nuclear War Now!)
Satan’s Cross – Celebration Of The Fallen EP (Sun & Moon)
Servant Leader – Raised By Wolves Part 1 EP (Leighviathan)
Sky Valley Mistress – Faithless Rituals (New Heavy Sounds)
Soliloquium – Things We Leave Behind (Naturmacht)
Solipsism – Trhliny v (ne)skutočnosti (Sun & Moon)
Sons Of Disaster – Cursed (Mottow Soundz)
Svengali – Sayonara (Self)
Sweven – The Eternal Resonance (Van)
Taake/Whoredom Rife – Pakt Split EP (Terratur Possessions)
Tethra – Empire Of The Void (Black Lion)
Ulvdalir – Hunger For The Cursed Knowledge EP (Inferna Profundus)
Various Artists – 4 Doors To Death Vol. II (Unspeakable Axe)
Vectis – No Mercy For The Weak EP (Helldprod)
Virocracy – Irradiation (Black Sunset/MDD)
Voodoo Six – Simulation Game (Explorer1)
Wall Of Palemhor – D.R.A.M.A.C.O.R.E. (Self)
Waltari – Global Rock (Metalville)
Wardaemonic – Acts Of Repentance (Transcending Obscurity)
White Stones – Kuarahy (Nuclear Blast)
Whoresnation – Mephitism (Give Praise)
Wind Of The Black Mountains – Black Sun Shall Rise Re-Release (Moribund)

March 27, 2020
Aevum – Multiverse (darkTunes)
After The Abduction – Cracked & Bled (Ukem)
Age Of Emergence – The War Within Ourselves EP (Self)
Alchemists – Chapter One Love (Tenacity)
Amnutseba – Emanatism (Iron Bonehead)
Andre Comeau – Wrong Within EP (EMP)
Angerot – The Divine Apostate (Redefining Darkness)
Aodon – 11069 (Willowtip)
Arcada – Projections (Edged Circle)
Arkado – Never Say Never (AOR Heaven)
Ardra – Unto Leviathan (Self)
Atarka – Sleeping Giant (Self)
Ater – Villighied (Sliptrick)
Balmog – Pillars Of Salt EP (War Anthem)
The Beautiful Mistake – You’re Not Broken. I Am EP (Wiretap)
Black Vice – The Alchemist’s Vision (Crown And Thorne)
Cadaveric Possession/Aggressive Mutilator – Influx Of Hatred (Bestial Invasion)
Candlemass – The Pendulum EP (Napalm)
Chromb! – Le Livre Des Merveilles (Dur et Doux)
Chrome Ghost – The Diving Bell (Seeing Red)
Chrome Waves/Gridfailure – Split (Self)
Chronicle – Demonology (Mighty)
Crosson – Rock N Roll Love Affair (Self)
Crypt Dagger – From Below EP (Dying Victims)
Darker Half – If You Only Knew (Massacre)
Day Of Reckoning – Spread Your Disease EP (Self)
Demonic Death Judge – The Trail (Suicide)
Den Syvende Son – Trods (Target)
Deranged – Deeds Of Ruthless Violence (Agonia)
Descent Into Maelstrom – Iconoclasm (Club Inferno)
Destroyer Of Light – Generational Warfare EP (Heavy Friends)
Diarchy – Splitfire (Unherd)
Dodenbezweerder – Vrees de toorn… (Iron Bonehead)
Dyssidia – Costly Signals (Self)
Ecnephias – Seven: The Pact Of Debauchery (My Kingdom)
Enepsigos – Wrath Of Wraths (Osmose)
Enzo And The Glory Ensemble – In The Name Of The World Spirit (Rockshots)
Excalibur – Cero (Fighter)
Existenz – Meltdown (Heptown)
Fervence – Ghost (Self)
From The Dust Returned – A Seven Days Long Wait (Self)
Graceless – Where Vultures Know Your Name (Raw Skull)
Grave – You’ll Never See Re-Release (MDD)
Great Electric Quest – Live From Freak Valley (Ripple)
The Grenadines – Band On The Run (Target)
Grim Ravine – It’s A Long Way Down, To Where You Are (Hostile)
Hayvanlar Alemi – Psychedelia In Times Of Turbulence (Subsound)
The Heavy Eyes – Love Like Machines (Kozmik Artifactz)
Hecate – Ode Au Desert Suspendu (Mourning Light)
Heirs Of Fire – Pain & Victory (Volcano)
Igorrr – Spirituality And Distortion (Metal Blade)
Imonolith – State Of Being (Self)
Interitum – Forever. Silent. Broken. (Self)
In This Moment – Mother (Roadrunner/Atlantic)
Irist – Order Of The Mind (Nuclear Blast)
Justify Rebellion – The Ends Justify The Means (Mighty)
Lethal Steel – Running From The Dawn EP (High Roller)
Little Albert – Swamp King (Self)
Loose Sutures – Loose Sutures (Electric Valley)
Lord Buffalo – Tohu Wa Bohu (Blues Funeral)
Lost Symphony – Chapter I (Xoff)
Lutharö – Wings Of Agony EP (Self)
Magic Sword – Endless (Joyful Noise)
Maggoth – Maggoth (Defense)
Me And That Man – New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1 (Napalm)
Membaris – Misanthrosophie (W.T.C.)
Midas – The Demos (Dying Victims)
Moon Destroys – Maiden Voyage EP (Brutal Panda)
Nekrovault – Totenzug: Festering Peregrination (Van)
Nerve Saw – Peril (Testimony)
Newman – Ignition (AOR Heaven)
Nicumo – Inertia (Inverse)
Nuclear Holocaust – The Book Of Doom (Defense)
Nytt Land – Cvlt (Self)
Omega Infinity – Solar Spectre (Season Of Mist)
The Outfit – Viking (Pavement)
Overlaps – In Your Room (Time To Kill)
Parkway Drive – Viva The Underdogs (Epitaph)
Perdition Temple – Sacraments Of Descension (Hells Headbangers)
Ramlord – From Dark Waters (Inverse)
Return – V Re-Release (AOR Heaven)
Riff Raiders – Rock N Roll Daydream (Self)
Riot – Rock World (Rare & Unreleased 87-95) (Metal Blade)
Seigman – Ameneon Re-Release (Karisma)
Seigman – Metropolis Re-Release (Karisma)
Seigman – Pluto Re-Release (Karisma)
Seigman – Radiowaves Re-Release (Karisma)
Seigman – Total Re-Release (Karisma)
Shellz – No More Love Songs (Dead Serious)
Skyryder – Vol. 2 EP (High Roller)
Solothus – Realm Of Ash And Blood (20 Buck Spin)
Stone Machine Electric – Stone Machine Electric (Self)
Subtype Zero – Ceremonious Extinction EP (Seeing Red)
Telepathy – Burn Embrace (Svart)
Temple Of Void – The World That Was (Shadow Kingdom)
Tesla – Five Man London Jam (UMe)
Torchia – The Coven (Rockshots)
Twitch Of The Death Nerve – A Resting Place For The Wrathful (Comatose)
Tzimani – Tzimani EP Re-Release (Bonita Steel)
Unholy Desecration – Unholy Horde (Confused)
Unleashed – Shadows Of The Deep Re-Release (MDD)
Unleashed – Victory Re-Release (MDD)
Velnias – Scion Of Aether (Eisenwald)
Vintlechkeit – Svartskogen, svartvinter​​.​​​.​​./Dødssted​​.​​​.​​. (Eternal Death)
Void Of Sleep – Metaphora (Aural)
Wake – Devouring Ruin (Translation Loss)
Walk Through Fire – Var Avgrund (Wolves & Vibrancy)
Welicoruss – Siberian Heathen Horde (El Puerto)
Woorms – Twitching, As Prey (Hospital/Sludgelord)
WuW – Rétablir L’Eternité (Prosthetic)
ZhOra – Mortals (Hostile)

April 3, 2020
Aara – En Ergo Einai (Debemur Morti)
Ad Infinitum – Chapter I: Monarchy (Napalm)
Advent Varic – Tumulus (Self)
Ande – Vossenkuil (Self)
Anova Skyway – Diet Of Worms (Self)
Astra – Oathkeeper Part 1 (Eufonia)
Astral Bodies – Escape Death (Surviving Sounds)
August Burns Red – Guardians (Fearless)
Beggar – Compelled To Repeat (APF)
Bolt Gun – Begotten (Art As Catharsis)
Bonfire – Fistful Of Fire (AFM)
Cabal – Bring Me Down (Long Branch)
Chotza – Tuufuswark (Northern Fog)
Coagulate – The Art Of Cryptosis EP (Rotted Life)
Consumer – Consumer EP (Fresh Outbreak)
Dakesis – Fractures (Self)
Dawn Of Ouroboros – The Art Of Morphology (Rain Without End)
Depravation – III: Odor Mortis (Lifeforce)
Devilskin – Red (Self)
Drakonis – Blessed By Embers (Hostile)
Duivel – Tirades Iut De Hel (Van)
Dynazty – The Dark Delight (AFM)
Emile – The Black Spider/Det Kollektive Selvmord (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Endless Forms Most Gruesome – Endless Forms Most Gruesome (Inverse)
Errant – Errant EP (Mantee Rampage)
Escape Is Not Freedom – Surrounded By The Great Nothing (Self)
Eternal Delyria – Paradox Of The Mechanical Angel (Self)
Forndom – Faþir (Nordvis)
Freeways – True Bearings (Temple Of Mystery)
Gerry Trevino – Great Unknown EP (Self)
Haxanu – Snare Of All Salvation (Amor Fati)
Joviac – Here And Now (Inverse)
Kaffiman – Cosmic Coincidence (Sliptrick)
Lady Beast – The Vulture’s Amulet (Reaper)
Little Villains – Taylor Made (Cleopatra)
Live Burial – Unending Futility (Transcending Obscurity)
Living Dead Stars – Living Dead Stars (Pavement)
Loviatar – Lightless (Prosthetic)
Lucifer Star Machine – The Devil’s Breath (The Sign)
Miracle Flair – Synchronism (Massacre)
Mofo – Sick And Insane (Self)
Nawabs Of Destruction – Rising Vengeance (Self)
Nocturnal Prayer – Advance On Weakened Foes (Inferna Profundus)
Notorious – Glamorized (Sliptrick)
Pale Mare – II (Seeing Red)
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Viscerals (Rocket)
P.O.E. – Of Humanity And Other Odd Things (Revalve)
Psalmtanic – Psalmtanic Verses (Self)
Pure Reason Revolution – Eupnea (Superball)
Red – Declaration (Self)
Revulsion – Enough To Bleed (BDHW)
Satyrus – Rites (Self)
Seims – 3+3.1 (Bird’s Robe)
Shodan – Death, Rule Over Us (Deformeathing)
Skam – The Sound Of Disease (Redefining Darkness)
Slave Hands – No More Feelings (Dry Cough)
Sydney Fate – Silicon Nitride (Eclipse)
Testament – Titans Of Creation (Nuclear Blast)
tētēma – Necroscape (Ipecac)
Thorn In Side – Tales Of The Croupier (Volcano)
Thrashera – Nao Gosto! (Helldprod)
Untitled With Drums – Hollow (Atypeek)
Various Artists – Solar Flare Records (Solar Flare)
Victory At Hand – The Empire (Self)
Villagers Of Ioannina City – Age Of Aquarius Re-Release (Napalm)
Weed Demon – Crater Maker (Electric Valley)
Witches Of Doom – Funeral Radio (My Kingdom)
Wolfpack – AD EP (BDHW)
Wretched Empires – Bloom EP (Self)
Xile – I’m Your God (BDHW)
Zolle – Macello (Subsound)

April 10, 2020
Abigail/Vulcan Tyrant – Split EP (HPGD)
Ajna – Rengeteg (Inverse)
Akurion – Come Forth To Me (Redefining Darkness)
Archgoat – Black Mass XXX (Debemur Morti)
Ayreon – Electric Castle Live And Other Tales DVD/CD (Music Theories)
Azusa – Loop Of Yesterdays (Solid State)
Badguyswin – Cowards (Self)
Bakken – This Means War (Self)
Barrens – Penumbra (Pelagic)
Benighted – Obscene Repressed (Season Of Mist)
Book Of The Dead – Bound In Flesh, Inked In Blood EP (Rebel Pyro)
Brass Owl – State Of Mind (Self)
Calligram – The Eye Is The First Circle (Prosthetic)
Command The Machyne – Command The Machyne (Pest)
Conway – Something Wicked (Pavement)
Cordyceps – Betrayal (Unique Leader)
Curse Upon A Prayer – Infidel (Saturnal)
Devilsbridge – Endless Restless EP (Fastball)
Die Another Day – Wild Fire EP (Self)
Dool – Summerland (Prophecy)
Downcross – Current Towards End EP (Cavum Atrum Rex)
Drain – California Cursed (Revelation)
Eternal Armageddon – In Light In Dark In Hate (Self)
Failure – Failure 1992-1996 Vinyl Box Set (Self)
Fallen Arise – Enigma (Rock Of Angels)
Flight Of Eden – Dante’s Inferno EP (Self)
Gaytheist – How Long Have I Been On Fire? (Hex)
Gloom – Awaken (Slovak Metal Army)
Gomorra – Divine Judgement (Noble Demon)
Grim Fate – Perished In Torment (Xtreem)
Hellgarden – Making Noise, Living Fast (Brutal)
High Priestess – Casting The Circle (Ripple)
Hohenstein – Weisser Hirsch (Purity Through Fire)
Italicus Carnifex – Incide Your Mind (Volcano)
Joe Satriani – Shapeshifting (Legacy)
Kingsmen – Revenge, Forgiveness, Recovery (SharpTone)
Kool Keith and Thetan – Space Gortex (Anti-Corporate)
Lebenssucht – 273,15°C (Thantoskult)
Like Rats – Death Monolith (Hibernation Release)
Lord Vigo – Danse De Noir (High Roller)
Luctus – Uzribis (Inferna Profundus)
Mass Murder – Extreme Extinction (Sliptrick)
Mental Disaster – The Repulsive Abomination (Death To Music)
Metal Church – From The Vault (Rat Pak)
Midwife – Forever (The Flenser)
Myth Of I – Myth Of I (The Artisan Era)
Nightwish – Human. :II: Nature. (Nuclear Blast)
Noroth – It Dwells Amongst Us (Caligari)
Perchta – Ufang (Prophecy)
Revulsion – Enough To Bleed (BDHW)
Ritual Dictates – Give In To Despair (Artoffact)
Romano Nervoso – The Return Of The Rocking Dead (Mottow Soundz)
Savage Annihilation – Soumises A La Procreation (Xenocorp)
Shyyne – Go You Own Way (WDFD)
Sovereign – Neurotic (Redefining Darkness)
Spell – Opulent Decay (Bad Omen)
Stay Inside – Viewing (No Sleep)
Symbolik – Emergence (The Artisan Era)
Tothem – Rise (Drums Planet)
Tulip – High Strangeness (Self)
Wayward Dawn – Haven Of Lies (Mighty)
Witch Taint – Sons Of Midwestern Darkness (Tee Pee)
Wolfheart – Wolves Of Karelia (Napalm)
Zero Fire – The Attic Sessions EP (Self)

April 17, 2020
Aborted – La Grande Mascarade EP (Century Media)
Abysmal Dawn – Phylogenesis (Season Of Mist)
Argesk – Realm Of Eternal Night (Clobber)
Asenblut – Die Wilde Jagd (AFM)
At The Altar Of The Horned God – Through Doors Of Moonlight (I, Voidhanger)
Azath – Through A Warren Of Shadow (Pulverised)
Bismarck – Oneiromancer (Apollon)
The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous (Metal Blade)
Bombs Of Hades – Phantom Bell EP (Black Lodge)
Caspar Brotzmann Massaker – Home Re-Release (Southern Lord)
Cemetery Filth – Dominion (Unspeakable Axe/Boris)
Collision – The Final Kill EP (Hammerheart)
Commando – Love Songs #1… (Firecum)
Cryptonight – The Black Ritual (Self)
Czern – Zgliszcza (Selfmadegod)
Datura4 – West Coast Highway Cosmic (Alive Naturalsound)
DeVicious – Phase Three (Metalapolis)
Dictator Ship – Your Favorites (The Sign)
The Ditch And The Delta – The Ditch And The Delta (Prosthetic)
Enter Shikari – Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible (So)
Etherius – Chaos. Order. Renewal. (Self)
Exlibris – Shadowrise (Self)
Foes – American Violence EP (Glacier)
Funeral Leech – Death Meditation (Carbonized)
Graveir – King Of The Silent World (Impure Sounds)
Grim Light – True Terror Reigns EP (Self)
Hartmann – 15 Pearls And Gems (Pride & Joy)
Hellride – Goodbyes To Forever (Fastball)
Hexvessel – Kindred (Svart)
Holosade – Hellhouse Re-Release (Dissonance)
Jarboe – Illusory (Consouling Sounds)
Khemmis – Doomed Heavy Metal EP (Nuclear Blast)
Khora – Timaeus (Soulseller)
Krv – Krv (Chien Noir)
Myrath – Live In Carthage DVD/CD (earMusic)
Noidva – Windseller (Purity Through Fire)
Nomvdic – Euphoria (Forerunner)
Oblivion Gate – Wisdom Of The Grave (ATMF)
Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi (Nuclear Blast)
The Projectionist – The Stench Of Amalthia (Moribund)
Psycho Village – Unstoppable (Pavement)
Rabid Flesh Eaters – R.F.E. (Self)
Rainover – Nox (Wormholedeath)
Reptilium – Adrenochromancy EP (Slam Worldwide)
Resuscitate – Children Of The Vault II: Promethea EP (Self)
Ripped To Shreds – Luan (Pulverised)
Shards Of Humanity – Cold Logic (Unspeakable Axe)
Sigiriya – Maiden Mother Crone (Burning World)
Sxokondo – Flesh & Sky (Division)
Throwdown – Take Cover EP (Pit Viper)
Thy Dying Light – Thy Dying Light (Purity Through Fire)
Titaan – Itima (ATMF)
Trash Heaven – 4 Heads For A Crown (Music)
Turmion Katilot – Global Warning (Nuclear Blast)
Ulveblod – Omnia Mors Aequat (Consouling Sounds)
Valerio Bruner – La Belle Dame (Volcano)
Vanir – 10 Years Of Mead And Metal EP (Mighty)
Vathos – Underwater (Loud Rage)
Venomous Skeleton – Drowning In Circles (Everlasting Spew)
XL & DBD – The Beginning Of Closure (Roxx)

April 24, 2020
Anubis Gate – Covered In Colours (Nightmare)
Apocryphus – Eternal Suffering (PRC)
Aspidium – Harmagedon (Self)
Auroch – All The Names Of Night (20 Buck Spin)
Bâ’a – Deus Qui Non Mentitur (Osmose)
Babylonfall – Collapse (Inverse)
Barishi – Old Smoke (Season Of Mist)
Bezwering – Aan De Wormen Overgelevard (Van)
Black Curse – Endless Wound (Sepulchral Voice)
Blaze Of Sorrow – Absentia (Eisenwald)
Bones – Gate Of Night EP (Blood Harvest)
Bullets And Octane – Riot Riot Rock N Roll (Bad MoFo/Cargo)
Bythos – The Womb Of Zero (Terratur)
Catarsis Incarne – Abiogenesis Libro III (PRC)
Chugger – Of Man And Machine (Wormholedeath)
Cirith Ungol – Forever Black (Metal Blade)
Creeping Flesh – Into The Meat Grinder (PRC)
Dammerfarben – Des Herbstes Trauerhymnen MMXX (Northern Silence)
Danzig – Danzig Sings Elvis (Cleopatra)
Dark Forest – Oak, Ash & Thorn (Cruz Del Sur)
Demise Of The Crown – Life In The City (Self)
Destroyed In Seconds – Divide And Devour (Self)
Dodskvad – Kronike I (Caligari)
Dolorangst – Катастрофа Внутри EP (Northern Silence)
Double Experience – Alignments (Drakkar)
Elder – Omens (Armageddon)
Elephant Tree – Habits (Holy Roar)
Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy – Glam Not Slam (Gore House)
Expunged – Expunged EP (Hells Headbangers)
Fange – Pudeur (Throatruiner)
Forlesen – Hierophant Violent (Hypnotic Dirge)
Freddy And The Phantoms – A Universe From Nothing (Mighty)
Gaffa Ghandi – Artificial Disgust (Exile On Mainstream)
Generation Underground – Kold Blooded Vol. 1 EP (Self)
Golden Light – Sacred Colour Of The Source Of Light (Iron Bonehead)
Heavy Harvest – Iron Lung (Czar Of Crickets)
Hegemony – Enthroned By Persecution (Hells Headbangers)
Heilung – Lifa: Heiling Live At Castlefest DVD (Season Of Mist)
Helfro – Helfro (Season Of Mist)
Heresy – Blasphemia (PRC)
Hraun – Black Molten Essence (FDA)
Hypergear – What Are We Going To Do With These? EP (Volcano)
Hyperion – Into The Maelstrom (Fighter)
The Hyss – Extraterrestrial (Self)
I Am Destruction – Nascency (Unique Leader)
Imperial Savagery – Lashing The Feral Swine (HPGD)
Jeff Duncan – Wanderlust (EMP)
Karloff – Raw Nights EP (Dying Victims)
Katatonia – City Burials (Peaceville)
Kill The Kong – Dead Spirit EP (Seek And Strike)
King Diamond – Abigail Re-Release (Metal Blade)
King Diamond – Fatal Portrait Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Lord Fowl – Glorious Babylon (Small Stone)
Lovebites – Electric Pentagram (Red River)
Lustre – The Ashes Of Light (Nordvis)
Malist – To Mantle The Rising Sun (Northern Silence)
Mantric – False Negative (Solid State/Tooth and Nail)
Marmalade Knives – Amnesia (Electric Valley)
Marrowfields – Metamorphoses (Black Lion)
Michael Abdow – Heart Signal (Self)
Misanthropic Aggression – Alcoholic Polyneuropathic Freaks In Hell EP (Boris)
Morketida – Traveler Of The Untouched Voids EP (Werewolf)
Mustasch – Killing It For Life (Tritonus)
Negative Thought Process – Hell… Is Much Better Than This (Hibernacula)
New Hate Rising – Miles (Swell Creek)
No Such Season – U.A.F. (Sliptrick)
Nyrst – Orsok (Dark Essence)
(O) – SkamHan (Napalm)
Old Forest – Back Into The Old Forest (Death To Music)
One Life All In – Letter Of Forgiveness EP (Self)
On Sight – Cause Of Pain (Unbeaten)
R-13 – Ansia (Trepnation)
Reek – Death Is Something There Between (Testimony)
Ron Keel Band – South X South Dakota (HighVol)
Sacred Sin – Born Suffer Die (Lusitanian)
Slave Revolt – Journey To The Other Side (Ingrooves)
Smokemaster – Smokemaster (Tonzonen)
Solicitor – Spectral Devastation (Gates Of Hell)
The Spirit Cabinet – Bloodlines (Van)
Sterileprayer – Accepting The New Normal (Blackhouse)
Terrestrial Hospice – Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds (Shadow/Regain)
Together To The Stars – As We Wither (Northern
Total Fucking Destruction – …to be alive at the end of the world (Translation Loss)
Traveler – Termination Shock (Gates Of Hell)
Trick Or Treat – The Legend Of The XII Saints (Scarlet)
Trivium – What The Dead Men Say (Roadrunner)
Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti)
Unmerciful – Wrath Encompassed (Willowtip)
Victoria K – Essentia (Rockshots)
Voices Of Ruin – Path Immortality (M-Theory)
Volturian – Crimson (Scarlet)
Warbringer – Weapons Of Tomorrow (Napalm)
Warlust – Unearthing Shattered Philosophies (Dying Victims)
Werewolves – The Dead Are Screaming (Prosthetic)
White Nights – Into The Lap Of The Ancient Mother EP (Iron Bonehead)
Winter Deluge – Degradation Renewal EP (Osmose)
Witchskull – A Driftwood Cross (Rise Above)
The Wizar’d – Subterranean Exile (Cruz Del Sur)
Xpus – In Umbra Mortis Sedent (Transcending Obscurity)

May 1, 2020
Abduction – Jehanne (Finisterian Dead End)
Abrams – Modern Ways (Sailor)
Abrupt Demise – The Pleasure To Kill And Grind (Raw Skull)
Aether Realm – Redneck Vikings From Hell (Napalm)
Alkymist – Sanctuary (Indisciplinarian)
An Autumn For Crippled Children – All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet (Prosthetic)
Ancient Burial – Beyond The Watchtowers (Signal Rex)
Ante-Inferno – Fane (Ukem)
Armnatt – Dense Fog (Signal Rex)
Ash Return – The Sharp Blade Of Integrity (Swell Creek)
Basement Critters – God Save Us As .Jpeg (Wormholedeath)
Bioplan – Epipath EP (Self)
Black Pestilence – Hail The Flesh (Self)
Black Trillium – The Fatal Shore (Self)
Blasphamagoatachrist – Bastardizing The Purity (Nuclear War Now!)
Blended Brew – Shove It Down (Mighty)
Boston Manor – Glue (Pure Noise)
Cage Of Creation – Into Nowhere II (Devoted Art Propaganda)
Cosmic Burial – Impakt (Purity Through Fire)
Deepshade – Soul Divider (Self)
Desert Storm – Omens (APF)
Exess – Deus Ex Machina (Fastball)
Final Coil – Convicted Of The Right EP (Wormholedeath)
Foretoken – Ruin (Self)
Funeralopolis – …of Deceit And Utter Madness (Memento Mori)
Golden Ashes – In The Lugubrious Silence Of Eternal Night (Oaken Palace)
Hatchets For Hands – Cabaret Of Decay (Self)
Havok – V (Century Media)
Head Of The Demon – Deadly Black Doom (Invictus/The Ajna Offensive)
Jon Telegraph – Our Man Of Texture EP (Party Cat)
Keverra – Keverra (Seeing Red)
King Diamond – Conspiracy Re-Release (Metal Blade)
King Diamond – Them Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Koniec Pola – Trop EP (Devoted Art Propaganda)
Kurnugia – Forlorn And Forsaken (Memento Mori)
Leftover Bullets – Tell Mama We’re Doing Ok (Soldout)
Mike Tramp – Second Time Around (Target)
Monolith – Lord Conspirator (MMD)
Morte Lune – Temple Of Flesh EP (Purity Through Fire)
Nadir – The Great Dying (Self)
The Ogre – Entity (Sliptrick)
One Step From Falling – Stuck On The Wayside (Pavement)
Order Of Orias – Ablaze (W.T.C.)
PissPoor – You Were Born To Die A Sinful Lamb EP (Goodjunkie)
Pyre – Chained To Ossuaries (Memento Mori)
Resent – Crosshairs (Dry Cough)
River Cult – Chilling Effect (Tee Pee)
The Scum – Dead Eyes EP (Wild Noise)
Shatter Brain – Pitchfork Justice (Wormholedeath)
Slagmark – Purging Sacred Soils (Purity Through Fire)
Tetractys – Solstice (Self)
Tristwood – Blackcrowned Majesty (Self)
Umbra Vitae – Shadow Of Life (Deathwish)
Vader – Solitude In Madness (Nuclear Blast)
Witchcraft – Black Metal (Nuclear Blast)
Witches Hammer – Damnation Is My Salvation (Nuclear War Now!)

May 8, 2020
…and Oceans – Cosmic World Mother (Season Of Mist)
Aposento – Conjuring The New Apocalypse (Xtreem)
Asofy – Amusia (Avantgarde)
Axel Rudi Pell – Sign Of The Times (SPV/Steamhammer)
Bear – Propaganda (Pelagic)
Biesy – Transsatanizm (Godz Ov War)
BlackLab – Abyss (New Heavy Sounds)
BruceXCampbell – South To No Life (Give Praise)
Combos – Steelo (Loyal Blood)
Cryptex – Once Upon A Time (SPV/Steamhammer)
Cryptic Shift – Visitations From Enceladus (Blood Harvest)
Cryptworm – Reeking Gunk Abhorrence EP (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Destruction – Born To Thrash – Live In Germany (Nuclear Blast)
Fatum Aeternum – Singing Songs Of Desperation (Self)
Forgotten Tomb – Nihilistic Estrangement (Agonia)
Forming The Void – Reverie (Ripple)
Goden – Beyond Darkness (Svart)
Green Carnation – Leaves Of Yesteryear (Season Of Mist)
Hadewijch – Herbal Noise EP (Electric Valley)
Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Nostalgia For Infinity (Glass Castle)
The Hirsch Effekt – Kollaps (Long Branch)
Holden – Ursa Minor (Self)
Keitzer – Where The Light Ends Re-Release (Give Praise)
Killswitch Engage – Atonement II B-Sides For Charity EP (Metal Blade)
Kly – Wyrzyny (Pagan)
Kult Of The Skull God – The Great Magini (Rockshots)
The Last Seed – Revenant (Nihilistische KlangKunst)
Mean Messiah – Divine Technology (Slovak Metal Army)
Naglfar – Cerecloth (Century Media)
Noctu – Gelidae Mortis Imago (Transcending Obscurity)
Odraza – Rzeczom (Godz Ov War)
Omniarch – Omniarch (Self)
Past Five – Detox EP (Eclipse)
Pushy – Hard Wish (Tee Pee)
Rising Sunset – De Mysterium Tenebris (Wormholedeath)
Ryders Creed – Lost Souls (Off Yer Rocka)
Saavik – Saavik EP (Other Electricities)
Secrets Of The Moon – Black House (Prophecy)
Sojourner – Premonitions (Napalm)
Sores – Sores (Nihilistische KlangKunst)
Sorgelig – Devoted To Nothingness (Nihilistische KlangKunst)
Theosophy – Towers Of Dark Pantheon (Sliptrick)
Thy Despair – The Song Of Desolation (Rockshots)
Various Artists – A Road Less Travelled (Cult Of Osiris)
Vij – Oblivion (Cursed Monk)
Vuur & Zijde/Impavida – Split (Prophecy)
Winterblut – Monotot (Nihilistische KlangKunst)
Winterfylleth – The Reckoning Dawn (Candlelight/Spinefarm)

May 15, 2020
ACxDC – Satan Is King (Prosthetic)
Ara – Jurisprudence (Self)
Asgard – Ragnarokkr (Pride & Joy)
Asking Alexandria – Like A House On Fire (Sumerian)
Ashtar – Kaikuja (Eisenwald)
Between The Buried And Me – Between The Buried And Me Vinyl Re-Release (Craft)
Binary Code – Memento Mori (Self)
Bitterness – Dead World Order (G.U.C.)
Devangelic – Ersetu (Willowtip)
Dining With Dogs – The Problem With Friends (Dirt City)
Dodsferd – Loyal To The Cult I Re-Release (Dissonance)
Dodsferd – Loyal To The Cult II Re-Release (Dissonance)
Drought – Trimurti (Avantgarde)
Fellahin Fall – Tar A-Kan (Self)
Firewind – Firewind (AFM)
Formless Master/Bayht Lahm – No Chords Barred Split (HPGD)
Fortunes – Eternal Hustle EP (Goodjunkie)
Giuseppe Zaupa – Waves (Self)
Goat Necropsy – Bloody And Fresh EP (Self)
Grand Massive – 4 (Metalville)
Heron – Time Immemorial (Sludgelord)
Horisont – Sudden Death (Century Media)
Horn – Mohngang (Iron Bonehead)
Iku-Turso – Pakana (Wolfspell)
In The Company Of Serpents – Lux (Self)
King Diamond – The Eye Re-Release (Metal Blade)
King Diamond – In Concert Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Malefistum – Enemy (Fastball)
Mnemocide – Feeding The Vultures (Czar Of Crickets)
Neige Morte – IIII (Division)
Noosed – Butcher (Trepnation)
Obnoxious Youth – Mouths Sewn Shut EP (Svart)
Okkultokrati – La Ilden Lyse (Southern Lord)
Old Corpse Road – On Ghastly Shores Lays The Wreckage Of Our Lore (Trollzorn)
Orions Belte – 600m Per Minute EP (Jansen)
Paradise Lost – Obsidian (Nuclear Blast)
Pattern-Seeking Animals – Prehensile Tales (InsideOut)
Ravenscry – 100 (Self)
River Of Souls – Usurper (Self)
Runespell/Forest Mysticism – Wandering Forlorn Split (Iron Bonehead)
Sapphire Eyes – Magic Moments (Pride & Joy)
Sarcofago – Hate Re-Release (Greyhaze)
Shrapnel – Palace For The Insane (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
Sinisthra – The Broad And Beaten Way (Rockshots)
Sleepmakeswaves – These Are Not Your Dreams (Self)
The Striders – Out Of The Blues (Sliptrick)
Them Moose Rush – Dancing Maze (TMR)
Throwing Bricks – What Will Be Lost (Tartarus)
Tithe – Penance (Tartarus)
Tokyo Blade – Dark Revolution (Dissonance)
Toledo Steel – The First Strike Of Steel (Dissonance)
Triptykon – Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019) (Prowling Death/Century Media)
Tyrant – Hereafter (Shadow Kingdom)
Voodoo Gods – The Divinity Of Blood (Reaper)
Wailin Storms – Rattle (Gilead)
With The End In Mind – Tides Of Fire (Avantgarde)
Wolves Den – Miserere (Trollzorn)
Xasthur – The Moribund Cult Years (Dissonance)
Zedi Forder – Isolation (Self)
Zedi Forder Superium – Judgement (Self)

May 22, 2020
American Slang – Death Drive (Self)
American Terror – Influencer (EMP)
Arstidir Lifsins – Saga á Aveim Tungum II: Eigi Fjǫll Né Firðir (Van)
Azaghal – Black Terror Metal Volume 1 (Dissonance)
Bait – Revelation Of The Pure (LADLO)
Bal Sagoth – The Nuclear Blast Recordings (Dissonance)
Barren Womb – Lizard Lounge (Loyal Blood)
Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Bloodred – The Raven’s Shadow (Self)
Blue Eyed Christ – World On Fire (Distortion)
The Brazilian Gentlemen – L&L (Internet & Weed)
Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant (InsideOut)
Capra – Capra EP (Self)
Cauldron Black Ram – Slaver (20 Buck Spin)
Chronus – Idols (Listenable)
Close The Hatch – Modern Witchcraft (Red Moth)
Commando – Rites Of Damnation EP (High Roller)
Coridian – Eldur EP (Self)
Cosmic Putrefaction – The Horizon Towards Which Splendour Withers (I, Voidhanger)
Deathing – All Hail The Decay EP (Inverse)
Devil With No Name – Devil With No Name (New Density)
Die Kreatur – Panoptikum (Napalm)
Drapsnatt – Skelepht Re-Release (Nordvis)
Dreamwalkers Inc – A Night At The Theatre (Layered Reality)
Esoctrilihum – Eternity Of Shaog (I, Voidhanger)
Evertrapped – The Last Extinction (Self)
Feleth – Depravity (DeadPop)
Feral Light – Life Vapor (Hypnotic Dirge)
Fires In The Distance – Echoes From Deep November (Self)
FM – Synchronized (Frontiers)
Forgive – Mirrors (Krod)
From Hell – Rats & Ravens (Scourge)
Frust – The Advent Of Adhara (Self)
The Headlines – Warpaint (Metalville)
Hellcome – Good Friends, Bad Company (Volcano)
Henry Kane – Age Of The Idiot (Transcending Obscurity)
Her Chariot Awaits – Her Chariot (Frontiers)
Hexenbrett – Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind zu töten (Dying Victims)
Killitorous – The Afterparty (Tentacles)
King Witch – Body Of Light (Listenable)
Lament Cityscape & Theologian – Soft Tissue: Excised Edition (Annihilvs Power Electronix)
The Last Renegades – Valley Of The Kings (Dissonance)
Maelstrom – Of Gods And Men (Self)
Master Massive – Black Feathers On Their Graves (Vicisolum)
Mountaineer – Bloodletting (Lifeforce)
Old Roger’s Revenge – Vengeance Of Blackbeard (Pavement)
One Desire – Midnight Empire (Frontiers)
Oz – Forced Commandments (Massacre)
Pagan – Rehearsal Tape ’19 (Saturnal)
Pile Of Priests – Pile Of Priests (Extreme Metal)
Plague Years – Circle Of Darkness (eOne)
Pretty Maids – Maid In Japan: Future World Live 30th Anniversary DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Protosequence – A Blunt Description Of Something Obscene EP (Lacerated Enemy)
Putrid Offal – Sickness Obsessions (Xenocorp)
Rekuiem – Raise The Dead (Dissonance)
Revenge – Strike.Smother.Dehumanize (Season Of Mist)
Ruadh – The Rock Of The Clyde (Northern Silence)
Ruphus – Inner Voice (Karisma)
Sargeist – Black Devotion Box Set (Dissonance)
Shadow In The Darkness – Erstwhile Befell (Sliptrick)
Shrieking/Puddleglum – Split (Self)
Sodomisery – The Great Demise (Testimony)
Souls Of Tide – Black Magic (Mighty)
Temnein – Tales: Of Humanity And Greed (Self)
Toronto – Under Siege EP (Dying Victims)
Treatment – Sagacity (Inverse)
Unreqvited – Empathica (Northern Silence)
Vesicarum – Reign Of Terror EP (One Eyed Toad)
War Cloud – Earhammer Sessions (Ripple)
Without Light – All The Kings Must Burn (Self)
Wolftooth – Valhalla (Ripple)
Wulfaz – Sotes Runer (Tonewood)
Zatyr – Ornament Of Proposition EP (Dying Victims)

May 29, 2020
Acarash – Descend To Purity (Dark Essence)
Adzes – No One Wants To Speak About It (Tridroid)
Akolyth – Akolyth (Amor Fati)
Alestorm – Curse Of The Crystal Coconut (Napalm)
AntiMozdeBeast – The Red River (Self)
Armagedda – Svindeldjup Attestup (Nordvis)
Astralborne – Eternity’e End (Prosthetic)
Atavistia – The Winter Way (Self)
Behemoth – A Forest EP (Metal Blade)
Black Falcon – Title (Morning Star Heathens)
Blacktop Mojo – Static EP (Self)
Bleed From Within – Fracture (Century Media)
Brant Bjork – Brant Bjork (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Brant Bjork – Gods And Goddesses Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Brant Bjork – Punk Rock Guilt Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Centinex – Death In Pieces (Agonia)
Decaying – Shells Will Fall (FDA)
Def Leppard – London To Vegas DVD/CD (Eagle Rock)
Deified – Anthrobscence (Self)
Dyatlove – Dyatlove EP (Self)
Enevelde – Enevelde (Van)
Evoker – Evil Torment EP (Blood Harvest)
Forged In Black – Ten Years At The Forge (Self)
Grave Digger – Fields Of Blood (Napalm)
Heinous/Fluids – Snuffed/Torture Euphoric Split (HPGD)
Held In Secret – Nomads EP (Self)
Impiety – Versus All Gods (Hells Headbangers)
Ironstone – Prophecy EP (Self)
Left For Dead – LFD (Self)
Lesser Glow – Nullity (Pelagic)
Many Blessings – Emanation Body (Translation Loss)
Michael – Michael II (Roxx)
Misanthropic Rituals – A Path Through Absent Places (Self)
Monumental – Purification (Massive Sound)
Mrs. Piss – Self-Surgery (Sargent House)
Northwind – History (No Remorse)
The Oblivion Archetype – A Ballad Of Gold And Stone EP (Darkest Day)
Our Pond – Paraphernalia (Volcano)
Pagan – Rehearsal Tape ’19 (Saturnal)
Palaye Royale – The Bastards (Sumerian)
Paralysis – Mob Justice (Self)
Poccolus – Poccolus (Inferna Profundis)
Pulse – Black Knight (NRT)
Rush – Permanent Waves Re-Release (UMe/Mercury/Anthem)
Shaman Elephant – Wide Awake But Still Asleep (Karisma)
Shok Paris – Full Metal Jacket (No Remorse)
Smiling Assassin – Plight Of The Millennial (Self)
Solar Flare – Solar Flare (Self)
Songs From Black Spirit – I Am Who I Am (Sliptrick)
Sorcerer – Lamenting Of The Innocent (Metal Blade)
Stigmatized – A Wall Of Falseness (Fresh Outbreak)
Task Force Beer – Blastbeat Hangover Commando (FDA)
Vandenberg – 2020 (Mascot)
Violent Hammer – Riders Of The Wasteland (Hells Headbangers)
The Wise Man’s Fear – Valley Of Kings (SharpTone)
Xibalba – Anos En Infierno (Southern Lord)

June 5, 2020
156/Silence – Irrational Pull (Self)
-16- – Dream Squasher (Relapse)
Afterimage – Temperance (Krispy Krumble)
Afterperception – Blades Over Despondence EP (Cult Of Osiris)
Amherawdr – Adorned With The Figures Of Snakes (Onism)
Azziard – Liber Secondus – Exegese (Malpermesita)
Blight – Temple Of Wounds (Svart)
Cloth – Axis Mundi EP (Nordic Mission)
Covet – Technicolor (Triple Crown)
Currents – The Way It Ends (SharpTone)
Datcha Mandala – Hara (Mrs Red Sound)
Death Courier – Necrotic Verses (Transcending Obscurity)
Devin Townsend – Empath – The Ultimate Edition (InsideOut)
Ebonivory – The Long Dream I (Wild Thing)
End – Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face (Closed Casket Activities)
The End At The Beginning – Elements EP (Self)
Enhailer/Black Pyramid – Split (Burnout)
Everlore – Everlore (Self)
Everyday Heroes – A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow (Self)
Exaugurate – Chasm Of Rapturous Delirium (Rotted Life)
Exhumed/Gruesome – Twisted Horror Split (Relapse)
Fraser Edwards – The Architect (Self)
From The Vastland – The Haft Khan (Iron, Blood and Death)
Frost – Others EP (InsideOut)
The Gay Agenda – Penetrating (La Escalera)
Geist & The Sacred Ensemble – Waning Hymns (Scry)
The Ghost Inside – The Ghost Inside (Epitaph)
Gorlvsh – New City Vibe (No List)
Gridfailure – Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery II (Nefarious)
The Hallowed Catharsis – Killowner EP (Lacerated Enemy)
Hanging Garden – Against The Dying Of The Light EP (Lifeforce)
Hex Wound – Averse To The Universe EP (Self)
Hot Alien Sauce – Seeking Glory (Volcano)
Instigate – Echoes Of A Dying World EP (Everlasting Spew)
Junkowl – Making Out With My Death (Self)
Kryptamok – Verisaarna (Purity Through Fire)
Mazikeen – The Solace Of Death (Iron, Blood and Death)
Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break The Oath Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Mercyful Fate – Melissa Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Mercyful Fate – Mercyful Fate Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Mount Cyanide – Mount Cyanide (Self)
Mustasuo – Katharsis (Off)
October Falls – A Fall Of An Epoch (Purity Through Fire)
Ormskrik – Armskrik (Fysisk Format)
Overhate – New Beginnings Are Met (Self)
Plight Radio – When Everything Burns Within (Antigony)
Re-Armed – Ignis Aeternum (Black Lion)
Sanctifying Ritual – Sanctifying Ritual (Iron Bonehead)
Sarpa – Solivagus (Self)
Sorge – Sorge EP (Self)
Stepson – Help Me Help You (SharpTone)
The Sword – Chronology: 2006-2018 (Craft)
The Sword – Conquest Of Kingdoms (Craft)
Throne Torcher – The Mechanics Of A Nightmare (Self)
Witches – The Fates (Mighty Spells)
Witching – Vernal (Self)
Witnesses – Doom II (Self)
Woodscream – Varevo (Self)
Youna – Zornvlouch (Into Endless Chaos)

June 12, 2020
Above Aurora – The Shrine Of Deterioration (Pagan)
Almyrkvi/The Ruins Of Beverast – Split (Van)
Amidst The Withering – Such Devils We Shame (Self)
Anonymus – La Bestia (Bam&co Heavy)
Arabs In Aspic – Madness And Magic (Karisma)
Aversions Crown – Hell Will Come For Us All (Nuclear Blast)
Baby Birds – An Olive Branch Wrapped In Barbed Wire (Artificial Head)
Barbaric Horde – Axe Of Superior Savagery (Godz Ov War)
Basalt – Silêncio Como Respiração (Ritual)
Behold The Arctopus – Hapeleptic Overtrove (Willowtip/P2)
Black Orchid Empire – Semaphore (Long Branch)
BPMD – American Made (Napalm)
Bulb – Archives: Volume 8 (3DOT)
Casket Grinder – Fall Into Dementia (Awakening)
Chasing Ghosts – Bring Me Suffering EP (Self)
Clint Lowery – Grief & Distance EP (Rise)
Curse The Son – Excruciation (Ripple)
Divine Weep – The Omega Man (Ossuary)
Down Again – The Devil Is A Gentleman (Self)
Eisenhauer – Blessed Be The Hunter (Self)
Electric Mob – Discharge (Frontiers)
Elm – The Wait (Bronson)
Flagg – Nothing But Death (Purity Through Fire)
Foetal Juice – Gluttony (Gore House)
Geezer – Groovy (Heavy Psych Sounds)
House Of Lords – New World – New Eyes (Frontiers)
Jupiter Hollow – Bereavement (Self)
Kult Mogil – Torn Away The Remains Of Dasein (Pagan)
League Of Corruption – Something In The Water (Black Doomba)
Leather Synn – Warlord EP (Non Nobis)
A Light In The Dark – Insomnia (Flowing Downward)
Lightworker – Fury By Failure (Solid State)
Living Gate – Deathlust EP (Relapse)
Ljosazabojstwa – Głoryja Śmierci (Godz Ov War)
Lord – Chaos Raining EP (Self)
Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – We Are The Night (Frontiers)
Michael Angelo Batio – More Machine Than Man (Rat Pak)
Moonlight Haze – Lunaris (Scarlet)
Nemesium – Continua (Black Lion)
Obscene – The Inhabitable Dark (Blood Harvest)
Oracle – Hindsight 2020 (Pavement)
Orgone – Mos/Fet (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Paradlydium – Worlds Beyond (Frontiers)
Parkcrest – …and That Blue Will Turn To Red (Awakening)
Restive Nation – Lucidum EP (Self)
Shape Of Water – Great Illusions (Eclipse)
Smackbound – 20/20 (Frontiers)
Sven Gali – 3 EP (RFL)
This Will Destroy You – Vespertine (Dark Operative)
Throneum – Oh Death…Oh Death…Determinate, Preach and Lead Us Astray (Godz Ov War)
Tia Carrera – Tried And True (Small Stone)
Ulthar – Providence (20 Buck Spin)
Valdrin – Effigy Of Nightmares (Blood Harvest)
Vega – Grit Your Teeth (Frontiers)
Zwaremachine – Be A Light (Sliptrick)

June 19, 2020
Airbag – A Day At The Beach (Karisma)
Alarum – Circle’s End (Dinner For Wolves)
The Alpha Structure – 7 Deadly Songs (Music)
Asinis – Gaia EP (Seek And Strike)
Atavist – III: Absolution (Candlelight)
Aversio Humanitatis – Behold The Silent Dwellers (Debemur Morti)
Beyond The Black – Horizons (Napalm)
Canis Dirus – Independence To The Beast (Bindrune)
Carrion Vael – God Killer (HPGD)
Chaosaint – In The Name Of EP (Self)
Circle Of Sighs – Salo (Pillars Of Creation)
Constellatia – The Language Of Limbs (Season Of Mist)
Cro-Mags – In The Beginning (Mission Two)
Cryptworm – Reeking Gunk Abhorrence EP (Pulverised/Me Saco Un Ojo)
Dearth – To Crown All Befoulment (Sentient Ruin)
Dominion Of Suffering – The Birth Of Hateful Existence (Slovak Metal Army)
Enterprise Earth – Foundation Of Bones EP (eOne)
Eye Of Nix – Ligeia (Prophecy)
Faeces Christ – Eat Shit And Die EP (FDA)
Fornicus – Sulphuric Omnipotence (Negative Earth)
Greyhawk – Keepers Of The Flame (Fighter)
Hail Spirit Noir – Eden In Reverse (Agonia)
Heruka – No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows (Rude Awakening)
Insatanity – Hymns Of The Gods Before (CDN)
Iron Maiden – The Live Collection – Remastered (BMG)
Jessica Wolff – Para Dice (Metalopolis)
Kall – Brand (Prophecy)
Lamb Of God – Lamb Of God (Epic)
Lapsus Dei – Sea Of Deep Reflections (Sliptrick)
Make Them Suffer – How To Survive A Funeral (Rise)
Malign – Demo 1/95 Re-Release (Shadow)
Miea – Chaos And Perfections (Slovak Metal Army)
The Moon And The Nightspirit – Aether (Prophecy)
Mordred – Volition EP (Self)
Mortal Incarnation – Lunar Radiant Dawn EP (FDA)
Mushroomhead – A Wonderful Life (Napalm)
Operus – Score Of Nightmares (Pride & Joy)
Panopticon – Live Migration (Bindrune)
Parasitario – Afterlife Truth EP (FDA)
The Path Of Memory – Hell Is Other People (Iron Bonehead)
Psycle – Kill The Machine (Self)
Rise Of The Northstar – Live In Paris EP (Nuclear Blast)
The Rite – Liturgy Of The Black (Iron Bonehead)
Shadowflag – In Asylum Requiem (Clobber)
She Bites – Joyride (Pride & Joy)
Sinister – Deformation Of The Holy Realm (Massacre)
Solaris – Un Paese di Musichette Mentre Fuori c’è la Morte (Bronson)
Sons Of Butcher – Lockdown In Steeltown EP (Infamous Butcher)
Spirit Of Rebellion – Time For Global Refusal (PRC)
Switchfoot – Covers EP (Fantasy)
Sxuperion – Omniscient Pulse (Bloody Mountain)
Thirteen Stars – Finest Ramshackle Jam (Rock People)
Torchlight Parade – Torchlight Parade (Self)
Underer – The Code (Nefarious)
Veio – Vitruvian (Silent Majority)
Vile Creature – Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! (Prosthetic)
Vomit Spell – Demo EP (FDA)
Withering Surface – Meet Your Maker (Mighty)
Zebediah Crowe – Host Rider (Lore Breaker)

June 26, 2020
3xpermental – Symphony Of Element (Self)
Acherontas – Psychic Death – The Shattering Of Perceptions (Agonia)
Ahab – Live Prey (Napalm)
Al-Namrood – Wala’at (Shaytan)
American Dream Machine – Deadhearts (Self)
Amherawdr – Adored With Figures Of Snakes (Onism)
Among The Ruins – Despite All Odds (Self)
Asian Death Crustacean – Baikal (Self)
Battle Born – Battle Born EP (Self)
Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin – Stygian Bough Volume 1 (Profound Lore)
Bulb – Archives: Volume 7 (3DOT)
Carach Angren – ‘Franckensteina Strataemontanus (Season Of Mist)
Catafalque – We Will Always Suffer (Trepnation)
Chris Rosander – King Of Hearts (AOR Heaven)
Constipation/Necrotomb – Split (Immortal Souls)
Creature – Ex Cathedra (I, Voidhanger)
Cryosphere – Constellations (Sliptrick)
Dauþuz – Grubenfall 1727 EP (Amor Fati)
Dead Carnage – From Hell For Hate (Immortal Souls)
Descend – The Deviant (Aftermath)
Dessiderium – Shadow Burn (Self)
Diabolic Oath – Profane Death Exodus (Sentient Ruin)
Dismalimerence – Tome: 1 (Transcending)
Draemora – Awakening EP (Ultra Nast)
DreamSpy – My Halo Of Obsession (Inverse)
Existential Emptiness – Neverending Pain – Everlasting Sorrow (Australis)
Exocrine – Maelstrom (Unique Leader)
Falconer – From A Dying Ember (Metal Blade)
Fellwarden – Wreathed In Mourncloud (Eisenwald)
Feuerschwanz – Das Elfte Gebot (Napalm)
Fight The Tornado – Maelstrom Of Thought EP (Self)
Fleshvessel – Bile Of Man Reborn EP (I, Voidhanger)
Fordomth – Is, Qui Mortem Audit (Auric)
Forgjord – Laulu Kuolemasta (Werewolf)
Gloom – Rider Of The Last Light (Spread Evil)
Goblins Blade – Of Angels And Snakes (Massacre)
Green Claws – Hell Is For Hugo Part I: Descent EP (Self)
Grey Daze – Amends (Loma Vista)
Heathen Beast – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Heard (Self)
Hornwood Fell – Cursed Thoughts (Kadabra)
Hydraform – Hydraform EP (Self)
IA – Initiation (Self)
Inexorum – Moonlight Navigation (Gilead)
Irae – Lurking In The Depths (Signal Rex)
Kalahari – Theia EP (Self)
Locust Reign – Downfall EP (HPGD)
Long Distance Calling – How Do We Want To Live? (InsideOut)
Magick Touch – Heads Have Got To Rock’n’Roll (Edged Circle)
Mantar – Grungetown Hooligans II (Brutal Panda)
Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins – Whore Of Babylon (Silver Lining)
Molitoth – The Tribunal (Self)
Neptunian Maximalism – Eons (I, Voidhanger)
Netherlands – Zombie Techno (Self)
New Dilemma – Is Your Story Over (Pavement)
Nexion – Seven Oracles (Avantgarde)
Nobody – Atmosfear (Inverse)
Odiosior – Odiosior EP (Spread Evil)
Ofermod – Pentagrammaton (Shadow)
Orfvs – Ceremony Of Darkness EP (Spread Evil)
Pale Divine – Consequence Of Time (Cruz Del Sur)
Pekla – Boogie With Satan (Self)
Pessimist – Holdout (Self)
Purtenance – Buried Incarnation (Xtreem)
Pyrrhon – Abscess Time (Willowtip)
Ravenlight – Project Genesis (Novus)
Serment – Chante, Ô Flamme de la Liberté (Sepulchral)
Serocs – Vore EP (Everlasting Spew)
Shed The Skin – The Forbidden Arts (Hells Headbangers)
Skyfall – Sleeping Forest (Trullpantor)
Solemnity – Through Endless Darkness EP (Self)
Sombre Heritage – Alpha Ursae Minoris (Sepulchral)
Stench Of Profit – No Place To Hide (Lethal Scissor)
Stygian Crown – Stygian Crown (Cruz Del Sur)
Thecodontion – Supercontinent (I, Voidhanger)
They Leapt From Burning Windows – Demo 2020 (Lycaeaen Triune)
The Third Kind – Man vs Earth (Self)
Thirty Nights Of Violence – You’ll See Me Up There (Unbeaten)
Thunderslave – Unchain The Night (No Remorse)
Tuple – Wooden Box (AOR Heaven)
Tyler Carter – Moonshine EP (Rise)
Unborn Suffer – Commit(ment To) Suicide (Selfmadegod)
Various Artists – Brown Acid: The Tenth Trip (Permanent/RidingEasy)
Velkhanos – The Wrath (Art Gates)
Voidceremony – Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel (20 Buck Spin)
Voodus – Open The Otherness EP (Shadow/Regain)
Vspolokh – Помре (Purity Through Fire)
Waves Like Walls – Waves Like Walls (7AM)
Wino – Forever Gone (Ripple)
With The End In Mind – Tides Of Fire (Avantgarde)

July 3, 2020
Accidental President – Accidental President (Self)
Acute Mind – Under The Empty Sky (Oskar)
Aleah Starbridge – Aleah (Svart)
Alive Alone – Therapy EP (Self)
Angeles – Hell On High Heels (Dark Star)
Awake The Mutes – Eyes (Bastardized)
Balance Breach – Dead End Diaries (Out Of Line)
Black Altar/Kirkebrann – Deus Inversus Split (Odium)
Black Funeral – Scourge Of Lemashtu (Iron Bonehead)
Bloodhunter – Bloodhunter Re-Release (Self)
Blood Stronghold – Spectres Of Bloodshed (Nebular Carcoma)
Bofo Kwo – Space/Time Carnivorium (Sliptrick)
Boris – No (Self)
Buena Madera – Zero (Volcano)
Bury Tomorrow – Cannibal (Music For Nations)
Chugun – Rogue Planet (Self)
Convocation – Ashes Coalesce (Everlasting Spew)
Ddent – Couvre-sang (Chien Noir)
Dead Tree Seeds – Push The Button (Music)
Elvaan Ibanfure – Latom EP (Self)
Enshadowed – Stare Into The Abyss (Odium)
Entartung – Maleficae Artes (Dunkelheit)
Godless North – Dark Rites Of The Mystic Order Re-Release (Nebular Carcoma)
Gramma Vedetta – A.C.I.D. Compliant EP (Self)
Hellbender – American Nightmare (No Life Til Metal)
Hieros – Triduum EP (Mourning Light)
Ignea – The Realms Of Fire And Death (Kadabra)
IRN – EP (Rope Or Guillotine)
Isaurian – Chains Of Blue (Self)
K.F.R. – Nihilist (Purity Through Fire)
Limos – Tales Of The White Eye EP (Inverse)
Maryann Cotton – Hallelujah (El Puerto)
Monte Luna – Mind Control Broadcast EP (Argonauta)
Night League – Night League (Self)
Northern Crown – In A Pallid Shadow (Self)
Poltergeist – Feather Of Truth (Massacre)
Powerwolf – Best Of The Blessed (Napalm)
Recluse – Lay Your Darkness Down With Me (Self)
Sickening Horror – Chaos Revamped (Pathologically Explicit)
Skullmaster – VoidWalkers (Self)
Soul Grinder – Chronicles Of Decay (Black Sunset/MDD)
Swarming – Primeval Arteries Of The Sacred Dead (Nihilistic Noise)
Torrefy – Life Is Bad (Self)
Walpurgia – Altar Of The Goatbaphomet EP (Helter Skelter/Regain)

July 10, 2020
666 – 666 (Nuclear War Now!)
Alberto Rigoni – Odd Times (Sliptrick)
Alizarin – The Last Semblance (Self)
Aseitas – False Peace (Lizard Brain)
Bloody Heels – Ignite The Sky (Frontiers)
Bryan Eckerman – The 7th Sin (Self)
Bulb – Archives: Volume 6 (3DOT)
CJSS – Praise The Loud Re-Release (Divebomb)
CJSS – World Gone Mad Re-Release (Divebomb)
Crown The Empire – 7102010 (Rise)
Dawn Of Ashes – The Antinomian (Artoffact)
Dawn Of A Dark Age – La Tavola Osca (Antiq)
Decay – Staring At The Sun (Fox)
Decrepid – Endless Sea Of Graves (Xtreem)
Deus Vult – Look Upon Your Master: The Demo Anthology (Divebomb)
Devastator – Baptised In Blasphemy (Clobber)
Disabled – The Final Exhumation (Xenocorp)
Ensiferum – Thalassic (Metal Blade)
Enuff Z’Nuff – Brainwashed Generation (Frontiers)
Eternal Rot – Putridarium (Godz Ov War)
Executioner’s Mask – Despair Anthems (Profound Lore)
Forte – Stranger Than Fiction Re-Release (Divebomb)
ILS – Curse (Self)
Inter Arma – Garbers Days Revisited (Relapse)
In/Vertigo – Sex,Love & Chaos (Rockshots)
Kingnomad – Sagan Om Rymden (Ripple)
Lantern – Dimensions (Dark Descent)
ManDown – We Want Blood EP (Self)
Mark Spiro – 2+2=5: Best Of & Rarities (Frontiers)
Meridian Dawn – The Fever Syndrome (Seeing Red)
Merlock – That Which Speaks EP (Self)
Michael Grant & The Assassins – Always The Villain (Frontiers)
Mr Sleazy – All Or Nothing (Volcano)
Nodus Tollens – Melancholic Waters Ablaze With The Fires Of Loss (Trepnation/Pacific Threnodies)
Of Wolves – Balance (Trepnation)
Osyron – Foundations (SAOL)
The Outliers – Dissipating Eternity (Wormholedeath)
Pedro Salvador – Traste EP (Voragem)
Rebel Wizard – Magickal Mystical Indifference (Prosthetic)
Rites Of Daath – Doom Spirit Emanation (Godz Ov War)
Runemaster – Wanderer (Rafchild)
Sail – Mannequin (Self)
Saints Of Death – Ascend To The Throne (Head Rattle)
Same Gods – Worried Eyes (Self)
Shining Black – Shining Black (Frontiers)
Skeleton – Skeleton (20 Buck Spin)
SpiritWorld – Pagan Rhythms (Self)
Sputa – No Redemption (Goodwill)
Static-X – Project Regeneration Volume 1 (Otsego)
Taake/Deathcult – Jaertegn Split EP (Edged Circle)
Ten Foot Wizard – Get Out Of Your Mind (Beard Of Zeus)
Tokyo Motor Fist – Lions (Frontiers)
Trial – 1 EP (Self)
Uerberos – Stand Over Your Grave (Godz Ov War)
Voivod – The End Of Dormancy EP (Century Media)
Vulcan Tyrant – Vulcanic Collection (HPGD)
Wanderer – Awakening Force (Rafchild)

July 17, 2020
Ascendency – Birth Of An Eternal Empire EP (Iron Bonehead)
Barfbag – Plastic Age EP (Stay Gold)
Battalions – Pure Humber Sludge (APF)
Battle Dagorath – Abyss Horizons (Avantgarde)
The Big Dirty – The Sex (Self)
The Big Jazz Duo – Samael EP (This Is Core)
Conan/Deadsmoke – Doom Sessions Vol. 1 Split EP (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Daggers – Neon Noir Erotica (Throatruiner)
Dark Sarah – Grim (Napalm)
Deathnoisefrequency – Horrid Dirge EP (Self)
Desecrate – Kingdom (Wormholedeath)
Domination Black – Judgement IV (Pride & Joy)
Eisenkult – …gedenken wir der Fisnternis (Purity Through Fire)
Embr – 1823 (New Heavy Sounds)
Entry – Detriment (Southern Lord)
Eremit – Desert Of Ghouls (Transcending Obscurity)
Figures – Operating In Unsafe Mode (Self)
The Funeral Orchestra – Negative Evocation Rites (Nuclear War Now!)
God – IV – Revelation (Self)
Guardian Of Lightning – Cosmos Tree (Eclipse)
The Hate Club – Death Of The Protagonist EP (The Label Group/INgrooves)
Inhalement – Eternally Stoned (HPGD)
Inisans/Sepulchral Frost – Death Fire Darkness Split EP (Helter Skelter/Regain)
Jet Jaguar – Endless Nights (Pride & Joy)
Jump The Fall – Ten Year Guilt: Part 1 EP (Pavement)
Khthoniik Cerviiks – Æequiizoiikum (Iron Bonehead)
The Lightbringer – From The Void To Existence (Self)
Lonely Robot – Feelings Are Good (InsideOut)
Maggot Heart – Mercy Machine (Rapid Eye)
Might – Might (Exile On Mainstream)
Moonlight Desires – At The Movies EP (Infamous Butcher)
Mystras – Castles Conquered And Reclaimed (I, Voidhanger)
Nexus – Death Nova Upon The Barren Harvest EP (Blood Harvest)
Nuclear Winter – Stormscapes EP (MMD)
Pekla – Boogie With Satan (Self)
Phobetor – When Life Falls Short (Black Jasper)
Ramallah – Last Gasp Of Street Rock N’ Roll (State Line)
Riket – Ofarder EP (Vicisolum)
Rise Against – The Black Market Expanded Edition (Interscope/UMe)
Rumahoy – Time II: Party (Napalm)
Scolopendra – Those Of The Catacombs (Nuclear War Now!)
Serene Dark – Enantiodromia (Self)
Snogg – Ritual Of The Sun (Self)
Thyrant – Katabasis (Indie)
Toby And The Whole Truth – I Won’t Be With You Re-Release (Jepsongs)
Tooms – The Orb Offers Massive Signals (Cursed Monk)
U.D.O. – We Are One (AFM)
Vaki – Kuolleen Maan Omaksi (Redefining Darkness/Saturnal)
Wilderun – Veil Of Imagination Re-Release (Century Media)
Witchcraft/Aske – Split (Nuclear War Now!)
Ysengrin – Initiatio (I, Voidhanger)
Zombi – 2020 (Relapse)

July 24, 2020
The Acacia Strain – Slow Decay (Rise)
Angel – A Woman’s Diary – Chapter II (Massacre)
Ahthme – Mephitic (Unique Leader)
Ayr – The Dark (The Hell Command)
Bedsore – Hypnagogic Hallucinations (20 Buck Spin)
Bulb – Archives: Volume 5 (3DOT)
Buried Realm – Embodiment Of The Divine (Self)
Catalysis – Connection Lost (Self)
Chaos Over Cosmos – The Ultimate Multiverse (Narcoleptica)
Dead Bronco – The Annunciation (Sun & Moon)
Deadlight Sanctuary – Thaumaturgical Rites Of The Damned (Sentient Ruin)
Defeated Sanity – The Sanguinary Impetus (Willowtip)
Denominate – Isochron (Inverse)
Drops Of Heart – Stargazers (Self)
Evil Warriors – Shattenbringer (Into Endless Chaos)
Extinction – Smouldering Enfoulment (Self)
Fides Inversa – Historia Nocturna (W.T.C.)
From The Ruins – Into Chaos EP (No Life Til Metal)
Gaerea – Limbo (Season Of Mist)
Gosta Berlings Saga – Konkret Musik (InsideOut)
Haken – Virus (InsideOut)
Haxan – White Noise (Self)
Ice War – Defender, Destroyer (Fighter)
In Mourning – Monolith Re-Release (Agonia)
Judicator – Let There Be Nothing (Prosthetic)
Las Historias – Las Historias (Electric Valley)
Leslie Ripp – Circle Of Fifths (Sliptrick)
Let Us Prey – Virtues Of The Vicious (M-Theory)
Meridian Dawn – The Fever Syndrome (Seeing Red)
Morse, Portnoy, George – Cov3r To Cov3r (InsideOut)
Morse, Portnoy, George – Cover To Cover Anthology (Vol 1-3) (InsideOut)
Mosaic – Harvest: Songs Of Autumnal Landscapes And Melancholy (Eisenwald)
Night In Gales – Dawnlight Garden (Apostasy)
Oxalate/Perpetuated/Blood Spore/Vivisect – Split (Blood Harvest)
Primal Fear – Metal Commando (Nuclear Blast)
Ruckwater – Supernova (Inverse)
Ruin – Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2 (HPGD)
Starmen – Kiss The Sky (Melodic Passion)
Stonebirds – Collapse And Fall (Ripple)
Temple Of Dread – World Sacrifice (Testimony)
Thomas V. Jager – A Solitary Plan (RidingEasy)
Union Kain – Black Dawn (Self)
Valkyrie – Fear (Relapse)
Volturyon – Xenogenesis (Vicisolum)

July 31, 2020
Aepoch – The Scryer EP (Self)
Alcatrazz – Born Innocent (Silver Lining)
Alain Johannes – Hum (Ipecac)
Athanatheos – Prophetic Era (Lavadome)
Between The Buried And Me – The Silent Circus Re-Release (Craft)
Blackballed – Elephant In The Room (Metalville)
Black Veil Brides – Re-Stitch These Wounds (Sumerian)
Burn The Mankind – Chaos Matter EP (Emanzipation)
Cardiac Arrest – The Day That Death Prevailed (Memento Mori)
Carthagods – The Monster In Me (FDA)
Coltre – Under The Influence (Dying Victims)
Damnation Angels – Fiber Of Our Being (Self)
Deathcraeft – On Human Devolution (Self)
Deathstorm – For Dread Shall Reign (Dying Victims)
Dee Snider – For The Love Of Metal Live CD/DVD (Napalm)
Defy The Tyrant – Bones (Pavement)
Disavowed – Revocation Of The Fallen (Brutal Mind)
Dkharmakhaoz – Proclamation Ov The Black Sun (Iron Bonehead)
Draconis – Anthems For An Eternal Battle (Brutal)
Draghkar – At The Crossroads Of Infinity (Unspeakable Axe)
Drouth – Excerpts From A Dread Liturgy (Translation Loss)
Dystopia A.D. – Rise Of The Merciless (Self)
Fall Of Messiah – Senicarne (Holy Roar)
Foot – The Balance Of Nature Shifted (Cooper Feast)
Geist & The Sacred Ensemble – Waning Hymns (Scry)
Geoff Tyson – Drinks With Infinity (Cargo)
Goldray – Feel The Change (Akashic)
Greyscale – Live From The Barber Shop Studios EP (Fearless)
Heresiarch/Antediluvian – Defleshing The Serpent Infinity Split EP (Iron Bonehead)
Herxheim – Incised Arrival (Nuclear War Now!)
High Spirits – Hard To Stop (High Roller)
Hole Dug Deep – Buried Alive (Sliptrick)
Imperial Triumphant – Alphaville (Century Media)
Insight – Reflection (Mission Two)
Joe Bouchard – Strange Legends (Deko)
Katalepsy – Terra Mortuus Est (Unique Leader)
King Gorm – King Gorm (Self)
Lionheart – The Reality Of Miracles (Metalville)
Lucio Manca – Third Outline Of A New Beginning EP (Self)
Mora Prokaza – By Chance (Season Of Mist)
MrKill – The Day Of Reckoning EP (Self)
My Silent Wake – Damnum Per Saeculorum (Opa Loka)
Nagaarum – Covid Diaries (Aesthetic Death)
Osi And The Jupiter – Appalachia EP (Eisenwald)
Ost + Front – Dein Helfer In Der Not (Out Of Line)
Pale Horseman – For Dust Thou Art (Self)
Paragon Zero – Omass EP (Pest)
Powersquad – Mysterizer (Massive Sound)
Psychosexual – Torch The Faith (6ex)
Resin Tomb – Resin Tomb (Brilliant Emperor)
Sentencia – Solve et Coagula (Wormholedeath)
Septicflesh – Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX DVD (Season Of Mist)
Sepulchral Curse – Only Ashes Remain (Transcending Obscurity)
Shezmu – A Travers Les Lambeaux (Krucyator)
Somniate – The Meyrinkian Slumber (Lavadome)
Soulrot – Victims Of Spiritual Warfare (Memento Mori)
Steve Howe – Love Is (BMG)
Thundermother – Heat Wave (AFM)
Turkey Vulture – Time To Pay EP (Self)
Unruly – Unruly (Sludgelord)
Until We Get Caught – Surface EP (InVogue)
Upon A Burning Body – Built From War EP (Seek and Strike)
Valgrind – Condemnation (Memento Mori)
Various Artists – A Fistful More Of Rock n Roll, Vol. 3 (Screaming Crow)
Venator/Angel Blade – Split (Dying Victims)
Warkings – Revenge (Napalm)
Winter Nights – Winter Nights (Self)

August 7, 2020
Angel Morgue – In The Morgue Of Angels (Redefining Darkness)
Arctic Rain – The One (Frontiers)
Astriferous – The Lower Levels Of Sentience EP (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Avatar – Hunter Gatherer (eOne)
Basmu – VVitchblood (Lunar Apparitions)
Black Crown Initiate – Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape (Century Media)
Black Rose Maze – Black Rose Maze (Frontiers)
Blue Oyster Cult – 45th Anniversary – Live In London (Frontiers)
Brotthogg – The Die Is Cast (Self)
Bulb – Orchestral (3DOT)
Canedy – Warrior (Sleaszy Rider)
Concrete – Free Us From Existence (Black Voodoo)
Curses – Chapter II: Bloom (SharpTone)
Deep Purple – Whoosh! (earMusic)
Disciples Of Verity – Pragmatic Sanction (Self)
Ditchwater – Never Say Never (Pavement)
Drainbow – The Tower Of Flints (Self)
Dukes Of The Orient – Freakshow (Frontiers)
Faceless Burial – Speciation (Dark Descent/Me Saco Un Ojo)
Fixation – Global Suicide EP (Indie)
Fortune – The Gun’s Still Smokin’ Live DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Gardner/James – Synergy (Pavement)
Ghost Avenue – Even Angels Fail (Self)
GWAR – Scumdogs Of The Universe 30th Anniversary Box Set (Self)
Howling Giant/Sergeant Thunderhoof – Turned To Stone Chapter II: Masamune & Muramasa Split (Ripple)
In Hearts Wake – Kaliyuga (UNFD)
Jet Fuel Chemistry – Sign Of The Times EP (Self)
Kekal – Quantum Resolution (Eastbreath)
Krallice – Mass Cathexis (Gilead)
Leeches – A Plague In The Heart Of Light (Self)
Lionville – Magic Is Alive (Frontiers)
Lord Of The Lost – Swan Songs III (Napalm)
Lords Orots – Conquering The Infinite Void (Onism)
Lunar Chalice – Medieval Cults Of Heresy (Dominance Of Darkness)
Malus Votum – Tradition (Lunar Apparitions)
Megalith Levitation/Dekonstruktor – Split (Aesthetic Death)
Megascavenger – Songs In The Key Of Madness (Xtreem)
Messiah – Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe EP (High Roller)
Misery Signals – Ultraviolet (Self)
Moonspell – The Butterfly Effect Re-Release (Napalm)
NordEnd – Gegenwind (Dedication)
Oneiric Celephais – The Obscure Sibyl (Gore House)
Onslaught – Generation Antichrist (AFM)
Ooze – Shivers EP (Robustfellow)
Orbit Culture – Nija (Seek and Strike)
Peter Carlsohn’s The Rise – Out Of The Blue (Jono)
Ramos – My Many Sides (Frontiers)
Ravened – From The Depths (Jono)
Ruphus – Flying Colours (Karisma)
Sanity Control – War On Life (Seeing Red/Selfmadegod)
Sargeras – Return Of The Dancing Whores (The Crawling Chaos)
Scars – Predatory (Brutal)
Selbst – Relatos De Angustia (Debemur Morti)
Selenseas – The Outer Limits (Rockshots)
Slaves – To Better Days (SBG)
Spiritual Holocast – Echoes Of The Apocalypse (More Hate)
Starless Domain – Alma (Aesthetic Death)
Steve Von Till – No Wilderness Deep Enough (Neurot)
Stillbirth – Revive The Throne (Unique Leader)
Temple Nightside – Pillars Of Damnation (Iron Bonehead)
Terminal Nation – Holocene Extinction (20 Buck Spin)
Texas Murder Crew – Everyone’s Last Breath (Comatose)
Vassafor – To The Death (Iron Bonehead)
WoR – Prisoners (Bungalo)
Yanomamo – Sympathy For A Rat (Self)

August 14, 2020
8Kids – Live In Leipzig 2019 EP (Napalm)
Bear Mace – Charred Field Of Slaughter (Self)
Behind The Horror – Burn Up This Truth (Self)
Bull Elephant – Created From Death (Eat Lead And Die)
Cancer – Opioid (Self)
Chastain – For Those Who Dare 30th Anniversary Edition (Divebomb)
The Darkest Steps – Earth’s Black Womb EP (Self)
Deathcave – Smoking Mountain (Satanik Royalty)
Decoherence – Unitarity (Sentient Ruin)
Dissident Aggressor – Death Beyond Darkness (Divebomb)
Epitaph – Echoes Entombed: The Demo Anthology 1991-2002 (Divebomb)
Fange – Poigne EP (Throatruiner)
Fermentor – Continuance (Self)
Grimgotts – Sagas EP (Self)
Halestorm – Reimagined EP (Atlantic)
Incarnate Deity – Theodicy (Christian Metal Underground)
Ingested – Where Only Gods May Tread (Unique Leader)
In Mourning – Echoes (Agonia)
Into Eternity – Into Eternity Re-Release (M-Theory)
Into Eternity – The Incurable Tragedy Re-Release (M-Theory)
Kamelot – I Am The Empire – Live From The 013 CD/DVD (Napalm)
King Buzzo – Gift Of Sacrifice (Ipecac)
The Natural Disasters – Tormenta (Moondrop)
Navian – Reset EP (Indie)
North Kingsley – Vol. 1 EP (22 Red)
Nug – Alter Ego (Willowtip)
Obscure Relic – First Black Communion EP (Helldprod)
The Oracle – Hypogeum (Repose)
Ov Shadows – I Djavulens Avbild (Hypnotic Dirge)
The Phantom Carriage – 7-Year Epilogue (Throatruiner)
Primitive Man – Immersion (Relapse)
Rat Boogie – Bad Gravity (Secret)
Rope Sect – The Great Flood (Iron Bonehead)
Season Of Dreams – My Shelter (Pride & Joy)
Shadow People – Washing In Soap Opera (Self)
Shadow & The Thrill – Sugarbowl (Deko)
Terra Atlantica – Age Of Steam (Pride & Joy)
Visceral Violation – Carnival Cannibal (HPGD)
Winterhearth – Riverbed Empire (Still Heavy)

August 21, 2020
Ages – Uncrown (Black Lodge)
Anthrax – Persistence Of Time 30th Anniversary Edition (Megaforce)
Ars Magna Umbrae – Apotheosis (I, Voidhanger)
Assignment – Reflections (Massacre)
Atramentus – Stygian (20 Buck Spin)
Be Well – The Weight And The Cost (Equal Vision)
Black Elephant – Seven Swords (Small Stone)
Blasphemous Putrefaction – Prelude To Perversion (Dunkelheit)
Blues Pills – Holy Moly! (Nuclear Blast)
Brandy And The Butcher – Dick Circus (River Monster)
Brimstone Coven – The Woes Of A Mortal Earth (Ripple)
Bulb – Archives: Volume 4 (3DOT)
Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Cattle Decapitation – Monolith Of Inhumanity Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Cytotoxin – Nuklearth (Unique Leader)
Deimler – Zero One EP (Awakening)
Ekko Park – Horizon (Dinner For Wolves)
Expander – Neuropunk Boostergang (Profound Lore)
Flame – Ignis Spiritus EP (Primitive Reaction)
Funeral For Two – Funeral For Two EP (Inverse)
Glass Ocean – The Remnants Of Losing Yourself In Someone Else (Wild Thing)
God’s Bastard – Last Standing Village EP Re-Release (I, Voidhanger)
Great Cold Emptiness – Death Gifted A Bouquet (Flowing Downward)
(Hed) P.E. – Class Of 2020 (Suburban Noize)
Homicide – Left For Dead (Self)
Idle Threat – Nothing Is Broken For Good EP (Tooth & Nail)
Incantation – Sect Of Vile Divinities (Relapse)
Inimical Drive – Enemy EP (Self)
Jesus Wept – Apartheid Redux (Redefining Darkness)
Kill The Lights – The Sinner (Fearless)
The King’s Pistol – Rip It Up EP (Majestic Mountain)
Mad Max – Stormchild Rising (SPV/Steamhammer)
Master Charger – Origin Of The Lugubrious (Stoned Rocka)
Mercyless – The Mother Of All Plagues (Xenocorp)
Megadrone – Transmissions From The Jovian Antennae (Self)
Midgard – Tales Of Kreia (Sliptrick)
Moths/The Stone Eye – Split EP (Self)
Next Life – Guru Meditation (Fysisk Format)
Precambrian – Tectonics (Primitive Reaction)
Prosanctus Inferi – Hypnotic Blood Art (Nuclear War Now!)
Psychlona – Venus Skytrip (Ripple)
Put – The Songs Of The Death Re-Release (Antiq)
Pyramid Theorem – Beyond The Exosphere (Self)
Reasons Behind – Project: M.I.S.T. (Scarlet)
Recorruptor – The Funeral Corridor (Self)
Repulsive Vision – Necrovictology (Emanzipation)
Reserving Dirtnaps – Another Disaster EP (WAR)
Sandness – Enter Please EP (Rockshots)
Saor – Roots Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Seeming – The Birdwatcher’s Guide To Atrocity (Artoffact)
Self Hypnosis – Contagion Of Despair (Svart)
Sensory Amusia – Bereavement EP (Lacerated Enemy)
Sepsiss – 11-11 (Pavement)
Shrapnel Storm – Shrapnel Storm (Great Dane)
Siege Column – Darkside Legions (Nuclear War Now!)
Silver Knife – Unyielding/Unseeing (Amor Fati)
Sound Of Origin – The All Seeing Eye (APF)
Stoned Jesus – First Communion Re-Release (Napalm)
The Tangent – Auto Reconnaissance (InsideOut)
These Streets – Expect The Worst (Upstate)
Thousand Below – Let Go Of Your Love EP (Rise)
Toxic Tito – Bestia (Self)
Toxik Death – Sepulchral Demons (High Roller)
Unleash The Archers – Abyss (Napalm)
Unto The Wolves – Year 3 (Self)
Veonity – Sorrows (Scarlet)
Verikyyneleet – Illman Kuolemaa (I, Voidhanger)
Vicious Rumors – Celebration Decay (SPV/Steamhammer)
Volcanova – Radical Waves (The Sign)
Xythlia – Immortality Through Quantum Suicide (I, Voidhanger)

August 28, 2020
Aleynmord – The Blinding Light (AOP)
The Atomic Bitchwax – Scorpio (Tee Pee)
Babirusa – Humanoid (Self)
Bastard Priest – Vengeance…Of The Damned EP (Dying Victims)
Begrafven – Dodsriket (Unexploded)
Black Elephant – Seven Swords (Small Stone)
Black Magnet – Hallucination Scene (20 Buck Spin)
Brain Corrosion/Ripped To Shreds – Exhumed From Eastern Tombs Split (HPGD)
Crafting The Conspiracy – The Cosmic Key II (Innerstrength)
Cultus Profano – Accursed Possession (Debemur Morti)
The Devil’s Trade – The Call Of The Iron Peak (Season Of Mist)
Diamond Rexx – Psych Ward (Pavement)
Doda Havet – Tid Och Rum (Gaphals)
Dokken – The Lost Songs: 1978-1981 (Silver Linings)
Dreams Of Avalon – Beyond The Dream (Metalville)
Dying Vision – The Death And Its Slaughter (Self)
Entropy – Force Convergence (Self)
Exist – Egoiista (Prosthetic)
From The Depth – Moments (Rockshots)
Frostvore – Drowned By Blood (Testimony)
Garth Arum – The Fireflowers Tale (Darkness Within)
Goatvulva – Goatvulva (Werewolf)
Gorgatron – Pathogenic Automation (Self)
Grumpynators – Still Alive (Mighty)
Gutvoid – Astral Bestiary EP (Blood Harvest)
Hinayana – Death Of The Cosmic EP (Napalm)
Hymn – Breach Us (Fysisk Format)
Inept – Images Of Betrayal Re-Release (Archivist)
In Chasms Deep – The Wind And Her Lament (Self)
In Flames – clayman 20th Anniversary Edition (Nuclear Blast)
Intoxicated – Walled EP (Seeing Red)
John Petrucci – Terminal Velocity (Sound Mind)
Juodvarnis – Nerimo Dienos (Dangus)
Law Of Contagion – Woeful Litanies From The Nether Realms (Moribund)
Luna’s Call – Void (Self)
Lynch Mob – Wicked Sensation Reimagined (Rat Pak)
Machina Blge – Barcode (Vicisolum)
Manticora – To Live To Kill To Live (Vicisolum)
Mentalist – Freedom Of Speech (Pride & Joy)
Metallica – S&M2 (Blackened)
Model Prisoner – Piss Universe EP (Self)
Morta – Funebre (Signal Rex)
Narcissistic Necrosis – The Art Of Deformity (Self)
Narrow Head – 12th House Rock (Run For Cover)
Neanderthal Noise Machine – Neanderthal Noise Machine EP (Dying Victims)
Necrot – Mortal (Tankcrimes)
Neige Morte – IIII (Division)
Nelvara – The Black Flame EP Re-Release (M-Theory)
Night Laser – Power To Power (Out Of Line)
Nonexist – Like The Fearless Hunter (Mighty)
Nuclear Warfare – Lobotomy (MDD)
Null – Entity (Van)
Ominous Resurrection – Judgement (Terratur)
Over The Voids – Hadal (Nordvis)
Pain Of Salvation – Panther (InsideOut)
Panzerfaust – The Suns Of Perdition II: Render Unto Eden (Eisenwald)
Pig Destroyer – The Octagonal Stairway EP (Relapse)
Plague Organ – Orphan (Sentient Ruin)
Poema Arcanvs – Stardust Solitude (Transcending Obscurity)
Possession – Disentombed Manifestations (Xtreem)
Powerman 5000 – The Noble Rot (Cleopatra)
The Projectionist – Under The Cruel Glow Of Terror (Moribund)
Psychoid – Thrash Impact Re-Release (Music)
Psychosomatic – The Invisible Prison (Nefarious)
Radiant Knife – The Body (Self)
Rancid Taint Discharge – Taste The Love (Hovel)
Redemption – Alive In Color DVD/CD (AFM)
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – The Emergency EP (Self)
Reptoid – Worship False Gods (Learning Curve)
Rome – The Lone Furrow (Trisol)
Seether – Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (Fantasy)
Sheenjek – Unclever (Seventh Rule)
Silentium – Motiva (Out Of Line)
Slomosa – Slomosa (Apollon)
Soulcaster – Maelstrom Of Death And Steel EP (Dying Victims)
Spook The Horses – Empty Body (Pelagic)
Stormburst – Highway To Heaven (AOR Heaven)
Suicide Circle – Demo MMXX (Osmose)
Sun Eater – Light Devoured EP (Miasma)
Svederna – Hard (Carnal)
Svnth – Spring In Blue (Transcending)
Tanna – Storm In Paradise (AOR Heaven)
Tim Bowness – Late Night Laments (InsideOut)
Tony Mitchell – Church Of A Restless Soul (AOR Heaven)
Tsatthoggua – Hallelujah Messiah (Osmose)
Turtle Skull – Monoliths (Art As Catharsis)
Ulver – Flowers Of Evil (House Of Mythology)
Unhuman Disease – Dalla Benedizione Del Diavolo Re-Release (Moribund)
Valvera – Cycle Of Disaster (Brutal)
Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium (AFM)
Venom – Sons Of Satan (BMG)
Venomous Concept – Politics Versus The Erection (Season Of Mist)
Veritas – Threads Of Fatality (Self)
Vital Spirit – In The Faith That Looks Through Death EP (Hidden Tribe)
Wampirvs Sinistrvs – Blood Of The Vampyre EP (Harvest Of Death)
Wills Dissolve – Echoes (Hypnotic Dirge)

September 4, 2020
’68 – Love Ain’t Dead EP (Cooking Vinyl)
Across The Storm – Projections (Time To Kill)
Afflict – I Want It, I Need It.. Gotta Have It Re-Release (This Could Be Your Music)
Airforce – Strike Hard (Pitch Black)
Allfather – Century Sessions Volume 1 EP (Rotting Throne)
Amputation – Slaughtered In The Arms Of God (Nuclear War Now!)
Black Magnet – Hallucination Scene (Self)
Blood Red Fog – Fields Of Sorrow (Deviant)
Bulb – Archives: Volume 3 (3DOT)
Cancerfaust – Let The Earth Tremble (Godz Ov War)
Cobra Spell – Love Venom EP (Self)
Comniac – Holodox (Metalworld)
Cult Of Lilith – Mara (Metal Blade)
Cultum Interitum – Poison Of Being (Godz Ov War)
Danny Adams – Soul Horizon (Self)
Dead Lord – Surrender (Century Media)
Deafkids & Petbrick – Deafbrick (Neurot)
Desolator – Sermon Of Apathy (Black Lion)
Desource – Ambition EP (Rockshots)
Diesel Machine – Evolve (Metalville)
Don’t Sleep – Turn The Tide (Mission Two)
Dunwich – Tail-Tied Hearts (Caligari)
Dygora – Ghetto Spiritual EP (Self)
Eave – Phantoms Made Permanent (Bindrune)
En Minor – When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out (Housecore)
Eshtadur – From The Abyss (Blood Blast)
Evaporates Sores – Ulcerous Dimensions (Sentient Ruin)
Festerdecay/Crash Syndrom – Encyclopedia Of Putrefactive Anomalies Split (Obliteration)
Foretoken – Ruin (Prosthetic)
The Glorious Dead – Into Lifeless Shrines (Bindrune)
Goatcraft/Plutonian Shore – Split EP (Hessian Firm)
Gold, Frankincense & Myhrr – Operation Take Over EP (Self)
Gourd – The Emptied Wastes (Cursed Monk)
Had – Untitled EP (Dark Descent)
The Hawkins – Silence Is A Bomb (The Sign)
Hell In The Club – Hell Of Fame (Frontiers)
Helloween – 7 Sinners Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Helloween – Straight Out Of Hell Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Helloween – Unarmed Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Ildskaer – Den Raedsomste Nat (Wolfspell)
Idolatria – Tetrabestiarchy (Signal Rex)
In Parallel – Fashioner EP (Wiretap)
Intercepting Pattern – The Encounter (Rising Nemesis)
Katavasia – Magnus Venator (Floga)
Kommando Baphomet – Under The Deathsign (Godz Ov War)
Landfall – The Turning Point (Frontiers)
The Last Giant – I: Terminus EP (Self)
Layne’s Calling – Layne’s Calling EP (Pavement)
Magni – Magni (Dead Games)
Memocrasher – Humanity & Revenant (Self)
Nocturn – Like A Seed Of Dust (Sliptrick)
Noumena – Anima (Inverse)
Oceans Of Slumber – Oceans Of Slumber (Century Media)
Oxalate – Infatuating Sickness EP (HPGD)
Perfect Plan – Time For A Miracle (Frontiers)
Persekutor – Permanent Winter (Svart)
The Pineapple Thief – Versions Of The Truth (Kscope)
Polymoon – Caterpillars Of Creation (Svart)
Regrowth – Lungs (Fresh Outbreak)
Resita Rocks – Nascuti Din Foc (Loud Rage)
Rikard Sjoblom’s Gungfly – Alone Together (InsideOut)
Rising Steel – Fight Them All (Frontiers)
Rot – …As One (War Against)
Saccage – Khaos Mortem Re-Release (Music)
Saturday’s Heroes – Turn Up The Music! (Lovely)
Serpent Omega – II (Icons Creating Evil Art)
Simon Collins – Becoming Human (Frontiers)
Strange New Dawn – Planet System (Death To Music)
Stryper – Even The Devil Believes (Frontiers)
The Sunrise – Brand New Disorder (Wormholedeath)
Threestepstotheocean – Del Fuoco (Antigony)
Thurisaz – Re-Incentive (Self)
Tom McKay – Hung By The Wings Of Fate (Self)
Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect – The World Trapped In Vampyric Sway (Darker And Darker) (Crown and Thorne)
Vacant Eyes – A Somber Preclusion Of Being (Self)
Vane – The Nightmare EP (Self)
Various Artists – Sno Babies Motion Picture Soundtrack (Better Noise)
Void Rot – Descending Pillars (Sentient Ruin)
Washed Up Has Beens – Weathered The Storm EP (Self)
Watertank – Silent Running (Atypeek)
Wilczyca – Horda (Gods Ov War)
Wings Of Destiny – Ballads (Wormholedeath)
Zakk Sabbath – Vertigo (Magnetic Eye)
Zuni Doll – Zuni Doll (Erratic)

September 11, 2020
Abduction/Nocturnal Prayer – Intercontinental Death Conspiracies Split (Inferna Profundis)
Aborted Fetus – Pyramids Of Damnation (Comatose)
Aether Realm – Tarot Re-Release (Napalm)
Bornwithhair – Smolenska (Self)
The Brothers Keg – Folklore, Myths And Legends Of The Brothers Keg (APF)
Burial Remains – Spawn Of Chaos (Raw Skullz)
Calarook – Surrender Or Die (Self)
Crown Of Glory – Ad Infinitum (Fastball)
Cryptodira – Better Left Unsaid EP (Good Fight)
Darkened – Kingdom Of Decay (Edged Circle)
Dark Rites – The Dark Hymns (Brutal)
Dead Quiet – Truth And Ruin (Artoffact)
The Death Wheelers – Divine Filth (RidingEasy)
Demolizer – Thrashmageddon (Mighty)
Dephosphorus – Sublimation (Selfmadegod)
D.O.L. – Between Love And Death EP (Inverse)
Druknroll – Freakingface (Metal Scrap)
Eskimo Callboy – MMXX EP (Century Media)
Exhalants – Atonement (Hex)
Gangrena – Oscuro Tormento (Australis)
Ghoulhouse – Rigor Mortis Intermezzo (HPGD)
Grid – Livsleda (Selfmadegod)
Ihsahn – Pharos EP (Candlelight)
In Parallel – Fashioner EP (Wiretap)
Isiulusion – I Follow The Flow (Black Sunset/MDD)
Jupiterian – Protosapien (Transcending Obscurity)
Kairon; IRSE! – Polysomn (Svart)
Kind – Mental Nudge (Ripple)
Korgull The Exterminator – Sharpen Your Spikes (Xtreem)
Lifvsleda – Det Besegade Lifvet (Shadow/Regain)
Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos (Loma Vista)
Mastodon – Medium Rarities (Reprise)
Messiah – Fracmont (High Roller)
Mondo Generator – Cocaine Rodeo Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Morte – Demonios Abissais (Firecum)
Mortis Mutilati – The Fate Of Flight 800 (Self)
Neal Morse – Sola Gratia (InsideOut)
Neon Angel – Neon Light District (Sliptrick)
Night – High Tides – Distant Skies (The Sign)
Omega Diatribe – Metanoia (Metal Scrap)
Ordinance – In Purge There Is No Remission (The Sinister Flame)
The Progressive Soul Collective – Sonic Birth (Metalville)
Putrid Offal – Sicknesses Obsessions (Xenocorp)
Pyrrhic – Vile Slumber EP (Self)
Raventale – Planetarium II (Ashen Dominion)
Saor – Aura Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Skeletal Remains – The Entombment Of Chaos (Century Media)
Skillet – Victorious: The Aftermath (Atlantic)
Slit Your Gods – Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude (Comatose)
Soulwound – The Suffering (Inverse)
Spectrum Of Delusion – Neoconception (The Artisan Era)
Theotoxin – Fragment: Erhabenheit (AOP)
Tina Schussler – Verwirrte Welt (Pride & Joy)
Tomorrow’s Rain – Hollow (AOP)
Uniform – Shame (Sacred Bones)
Void Rot – Descending Pillars (Everlasting Spew)
Welkins Boreal – Ashes EP (Self)
Winter’s Verge – The Ballad Of James Tig (Pride & Joy)

September 18, 2020
10 Years – Violent Allies (Mascot)
1782/Acid Mammoth – Doom Sessions Vol. 2 (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Abyss/Besna – Split EP (Wolfmond)
Ace Frehley – Origins Vol. 2 (eOne)
Alfonso Corace – Fo’s Room (Self)
Ancst – Summits Of Despondency (Lifeforce)
Assignment – Reflections (Massacre)
Bangladeafy – Housefly (Nefarious)
Behemoth – And The Forests Dream Eternally Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Be’lakor – Of Breath And Bone Re-Release (Napalm)
Be’lakor – Stone’s Reach Re-Release (Napalm)
Brick – Done Counting My Scars (Sliptrick)
Brother Firetribe – Feel The Burn (Self)
Bulb – Archives: Volume 2 (3DOT)
Carnation – Where Death Lies (Season Of Mist)
Cross Bringer – The Signs Of Spiritual Delusion (Consouling Sounds)
Dan Weiss Starebaby – Natural Selection (Pi)
Daufodt – 1000 Island (Fysisk Format)
Derek Sherinian – The Phoenix (InsideOut)
Dynfari – Myrkurs Er Porf (Code666)
Evoke – Seeds Of Death (Pulverised)
The Faith – Live At CBGB’s (Outer Battery)
Fight The Fight – Deliverance (Blacklight/Indie)
Finntroll – Vredesvavd (Century Media)
Fires In The Distance – Echoes From Deep November (Prosthetic)
Flying Colors – Third Stage: Live in London (Music Theories)
For Ruin – Elapse EP (Self)
Future Palace – Escape (Arising Empire)
Glass Alice – Bitten (Super Delicious)
Hark From The Tomb – Let Them Die (Self)
Heathen – Empire Of The Blind (Nuclear Blast)
Hidden Mothers – Hidden Mothers EP (Surviving Sounds)
Hiidenhauta – Riivin (Inverse)
Hostia – Carnivore Carnival (Deformeathing)
Hræ – Þar sem skepnur reika (Goathorned)
Illkynja – Sæti Sálarinnar (Goathorned)
The Infernal Sea – Negotium Crucis (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)
Invading Chapel – Ghostly Rock Season (Self)
Iress – Flaw (Self)
Jo Below – By The Rules (Inverse)
Khors – Where The Word Acquires Eternity (Ashen Dominion)
Lacittadolente – SalesPeople (Fresh Outbreak)
The Last Reign – Evolution (Self)
Liquid Therapy – Breathe (Self)
Lord Matzigkeitus – Drown (Moribund)
Maahes – Reincarnation (MDD)
Make Way For Man – Rites EP (Self)
Melted Bodies – Enjoy Yourself (Sweatband)
Mondo Generator – Dead Planet Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Movements – No Good Left To Give (Fearless)
Mynskh – Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection (Atmaah)
Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism (Century Media)
NeroArgento – Circles (Rockshots)
Neuronspoiler – Spoiled For Choice (Self)
NoN – III (Crusader)
Novae Militiae – Topheth (Goathorned)
Offset – Bent Benevolence EP (Pulverised)
Orochen – Thylacine EP (Suicide)
Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Ozz 40th Anniversary Edition (Sony/Legacy)
Palaces – Hellas Chasm (Self)
Pimmit Hills – Heathens & Prophets EP (Self)
Plague Years – Circle Of Darkness (eOne)
Pull Down The Sun – Of Valleys And Mountains (Self)
Ragehammer – Into Certain Death (Pagan)
Rahway – Slumlords Of New Jersey (Self)
Raven – Metal City (SPV/Steamhammer)
Sadistic Embodiment – Blood Spell (CDN)
Serum 114 – Im Zeichen der Zeit (Napalm)
Sinsid – Enter The Gates (Pitch Black)
Soulbound – Addicted To Hell (Metalville)
Thorn – The Encompassing Nothing EP (Self)
Tygers Of Pan Tang – Ambush Re-Release (Mighty)
Vardan – Dark And Desolated March (Moribund)
Varg – Zeichen (Napalm)
Various Artists – Dirt [Redux] (Magnetic Eye)
Vatican Shadow – Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era (20 Buck Spin)
Voracious Scourge – In Death (Massacre)
Wail – Civilization Maximus (Wormholedeath)
The White Swan – Nocturnal Transmission EP (War Crime)

September 25, 2020
Abatuar – Mortandad (Dunkelheit)
Akral Necrosis – The Greater Absence (Loud Rage)
Angelic Desolation – Quorum Of Unspeakable Curses (Self)
Armoured Knight – The Sacred Flame EP (Dying Victims)
Atlas – Parallel Love (AOR Heaven)
Automatism – Immersion (Tonzonen)
Ayreon – Transitus (Music Theories)
Between The Buried And Me – Alaska Vinyl Re-Release (Craft)
Blackevil – Forever Baptised In Eternal Fire (Dying Victims)
Bosphorus – Slow Burn (Trepnation)
Chrome Waves – Where We Live (Disorder)
Crepuscule d’Hiver – Par-Dela Noireglaces et Brumes-Sinistres (LADLO)
Cristian Machado – Hollywood Y Sycamore (Coconut Bay)
Crypt Walk – Rot Gut Prophecies (HPGD)
Crystal Spiders – Molt (Ripple)
Dead Low – Listen Up! (Audio Epidemic)
Death Bells – New Signs Of Life (Dais)
Deftones – Ohms (Warner)
Desert Dogs – Showdown EP (Self)
Diamond Dogs – Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough Re-Release (Wild Kingdom)
Diamond In The Rough – Diamond In The Rough (AOR Heaven)
Dropdead – Dropdead (Armageddon)
Dwarrowdelf – Evenstar (Northern Silence)
Early Moods – Spellbound EP (Dying Victims)
Egregore – Thought Form (Sentient Ruin)
The Electric Mud – Burn The Ships (Small Stone)
Elmsfire – wings Of Reckoning (Self)
Emyn Muil – Afar Angathfark (Northern Silence)
Eskapism – Riminiscence EP (Todesritter)
Ewigkeit – 23 EP (Death To Music)
Eyes – Underperformer (Indisciplinarian)
Fleetburner – Fleetburner (Butler)
Four Stroke Baron – Monoqueen (Prosthetic)
Gallows Circus – II EP (Self)
Gatecloser – From The Wasteland (Sliptrick)
Grendel’s Sister – Myrtle Wreath/Myrtenkranz Re-Release (Cruz Del Sur)
Gridfailure – Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals EP (Self)
H2Ocean – The Horned Goddess (Wormholedeath)
Hateful – Set Forever On Me (Transcending Obscurity)
Hecate Enthroned – Embrace Of The Godless Aeon Re-Release (M-Theory)
Hexecutor – Beyond Any Human Conception Of Knowledge (Dying Victims)
Hexx – Entangled In Sin (High Roller)
Hittman – Destroy All Humans (No Remorse)
Horsewhip – Laid To Waste (Roman Numeral/Financial Ruin)
Illuminated Minerva – Enigma Adamantine (Self)
Indoctrinate – Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation In The Temple Of Flesh (Unholy Prophecies)
Infesticide – Envenoming Wounds (Blood Harvest)
Kataklysm – Unconquered (Nuclear Blast)
Laser Dracul – Hagridden (Majestic Mountain)
Lethian Dreams – A Shadow Of Memories (Self)
Lik – Misanthropic Breed (Metal Blade)
Mad Nona – Mad Nona (Self)
Madrost – Charring The Rotting Earth (No Life Til Metal)
Marche Funebre – Einderlicht (Hypnotic Dirge)
Memoira – Carnival Of Creation (Inverse)
Miasmal Sabbath – Ominous Radiance (Unholy Prophecies)
Mindwars – The Fourth Turning (Dissonance)
Morta Skuld – Suffer For Nothing (Peaceville)
Mountain Tamer – Psychosis Ritual (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Mysthicon – Silva – Oculis – Corvi (Witching Hour)
Mytosotis – Karoshi (Self)
Nasty – Menace (Century Media)
Nefesh Core – Getaway (Rockshots)
Obsidian Kingdom – Meat Machine (Season Of Mist)
The Ocean – Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic (Metal Blade)
Onirik – The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity (I, Voidhanger)
Ossuary Anex – Obscurantism Apogee (Xtreem)
Overchains – Veil (Volcano)
Painted Doll – How To Draw Fire (Tee Pee)
P.J. Farley – Accent The Change (HighVol)
Places Around The Sun – Places Around The Sun (Self)
Proscription – Conduit (Dark Descent)
Realize – Machine Violence (Relapse)
Repentance – God For A Day (Art Is War)
Reternity – A Test Of Shadows (Black Sunset)
The Reticent – The Oubliette (Heaven & Hell)
Rumours – Neither Innocent Nor Wavering EP (Lupercalia)
Sacred Outcry – Damned For All Time (No Remorse)
Sangheilis – Sangheilis EP (Music)
Savagery – Off The Ruins… EP (Dying Victims)
Scordatura – Mass Failure (Gore House)
Scorged – Scorged (El Puerto)
Scream3days – Rhesus Negative (Wormholedeath)
Shotgun Rodeo – Double Barreled Vengeance (Self)
Skeletoon – Nemesis (Scarlet)
Slade – Cum On Feel The Hitz (BMG)
Sons On Fire – Faded EP (Pavement)
South Of Salem – The Sinner Takes It All (Self)
SpellBook – Magick & Mischief (Cruz Del Sur)
Svalbard – When I Die, Will I Get Better? (Translation Loss)
Tear Drop – Did You Wanna Love Me To Death EP (Static Era)
Thrasherwolf – We Are Revolution (Self)
Torch – Reignited (Metalville)
Transcendence – Towards Obscurities Beyond (Blood Harvest)
Trishula – Time Waits For No Man (AOR Heaven)
Twin God – Deaths EP (Nefarious)
Uada – Djinn (Eisenwald)
Under The Oak – Ripped Up By The Roots (Wormholedeath)
Varathron – Glorification Under The Latin Moon (Agonia)
Vous Autres – Sel de Pierre (Season Of Mist)
War Orphan – Closer To Death Than Life EP (Stay Gold)
The Waymaker – The Waymaker (Melodic Passion)
We Set Signals – Ordo (We Are Triumphant)
White Dog – White Dog (Rise Above)
Zhakiah – Where The Light Will Thread (Melodic Passion)

October 2, 2020
All Souls – Songs For The End Of The World (Self)
Amaranthe – Manifest (Nuclear Blast)
Amiensus – Abreaction (Transcending)
Among Phantoms – Memories/Catastrophes (DiGiDi)
Anaal Nathrakh – Endarkenment (Metal Blade)
Arch Echo – Story I EP (Self)
Arroganz – Morsus (Supreme Chaos)
The Arson Choir – Invisible Monsters EP (War Against)
Ascian – Elysion (Black Sunset)
Ashlands – Ashlands II EP (Self)
Autumnia – …And Your Autumnia (Archaic Sound)
Bliss Of Flesh – Tyrant (Listenable)
Boris – Eternity Re-Release (Self)
Boris – Praparat Re-Release (Self)
Boris – Vein Re-Releases (Self)
Brave The Cold – Scarcity (Mission Two)
Briqueville – Quelle (Pelagic)
Bulb – Archives: Volume 1 (3DOT)
Burner – Baptized In Gasoline (Time To Kill)
Corey Taylor – CMFT (Roadrunner)
Couch – Tazed By A Bum EP (Cursed Monk)
Cuttermess – Take ‘M To The Guillotine EP (Self)
DevilDriver – Dealing With Demons I (Napalm)
Dialogia – Nostrum (Self)
Echolot – Destrudo (Czar Of Crickets)
Eerie – End Of An Era (Necromance)
Ellefson – No Cover (Combat)
Enslaved – Utgard (Nuclear Blast)
Gorephilia – In The Eye Of Nothing (Dark Descent/Me Sajo Un Ojo)
Gotthard – Steve Lee – The Eyes Of A Tiger (Nuclear Blast)
Griim – Beta Immonde (Purity Through Fire)
Harmonize – Warrior In The Night (Self)
Hath – Hive EP Re-Release (Willowtip)
Häxenzijrkell – Die Nachtseite (Amor Fati)
Horde Of Hell – Doden Nalkas (Blooddawn)
Iron Angel – Emerald Eyes (Mighty)
Ivory Moon – Lunar Gateway (Volcano)
Killing Time – Thrashed From The Vault (Thrashback)
Kilter – Axiom (Alter-Nativ)
King Mothership – The Ritual (3DOT)
Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekro – A Death Divine (TBC)
The Mercy Kills – X EP (Golden Robot)
Merenna-Meister – Out Of Reach (Lions Pride)
Monsterworks – Malignment (Eat Lead And Die)
Nachtblut – Vanitas (Napalm)
Nehoda – But Anyways… (Self)
Nightmare – Aeternam (AFM)
Nubivagant – Roaring Eye (Amor Fati)
Protokult – Transcending The Ruins (Self)
Sammas’ Equinox – Tulikehrat (Signal Rex)
Sarcoptes – Plague Hymns (Transcending Obscurity)
Second To Sun – Leviathan (Self)
Shibalba – Nekrologie Sinistrae (Orchestral Noise Opus I) (Agonia)
Six Feet Under – Nightmares Of The Decomposed (Metal Blade)
Skyless Aeons – Drain The Sun (Self)
Sumac – May You Be Held (Thrill Jockey)
Tallah – Matriphagy (Earache)
Terror – Keepers Of The Faith Re-Release (Century Media)
Vaginal Anomalies – Violent Devotion To Kill (Necromance)
Vazum – Rated V (Self)
Zen Mother – Millennial Garbage Preach (The Flenser)
Zeus The Temple – We Can Win (Sliptrick)

October 9, 2020
Arcadian Child – Protopsycho (Rebel Waves)
Ascension Of The Watchers – Apocrypha (Dissonance)
Bakken – This Means War (Self)
Bloodbather – Silence EP (Rise)
Blood Of Angels – Failure Of Faith (Sliptrick)
Blue Oyster Cult – The Symbol Remains (Frontiers)
Coastlands – Death (Translation Loss)
Crippled Black Phoenix – Ellengaest (Season Of Mist)
DeathEpoch – Abysmal Invocation (Putrid Cult)
DGM – Tragic Separation (Frontiers)
Dysylumn – Cosmogonie (Signal Rex)
Empress – Premonition (Petrichor)
Every Hour Kills – Re:Awaken EP (Perfect Filth)
Eye Of The Destroyer – The Wolf You Feed EP (High Potency)
Faith & Scars – Revolver (The Label Group)
Five Finger Death Punch – A Decade Of Destruction, Volume 2 (Prospect Park)
Fortress Under Siege – Atlantis (Rock Of Angels)
Furnace – Dark Vistas (Soulseller)
Gargoyl – Gargoyl (Season Of Mist)
Gianluca Ferro – Cosmic Dead Ringers (Volcano)
Greg Puciato – Child Soldier: Creator Of God (Federal Prisoner)
Hagathorn – Hartworld (Nordvis)
Helion Prime – Question Everything (Saibot Reigns)
Hellripper – The Affair Of The Poisons (Peaceville)
Hexer – Realm Of The Feathered Serpent (The Crawling Chaos)
Horrible Earth – Discography 2013-2019 (HPGD)
In Cauda Venenum – G.O.H.E. (LADLO)
Incinerate – Sacrilegivm (Comatose)
Inferi – Of Sunless Realms EP (The Artisan Era)
Infiltration – Point Black Termination (Time To Kill)
Invernoir – The Void And The Unbearable Loss (BadMoodMan)
Isenmor – Shieldbrother (Self)
Ixion – L’Adieu aux Etoiles (Finisterian Dead End)
Johansson & Speckmann – The Germs Of Circumstance (Soulseller)
Killswitch Engage – Killswitch Engage Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade)
King Parrot – Holed Up In The Lair EP (Housecore)
Kira – Peccatum Et Blasphemia (Ossuary)
Legendarium – Reign In Repose (Self)
Lindsay Schoolcraft – Worlds Away (Cyber Proxy)
Living Darkness – The Bishop (Metal Assault)
Mark Boals & Ring Of Fire – All The Best (Frontiers)
Motionless In White – Creatures Re-Release (Craft)
Necrophobic – Dawn Of The Damned (Century Media)
Noitatalid – Furies In The Steppes From Russia (Music)
Ocean Gates – Ocean Gates (Boomland)
Pride Of Lions – Lion Heart (Frontiers)
Primal Scream – Volume One Re-Release (Divebomb)
Radiant Knife – The Ghost (Self)
Repuked – Dawn Of Reintoxication (Soulseller)
R.I.P. – Dead End (RidingEasy)
Rise To The Sky – Death Will Not Keep Us Apart (Self)
Salem’s Childe – The Sin That Saves You (Pavement)
Sanctuary – Into The Mirror Black 30th Anniversary Edition (Century Media)
Satan – Early Rituals (Listenable)
Scaphoid – Absent Passages (Shunu)
Sinner’s Blood – The Mirror Star (Frontiers)
Somnus Throne – Somnus Throne (Burning World)
Stardust – Highway To Heartbreak (Frontiers)
Teramaze – I Wonder (Wells)
Touche Amore – Lament (Epitaph)
Trail Of Blood – Closer To God (Kernkraftritter)
The Troops Of Doom – The Rise Of Heresy EP (Blood Blast)
Uncle Slam – Say Uncle Re-Release (Divebomb)
The Unguided – Father Shadow (Napalm)
Venom Prison – Primeval (Prosthetic)
Ventr – Numinous Negativity EP (Signal Rex)
Vhaldemar – Straight To Hell (Fighter)
Warlung – Optical Delusions (Heavy Psych Sounds)
The Waymaker – Kingdom Of Heaven (Black Lodge)
Wreck-Defy – Powers That Be (Sublevel)
Yatra – All Is Lost (Grimoire)

October 16, 2020
Abigor – 1993 – Entering The Kingdoms Of Darkness (Avantgarde)
Alleyway – After Dark (Sliptrick)
AntiMozdeBeast – AntiMozdeBeast II (Self)
Aphonic Threnody – The Great Hatred (Transcending Obscurity)
Arsebreed – BUTOH (Brutal Mind)
Artifical Eden – Artificial Eden (Boersma)
Askog – Varg EP (Self)
Ataraxia – Quasar (Annapurna)
Autocatalyctica – Powerclashing Maximalism (Self)
Benediction – Scriptures (Nuclear Blast)
Bihargam – Ove Tenebrae (Self)
Bulb – Electronic (3DOT)
False Gods – No Symmetry…Only Disillusion (Seeing Red)
Falset – We Follow Or Lead The Way (Self)
Foul Body Autopsy – Consumed By Black Thoughts (Self)
Freaks And Clowns – Justice Elite (Metalville)
Fudge – Dust To Come (Fastball)
Fumarole – Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes (Interstellar Smoke)
Goratory – Sour Grapes (Everlasting Spew)
Grim Reaper Ride – Hellbilly Back To Underground (Wormholedeath)
Hane – …On Fear And Emptiness (Volcano)
Hellsmoke – 2020 (Pride & Joy)
Henrik Palm – Poverty Metal (Svart)
History – History (The Flenser)
Infera Bruo – Rites Of The Nameless (Prosthetic)
Intaglio – Intaglio (Solitude)
Ironed Out – We Move As One (GSR)
JeGong – I (Pelagic)
Kneel – Ailment (Raging Planet/Planet K)
Kraken Duumvirate – The Stars Below, The Seas Above (Silent Future)
Lanlock – American Blight (Self)
Leviathan (Sweden) – Förmörkelse (Nebular Carcoma)
Lord Almighty – Wither (Self)
Lost Symphony – Chapter II (Self)
Memoremains – The Cost Of Greatness (Self)
Michael Des Barres and The Mistakes – Live EP (Golden Robot)
Molassess – Through The Hollow (Season Of Mist)
Mr. Bison – Seaward (Ripple)
The Myopia Condition – Event Horizon (Self)
Netherblade – Reborn (Volcano)
Night Cobra – In Praise Of The Shadow EP (NCR)
Oblivion Beach – Cold River Spell (Schwarzdorn)
Pure Reason Revolution – The Dark Third Re-Release (InsideOut)
Ritual Suicide – Nocturnal Haematolagnia (Esfinge de la Calavera)
Sickle Of Dust – To The Shores Of (Flowing Downward)
Silvera – Edge Of The World (Mighty)
Skalmold – 10 Year Anniversary: Live In Reykjavik (Napalm)
Sons Of Otis – Isolation (Totem Cat)
Spirit Adrift – Enlightened In Eternity (20 Buck Spin)
Star Insight – Across The Galaxy (Inverse)
Striges – Verum Veterum (Blut & Eisen)
Svatibor – Secrets Of The Land (Flowing Downward)
Temple Of The Fuzz Witch – Red Tide (Interstellar Smoke)
Throane – Une Balle Dans Le Pied EP (Debemur Morti)
T-Rex Marathon – Days Without Incident (Self)
Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Pressure (Snakefarm)
Vice Squad – Battle Of Britain (Last Rockers)
Vintersea – The Gravity Of Fall Re-Release (M-Theory)
Vultör – Visões do Fim (Murder)
Wayfarer – A Romance With Violence (Profound Lore)
Woeful Echo – Dampening Existence (Share Your Pain)

October 23, 2020
Acrolysis & Reaver – The Nobody Crowd EP (Self)
Adamantis – Far Flung Realm (Self)
American Tears – Free Angel Express (Deko)
Anthea – Illusion (Rockshots)
Armored Saint – Punching The Sky (Metal Blade)
Astrakhan – Astrakhan’s Superstar Experience (Melodic Passion)
Atlases – Woe Portrait (Lifeforce)
Big Scenic Nowhere – Lavender Blues EP (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Black Fate – Ithaca (Rockshots)
Bleakheart – Dream Griever (Self)
Bondbreakr – Bondbreakr (Self)
Boys From Heaven – The Great Discovery (Target)
Carnal Ruin – The Damned Lie Rotting EP (Redefining Darkness)
Ceremonial Bloodbath – The Tides Of Blood (Sentient Ruin)
Celestial Season – Forever Scarlet Passion Re-Release (Burning World)
Celestial Season – Solar Lovers Re-Release (Burning World)
Celestial Season – The Secret Teachings (Burning World)
Coexistence – Collateral Dimension (Transcending Obscurity)
Counting Hours – The Will (The Vinyl Division)
Convulsif – Extinct (Hummus)
Cortez – Sell The Future (Ripple)
Damn Freaks – Love In Stereo (Volcano)
Defecto – Duality (Black Lodge)
Dehuman Reign – Descending Upon The Oblivious (FDA)
Demonical – World Domination (Agonia)
Devin Townsend – Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1 (InsideOut)
Diamond Dogs – Atlantic Juice Re-Release (Wild Kingdom)
Discrepancies – The Rise (In Vogue)
Distant – Dawn Of Corruption (Unique Leader)
Draw Into Disorder – Nappy EP (Pavement)
Epitimia – Allusion (Onism)
Every Mother’s Nightmare – Resurrect The Faithful (HighVol)
Genfærd – Blodhævn (Nebula Aerterna)
Godsnake – Poison Thorn (Massacre)
The Grief – Descent EP (Self)
Griffon – ὸ θεὀς ὸ βασιλεὐς (LADLO)
Gruzja/Neon Scaffold – Konflikt Split (Devoted Art)
Hammerfall – Live! Against The World (Napalm)
I Am Your God – In Those Times EP (Out Of Line)
Hoaries – Rocker Shocker (Reptilian)
Invincible Force – Decomposed Sacramentum (Dark Descent)
Iskandr – Gelderse Poort EP (Eisenwald)
Jakko M. Jakszyk – Secrets & Lies (InsideOut)
Kevel – Mutatis Mutandis (I, Voidhanger)
Korpsesoturi – Korpskrist (Xtreem)
Kosmovorous – Glorification Sermons EP (I, Voidhanger)
Leaves Eyes – The Last Viking (AFM)
Meridian – Taking Cover (Mighty)
Mork Gryning – Hinsides Vrede (Season Of Mist)
Mors Principium Est – Seven (AFM)
Nocte Obducta – Irrlicht (Supreme Chaos)
Noosed – Rise EP (Trepnation)
Oginalii – Pendulum EP (Devil In The Woods)
Old Mother Hell – Lord Of Demise (Cruz Del Sur)
Pallbearer – Forgotten Days (Nuclear Blast)
Pitchblack – Death & Disbelief (Emanzipation)
Prometheus – Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old (I, Voidhanger)
Raging Speedhorn – Hard To Kill (Red Weed)
Rusty Eye – Dissecting Shadows (Epoche)
Saul – Rise As Equals (Spinefarm)
Sevendust – Blood & Stone (Rise)
Simon McBride – Trouble EP (earMusic)
Skeleton Pit – Lust To Lynch (MDD)
Slow Fall – Beneath The Endless Rains (Inverse)
Solitary – The Truth Behind The Lies (Metalville)
Somnus Throne – Somnus Throne (Burning World)
Song Of Anubis – Reversed Reflection (Rockshots)
Soul Secret – Blue Light Cage (Self)
Strangelight – Adult Themes (Self)
Supruga – Хаос / Никто не в безопасности (Petrichor)
Thanatopsis – Initiation (Extreme Metal)
ThrahWall – ThrashWall (Firecum)
Uncle Woe – Phantomescence (Packard Black)
Undeath – Lessons Of A Different Kind (Prosthetic)
Vessel Of Light – Last Ride (Nomad Eel)
Vitam Aeternam – The Self-Aware Frequency (Crime)
Wax Mekanix – Mobocracy (Electric Talon)
Wobbler – Dwellers Of The Deep (Karisma)
Wyrmwoods – Gamma (Inverse)

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